Monday, May 31, 2010

Media tart "the Northern Miner" Charters Towers..and happy Birthday sister Barb

OK so today I featured in the local paper "the Northern Miner"..yep is me and my new neighbour who is also new to town (from Noosa) Apologies for quality..but t was in the paper.

Also the excelsior library National Simultaneous Storytime featured. Alan's photo..very good

Love the fact I am NOT in it. So pretty much the Tysons dominated the local rag..considering the size of it.

Also today its happy birthday to sister Barbara. The first of June has always heralded sister Barbara's birthday.I thought it was way cool that her birthday meant the first day of cool. Barb has been very encouraging since our move and actualy reads my blog. So happy birthday Barb..

This is at Clareys birthday just recently..
This is an old family photo..1 Christmas in Goonellabah..guessing 1971. Barb nursing Rebecca..the idoised first baby in the family

 Love BIG sisters in their children of Mary coats

Finally Barb with her P's..we were so proud of her.Me and friend Vicki in background.

 Poor Barb, until the age of about 3-4 I thought she was a boy. I think it was because she always had all the cool toys. Cars, cowboys and Indians, plastic knife, comics (that we were NEVER allowed to touch) and she wore shorts heaps..I remember when I was sick she and Sue would bring me little gifts (see no wonder my love language is gifts) I remember when she went through the stage of photographing dead trees. and me driving around with her.and her love of exploring caves. I remember her taking me on one of those trips too.

How proud she was of her simca, when she got it. I think she got it from Uncle Frank in Lismore. how she and another girl rode all the way into Tamworth..about 45 kilometers..How she was the one who would tell dad stuff that none of us were game enough to.How she used to go small bore rifle shooting. How she always had a sense of adventure and always seemed to do stuff that I only ever dreamed of doing. Her love of the phantom, Elvis, and Emma Peel. She actually got an Emma Peel doll..O my gosh it was awesome..complete with gun

How she was the one that went to PNG (papua new guinea) to Mt Hagen..and even then sent gifts to me. She was soo brave.

So many memories. Thanks are a great sister, sorry I don't see enough of you and when we do spend time together we just don't seem to Id love it if you made the sojourn north to visit with us and then we would have to spend time talking.
 So happy birthday to a sister who I have always been proud of and one who has always cared about me. May you have many more

Sunday, May 30, 2010

WHOOP WHOOP another great weekend in Charters Towers

So this weekend was great. Saturday morning we had a sleep in..up and ready to go to Townsville. Alan managed (we hoped) to secure Molly safely in the yard..and we were off. Molly yapping miserably as we left.

A great day in Townsville. We went to Stocklands first. I felt very disappointing..old and pokey but some great shops. I believe that Myer is opening here next which case it will become my fav place to shop.

Then drive over the road to kmart, where we found an awesome bbq. A jackeroo jazz 2 burner bbq..$139. We had seen a very similar one here in town for $289 (on special) so we bought this one. We had to unpack it from the box..but we got itinto the 1,000 wories my husband is awesome at putting things together

Then it was into the Strand for lunch. We went to "rockpools" which was delightful. Yummy and the view magnificent. Anyone who flies into Townsville to visit us wil be treated to a meal or something there. Its my new fav place..

this is my prawn and avocado salad..yum..and Alan had a baby octopus (poor little things..)and penne salad. Delicious. i have been told the fish n chips there are so yummy.. will try them next time.

After lunch a walk along the Strand..then out to the Willows shopping centre..yes they have coffee club...Its a great centre..modern and Ilove it..has target, big w, autograph, city chic and heaps of others..and Leonards. Our new fav shop to buy and bring home and freeze. O Yes we are having chicken tonight...

We just made it home before dark. Molly was thrilled to c us and we were thrilled to see her still in our yard. After we patted ourselves on the back and thinking yes she is settling down..our neighbours told us yesterday that she sat and cried at the fence (where she had tried to dig to China) so they came and got her and she spent the whole day with them. In fact she apparently jumped up onto the servery at Annes kitchen window (about 1.2m off the ground) and curled up there for ages..then when Anne took her out toplay ball about 5ish she picked up her toy and stood at our gate..ready to go home..gosh she is naughty..Praise God for good neighbours. I did buy her shoes on ebay the other day..(toprotect her delicate feet from the prickles)

concept is good..just not sure how she will go...

