Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charters Towers...whats good..whats bad

OK so this is the end of my 4th I thought I'd do a list of what I like and dislike about Charters this moment

Whats Good.
* love the library and the staff..awesome
* Love the street we are living in and our neighbours
* Love the house we are blessed with
*.Love the parks..they have done a fabulous job in greening the place and making it pretty.
* Love the small town "idea" or whatever you call it. That people know you..I was just in Woolies and a lady stopped me and said "I think you are my neigbour"..the one with the litle dog that cries every time you go out..YIKES
* Love that it so close to Townsville and the water and the airport, but so quiet away from all that business
* Love that it has coffee shops and brand name store.
 *Love that it so different to wherever else we have lived

Whats Bad
* So hard to get anything you specifically want..a dish drainer?? nah..a cheap watch ..Nah
* Hate that there are so many HUGE dogs everywhere..that people have so many of them. they terrify me and Molly
* Hate the prickles everywhere
* Not having a C3 church here in town
* No really modern coffee stores..(now I am getting fussy)
* That there are no shopping malls. (REALLY fussy) but I think shopping may be on the back burner come summertime.
* I also hate that everyone shops at the same place, which means everyone has the same glasses, cups, etc etc..Although Townsville is just down the road.

OK so far that is my list..not so bad..some funy sights. I am fascinated with the variety of fashion around here..very modern, funky, countryish,  ordinary, daggy and frightful.This would  possibly describe most places  in Australia..However he icing on the cake was today seeing a man in long brown ugg boots, black very baggy trackies and a very tight very dirty white singlet. Yep even Lismore may not have seen that sight yet.

I am loving being here and really my whinges are small. God is in control and learning to trust more and more. I read on FB yesterday a status update from my friend Moika (which she apparently stole from someone else)
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain..
Love it and it is so true. Thanks Moika..or whoever. Its now my motto.
So i came home from shopping to find Molly has tried to dig to China. Her feet are all red..from the dirt and her water bowl is red too..she has had a great doubt crying and digging..o what will the neighbours think.

 This is not Molly but she looked a little like this
Anyway its Friday..we fire up the BBQ that looks set to pop.. we have decided to keep it and just enjoy it..till it suddenly goes ttwwaannnggg...!!!..Hope your weekend is great..Till next time


Phrog said...

More important :
What's the Mobile Reception like?
Any Dick Smiths/Electronics stores etc?
Video Stores?

Clare said...

I'm really loving your blog mum! I only get to read it like once a week but it is so good to see what your up to! Sounds like your neighbours are wonderful! Miss you guys soooooo much!