So Sunday we went to CTAOG..     
The music was ok  , just not C3 and the Pastor Alan Kitto spoke really well. But we "aren't in kansas anymore" Our preferred choice for church would be C3 Townsille but as the service is at 4.30pm its too late then to be getting home (kangaroos are a problem on the road)

Home toput our amazing bbq together..
 OK my man working very hard. Note he wore his "genius at work" tshirt!!!

 OK the finished thing..a bit of a sort of didn't fit together..the front is not big enough for the base..weird..we coulduse it but?????
I rang the customer hotline..their advice? just return it..swap it No problem!!!! Noproblem. Swapping it would mean..undoing it (and when Alputs something together it stays together) then put it in the to Townsville..explain..swap..unpack the box again so it fits in the it home and put it together all over again..YIKES!!  dear o dear..what to do.

Anyway then last night it was over next door for dinner (i made one of my amazing cheesecakes but the base didn't set..) so quickly made an apple crumble.we had a great night.Molly stayed home and cried inside we met some new couples from the church..all young with kids.. 2young policemen and their families and Rachael and Bob from next door.. (heis the firey) then it was home to discover..ARRGGHH we were locked out. Alan only had the security screen key and I had locked every door except the security screens. We had left no lights on and Molly was going crazy..what to do??  We knew our landlord would have a key..but did we have his phone nmber .? Yes inside.. the cops and the firey all said hey could get in ..but??? yep it would wreck the windows. Eventually we got onto a locksmith who came and let us in. Molly was so happy. Even the locksmith was funny and kept saying "its ok Molly we are coming. After he got us in i said Can i pop in and pay you? no he said i'll send u something in the mail..I know where to catch u..O gosh he works at council..apparently moonlights as a locksmith.So funny


Anyway that was our weekend. Busy but fun.. I am finding it a bit tough.Everything is different, home, church, work (none) town (no malls) well I know it will be ok but just for the moment it is hard.  I knew it would be hard but didn't realise this hard. We also had news last week that Alans sister in law is far from well.Please be praying for healing for Lucy.Many thanks

Thanks for dropping by..Hope to have visitors one day in the flesh up here..

so we bought the Princess a little dog cute and pink seeing as this "princess" seems intent on escaping.. we decided to get her a tag with name and my mobile phone number..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charters Towers a welcoming morning tea..for new residents

So how quaint. This town is so cute that on the 4th Thursday of every month they have a morning tea, at the visitors information centre. So funny. Anyway, I have had such a busy wek..AOG brunch Tuesday, Storytime yesterday, I said to Al, maybe I wouldn't go..BUT he said..."you might meet some new people who are new to town too" so I went..and I met next door neighbour who I have already met..but it was so good to have a chat..mind you next door and we had to chat at the morning tea. Mind you we were the only new people..and guess what? Photo taken by the Northern Miner  (could be a celebrity) They handed us a pack with the last 2 issues of the local paper and heaps of info on the town. As Rachael had her little girl Emily with her and was riding her bike I offered to take it in the car and to drop it in when she got home.

Now the morning tea was held almost where this photo was taken from.Alans Library Is right at the far end of the street on the right. Its a long street...I imagine pretty horrid in the heat

I had a bit of an adventure driving around town (keep being amazed at the beautiful old Queenslanders, and the nice modern homes, sprinkled with some rally daggy places.

Then home and went over to Rachaels. She offered a coffee and we had a great hour os so chatting. Molly yapped and barked the whole time I was over there. Gosh I was so cross. She was inside, but knew I had gone just next door,,when I got home I was so cross with her. It put a dampner on the day.

Then after our walk this afternoon, I tried to make the chemist..(missed it by - that much) But Molly jumped out of the car (in the main street) and when I yelled at her to come back, she rolled over and played cutesy on her back (in the main street) AARRGGHH.Was I cross???? OO yes..

And so tonight my great morning is a distant memory ( a great one though) and I'm still cross with the fur baby. Of course they have the memory of a newt and she has no idea.

Anyway tomorrow is another day AND its Friday..Great.Alan and I are going to Townsville on Saturday so I'm excited. I told Alan it was time to get him out of town (he has been here for 6 weeks...YIKES)

Sure I'll be happier next blog

Monday, May 24, 2010

Brunch in Charters Towers and a huge surprise

So today was like "O my gosh, so excited going out, meeting people, being civilized. what shall I wear  etc etc" Up early baked muffins (i know how domesticated) they were from a packet but hey I had to put hem together..add ingredients spoon them into the muffin tray, put them in the oven etc..def home baked.

So I arrived with my home baked goodness..and also arrived at the same time as a young Mum with a young boy and a baby..AND a tupperware container with home baked goodness (sigh) Helped her in and arrived to a huge spread of home baked goodness.. I introduced myself and said I was from ballina. The young Mm said I am from Byron bay and anothe said O my husband comes from lismore..WOW. But wait it gets better. The young mum told me her Mum and dad were the C3 pastors at Byron Bay up until 2 years ago when they went out to Tamworth (she was born at in anManilla ) and had goe to Byron high AND Summerland Christian college. So when I asked did she know the Jansens.."yes Beth, Bec and sarah!!!) o my gosh I am Bethy's Mum in exciting. She apparently was besties with Bec...Beths younger sister.Also went tocollege with AJ (our daughter) in Sydney..What a surprise.

The morning was great. About 15 women..some quite old most about my age (young and spritely) and Therese. It was great. Might add that I did leave with all 9 of my muffins still in the little tupperware container..(:-() ItsOk I then dropped them into the staff at the Library and hopefully they might get snaffled up.
It was a great morning chatting about nothing and everything.

Big day tomorrow..will take my camera to get shots of the herds of kids at the library listening to "little white dogs can't jump). My new best friend Therese (or Bethy tells me its Tess) said she will 1 participant

Ok..random shots of everything..Clareys party, Molly on our walk, a cute sign I saw and loved, the awesome present danny n Del gave me for Mothers Day. (chocolates and wine..slowly eating my way through them) Also my sister Barb showed me how her daughter Jodie and husband Davids wedding picture cropped up unexpectedly in a NZtravelmag..very random..

OKso more pictures..sister Barbara will like her one...and then there is one of Molly at the site I published in yesterdays blog and the last one is a road train going past our park..these things are quite large.esp whenovertaking at 100 kms per hour.

Thats it for today..internet at home..but it gets better tonight we will have wireless working so yay..canuse internet on iphone AND the laptop amywhere instead of me sitting on the moxt uncomfortable thing in the house.

Cheap Tuesday at Eagle boys we are going to have a chicken club..YUMO..and wine..def wine
till next time

Sunday, May 23, 2010

what a weekend in the "Towers"

This was my first weekend here..Alans 5th but my first. It did't start well with me waking up feeling  poorly. Great! thught I.I had been feeling"off" since arriving with quite bad pains (its definitly a tumor..its not a tumor) but Saturday I felt crook.

Anyway, Alan was up and off to a mens breakfast.. So classy.At the local big 4 caravan park. Where for $5 he dined on bacon, eggs, sausages toast..etc.
He had a great time..meeting some of the locals.He did think it was going to be a Christian thing..which it wasn't he really enjoyed the time.
Said it was a great spot, a really nice area and worth visiting.
I wasn't up to a coffee which was very disappointing, but after a quick tea..(which everyone knows I only drink when I am prenant or sick, we set off to explore the town. It was fun. I still am amazed at the size and recourses in this town. A great rehab centre.. (rehab for what I am not sure) saleyards, etc etc.. Gosh that sounds boring hey..but it has everything you need..Went to Woolies and bought 15 litres of water as I feared my pain could have been bought on by the water!!!
We then came home and had a quiet afternoon.Very enjoyable. Did some unpacking and just enjoyed our first Saturday together in weeks.

Sunday morning we were off to the Baptist. It was a tad disappointing (remember our neighbours are the Ministers) Just fairly traditional and a lot of old people. We really have felt we need to be in a church where there is young people. So came away disappointed but uplifted by a great message from the visiting central Qld Baptist overseer.
Off to the markets. O My GOSH!! fun.

Yes this is really a picture from "our park" Molly and I walk past this very day

Chickens, birds, kittens in boxes, puppies in cages and home cooking and sewing everywhere. These markets are held at the park around the corner from our house. I bought jam drops and a dark pink desert pea (another plant for me to lovingly kill)..come home with me little plant to die..

Then we did coffee..complete with waffles, banana, icecream and syrup.yum. (obviously i was feeling much better). We were thrilled toknow we could goout for coffee/lunch still in CT.One of our fav things to do.
We went to polkys and we loved it. Not quite cafe 29 or shelleys but wonderful.
Home to the fur baby, who almost has a heart attack with excitement every time we come home. (ooo I missed you so much)

then a quiet afternoon..some footy and off to the combined church service again at the Baptist. Before we arrived we took a detour and went to the lookout and just loved looking or the town and the little rock wallabies everywhere. So cute ( yes Iknow they are a pest..but so cute)

Thenoff to church. I said a quick prayer "O God let it be better then this morning" and I truly was blown away. First met Shane the local Scipture Union guy. Then walked in to the church to see about 6-8 young people sitting together..YES and met a lovely happy spirit was soaring.
Yes it was the same old songs but my hands still lifted in praise and the message was great. Then afterwoods met the local AOG pastors. Regina was just lovely ...

she and I chatted and she invited me to brnch on Tuesday.yes yes yes..I am going out.o I excited..o yes heck I am. so yes I am went through the process of blood tests sorted (still don't have a local gp..) and I am sorting out a craft for Wednesday..busy week for me..

Yes we are not in Skennars anymore but today I am feeling great. God is in control. All is OK. Yes I am lonely, yes I  miss everyone, yes I miss my job..but I am here. God is here, my husband is her and weare going to have fun.
Till next time..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well another week in "the Towers"

I can not believe another week has zoomed past. This time last week I was getting ready to head to Brisvegas to catch up with family (faux family Pipers and Tyson (Daniel n Del) were not going to be there.. and here it is a week later.

The party was awesome.I left Charters about 8.20 made it to the airport about 10am and was in Clareys car at about 1.10..sure beats driving 19 hours.

We went straight to the hall 9which was so handy..(right next door to Clarey and Shanes) It was here that Clare Shane and I blew up thousands of balloons..ok maybe not quite but lots

I mean checkout how many..and thats only one side..Also checkout that sleezy character..
Anyway with the arrivalof Kim, Beth n AJ the decorating and setting out was complete..the man arrived with the frozen dacquari machine (gosh she had gone all out) and then it was home to get ready..
Clare had done an amazing job ordering all of us costumes and the decorations were outstanding..we loooked awesome(if I may say so..)mind you feathers were everywhere allnight..It was a worry in the kitchen near the ovens etc  as we allwere in complete polyster

how good did we all look..Beth looked so different with her wigon, Kim complete with mascarad moustach, Clare in her short short SHORT dress, AJ i her plus plus size dress (that I had to quickly run in By hand  about 30cm each side) Shane in his plus size gangster pjs (with pretend shirt..ew he kept showing his nipple all night!!!) and me in my amazing outfit..allthat was missing was Dad, (my beloved) Kirsty, Michael, Natty, Chari, Sammy, Danny and Del..It was sad that all couldn't be there..I must amit Kirstys absence was esp noted in the kitchen but Kim stepped up to the mark and worried about his "products" coming out of the oven not quite right (too soft, too cold, too burnt????) but he did do a great job. Shane was amazing and cleaned and tidied all night.I did say how awesome he was and then Clare and I laughed and said.."he just wants his $500 deposit back!! He was great.

So the party was great to c cousins Dianne and Sharon Reid..(well maiden names) It was also fantastic to see my sister Helen. One of the hardest things in coming to Charters (apart from leaving my kids) has been leaving Helen. I love her so much and we have been so blessed to work together..saying goodbye a 2nd time was awful..I hope she will make the trek north..but it is a big call seeing as she hates flying so much.

OK so with all the pictures taken on the night bt my forever snappy sisters..I ended up with none of my 3 sisters who came..this is the only one..Sister Sue n Barb made the huge trek to Brisbane and it was so good to see them..Apologies to sisters for the bad photo.but yes they were there..

So a great night.Home in bed fairly early after Shane completely cleaned the building..good man. Next morning it was Clareys birthday and it was off to sizzler breakfast..yum..

then home for a to buy a present for Clarey and then back to bed..flew out at 8.35 am (thanks Clarey for getting out of bed so early to drop me at the airport and back to Townsville for a fun day shopping..o it was good.. Loved the shpping and loved coming "home" to my man..

This week has been a bit adult company (sorry Alan) apart from Alan but last night decided that as next wednesday is National Simultaneous storytime I would do a session at the Library.

so went in early printed up some posters and handouts and that was fun..looking forward to doing that..I may have noone come but hey its still fun to be back "in the seat"

So Molly and I continue at home..she is settling in more..had a bad encounter with plovers in the park the other day..but she is becoming more used to this new life..she misses the kids (from the school that was near us) and when she saw a girl on  a bike yesterday she kept stopping and staring..she so wanted her to talk to her..very sad..

Its a lot cooler then I thought it would be here..10 degrees the other night brr..lucky i bought my slippers and our dressing gowns..the house is a tad chilly..but hopefully will be cool in summer..
So hoping to have the internet on in the next week..keep watching and I'll keep posting..

Hope you enjoy my blog

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm here..and my grueling trip

Well the past 3 or so weeks have been a busy..I feel everything (life etc) is a little surreal..
Last week I had to say goodbye to all my babies and children from storytime.

Some were harder then is one of my real cuties who now has a little brother coming to Baby bounce.

I made up a cute story including Molly the dog (our very confused puppy) looking for her favourite chair,, It was a hit and maybe one day I will get it published,,(well the parents thought it worthy)
So last week on Monday I said goodbye tomy babies x 2, Wednesday it was goodbye to my storytime kids..again on Thursday and then Thursday night a farewell at the Hilltop from work.
               Saying Goodbye to my sister Helly was the hardest thing you Helly

I stayed at hellys which was awesome and then went to work Friday fro the last time (for a while)
I found it very hard at work filling in the time and not doing anything..very tiring.
I left work Friday about 3.20 got home and packed the car..Molly would not get out of the car..she knew something was up..I ended up having to leave so much as I think I must have thought I had a truck instead of a little pulsar. We were chockers..we left about 5.45 and arrived in Brisbane at about 8ish. Clarey and Shane had a yummy dinner for me and I think I inhaled it..bed and then up and away b4 6.
Travelling with a dog is certainly interesting..esp one who doesnt like to wee or poo.unless she feels familiar with the surrondings..GOSH!!! Molly slept all the way (no help with driving) but as soon as the car slowed she was up checking out the scenary..
The day flew past but that last 3 hours from Rockhampton to Sarina was awful. I did love the signs "are we there yet Dad?" "still a long way to go kids" "time to swap drivers" "tell another joke Dad" etc made it a tad amusing..
We arrived in Sarina about 6.30 so a HUGE day had pizza and wine and was eternally grateful for the awesome lady at she was so great and if any pet people out there it was a very welcoming place.

in bed at 8.30 and up and on the road again by 5.10am. We finally drove into Charters Towers about 12.30ish..very tired and I am still recovering..
Charters Towers Library is beautiful. I am so excited for my husband..The town has all you need but I am sure it will take me forever to find where everything is..Missing everyone..but I do fly down on Saturday for Clareys party and back Monday will c some of my family..Kirsty and co wont be there which makes me very sad.. Little Charie Beth turns 8 on Monday..where do those years go..
Once I get the net on at home I will be able to do much more blogging..until then I might just do some more unpacking

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saying goodbye to Baby bounce and rhyme at Limore Library..hello Charters T

Charters Towers is another step closer after yesterday,

I did my final Baby bounce and Rhyme sessions yesterday. I was very sad. This was my baby. I began over 3 and a half years ago..

I was so sad as we sang the closing song.."goodbye, goodbye I'll see you soon, see you soon, see you soon. Goodbye, goodbye I'll see you soon, on another day"

There were tears in my eyes..I have about 8 of my babies who have been coming since about 3 weeks and now attend storytime. I can not describe what a privilege it has been to be apart of these young little peoples lives.

I was given some cute little gifts, lots of cuddles and beautiful words. I am now trying to look to Charters Towers and doing something very similar up there. Early literacy skills are so important in this very young age group.

So the past week and a half have been a nightmare. I have been so busy and so stressed. Pains in neck, chest, back palpatations, not sleeping, mind racing. The whole gammit. Just a really bad time. I threw out way too much, but got to the stage where I really didn't care. I just had to do it. But do it I did. Last Wednesday the truck fronted up (very late) and packed my precious furniture, 24 cartons, 3 porta robes 3 scooters, 1 box lego and 1 doll house. It was supposed to arrive today but now won't arrive till Thursday, so Alan continues to camp for another few days...I to have joined the camping club. A bit sad when AJ and I were both stoked to take left overs to work cause we could heat it in the microwave. So sad.

So now we really are on the downhill slide..5 sleeps..YIKES!!! how exciting 2 sleeps on my camp bed, 1 sleep at sister Helly's place (after my night out) 1 sleep at Clareys en route, 1 sleep at Sarina (a hotel where miss Molly can stay too) and theninto my loving husbands arms.. YES!!!