Friday, February 19, 2010

My husbands Hawaiian party

Last weekend was one that the Tyson family will remember for a long time I am sure..
Everyone was there..all 5 children, 4 inlaws, 3 grandchildren and heaps of  add ons. We had a few squeezy nights in Carroll ave with 11 staying in our tiny place..We had coconuts, grass skirts, tacky hawaiian shirts, flowers in the pool, blow up palm trees and even a crcodile in the pool (not sure how Hawaiian that is!!!)

Dan and Adele arrived the weekend before and began buying out everything Hawaiian at the Lismore party shop. They were so into it. Loved them for it.Clare too was in the spirit. When she arrived (on the Friday evening) she was heard to say "has anyone else been as excited as me?" She arrived armed with grass skirts, coconut bras, floating candles etc. I beleive one of the partners from her firm was NOT impressed with the idea of a Hawaiian party for Al's 60th..

Kirsty, Mick and children arrived about 1AM Saturday morning and must get the prize for committment..Kirsty had also cornered the market on ebay and all things hawaiiany..AJ arrived Saturday afternoon with the piec-de-resistance..a blow up palm tree..esky. O my gosh it was awesome..and doubled the next day as a boat..

Kim and Beth had kindly allowed us to use their place, complete with pool and Bali hut..

And so Saturday was a whirl of, cooking and dressing,busy, busy, busy..

Finally the night arrived..some hillarious moments but all in all an awesome night..Perhaps the funniest part of the night was when Mick walked out in a brand new shirt (all buttoned up) and said to Alan."i don't think this is going to fit you" Yep he had found a present of Als..(it was just in a plastic bag) and donned funny..
My beautiful grandchildren behaved so well..they had a bal..but were so good.They did Limbo very well too..learnt everything off their Ginny

Clare and her infamous cob dip

I excelled at the limbo when holding the stick myself

AJ and Kirsty topped the night off with a dip

John Hannaford admiring Alans coconuts

the awesome esky

Friend Clairebelle..with her feet with no shoes..just forgot them..She made an awesome desert

My Hawaiian princess

Alans sister arrived as a surprise

Funniest picture EVER..Just what is KIM thinking??"mad man" "am I related to him?"  "if his head starts spinning 'm out if here"

This is the amazing drink esky being tried out as a boat

Alan cutting the amazing cake made by awesome, talented friend Amy

The kids carved it up at Limbo

Danny and Del

Hawaii in style

Poor Charlotte Elizabeth was not very well..but she did party hard.. (she limboed so well)

Pirate Sam..never knew they had pirates in Hawaii

This is THE cake..Not only beautiful tolook at
BUT AMAZING to eat..Thank you Mrs Amy Black

OK so theday after the boys all went off to the cricket in Brisbane and the girls did the markets..Then went up to Beth n Kims and continued on what Clare had already nearly up.
We did have an incident with the passionfruit vine that hangs over a neghbours fence. Funniest thing ever...In fact Clarey thought it so funny she had to use her ventolin as she was laughing so much..

All in all it was a fantastic weekend..all together and all good times.. Love our family so much. can no thank everyone enough for all they did. For the money they put in and all your, serving, cleaning, buying etc etc thanks guys. Finally happy birthday to my beautiful amazing man

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My 5th anniversary post kidny transplant

Yesterday marked 5 years since I received that phone call that sent my whole world spinning. The phone call that changed my world, the phone call that gave me hope, the phone call that sent Alan and I Brisbane for 8 weeks, the phone call that allowed me to receive the gift of a donor kidney.

I had been on dialysis for 3 years minus about 3 weeks and had finaly gone on the transplant list in October 2004 after finally getting all my tests done and attending a transplant seminar in Brisbane at the Princess Alexandra hospital. I told the boss people at work that when I got the call I would be away for about 3 months but even as I said it I really didn't think it would happen....

In Dec/Jan I had an overwhelmimg need to pray for the future donor and the family..I didn't know why and still don't know why..but I just did it for days...then the feeling was gone.

About 3 weeks prior to the call I felt God prompting me to buy pyjamas..I eventually did buy A NIGHTIE...I really should have been prepared for the call..a bit like a Mum packing her hospital bag when having a baby..but no I really thought it would be ages away.

Anyway at 3.45 am on 11th Feb I awoke to the phone ringing..Luckily it was not a dialysis night and so I got out to the kitchen and it stopped ringing..then my mobile started the time i found that in the kitchen it stopped ringing and the home phone started ringing..I did think wow someone really needs to talk to me..I finally got to the phone while it was still ringing..

phone..Is that Mary Tyson
Phone.. Its dr ???? from the PA hospital Brisbane. We have a kidney for you if you want it.
Mary.. What??
phone..we have a perfect matched kidney for you..

And so the conversation went. She also gave me heaps of information that included all her telephone numbers..I wrote them all down and then said "why are you giving me this for?" she said just in case you want to check with me about something.. They told me it was a 3 out of 5 quality kidney but it was a perfect match. I would need to be at the PA hospital by 6.30am so they could do testing etc..

O my gosh..panic unreality..etc etc.. Kim was at home at the time and as we ran around Kim came to me and said (very seriously) "Mum you just need to take the essentials...not the hair straightner" so funny.. I said "Kim get the hair straightner"

We ran around and were quickly on our way..neither Alan or I remember the trip..we just arived at thehospital..and then realised hat with daylight saving we were in fact an hour earlier and had heaps more time to get ready..

We were then directed to the radiography dept for x rays and then to the transplant ward..where I had heaps of tests and the waiting wa interminable. I rang Ballina Library at 8.30am as I was supposed to work that day..Finally at around 11.30am Iwas on my way. I remember saying goodbye to Alan and wondering if I would ever see him again..I felt at peace as I knew that if I died I would go straight to Heaven,but I also knew that I wanted to live for my family so much.

I had to wait up outside the theatre for ages..and then it was time..I awoke about 4.30pm and had so many tubes etc coming out of me..including a cathetar..which was passing some urine..but tiny amounts.
I was returned to the ward quite late but Alan was there and I was so happy to see him.

That night wa sone I hope never to have to repeat. The pain (my back was so sore) the tubes the fear (not from God) as I was passing only very small amounts of urine. I had been warned that often you have to drink heaps to keep up with your kidney..mine?? 50 mls...30mls etc every hour. They did obs and bloods all night as well.
The next dat they informed me I needed to dialyise again..Fantastic.. so I did it..put my own needles in and was so sad. A big surprise when Dan, Del and Clare arrived from Canberra..almost blew me away..

I was told I had a sleepy kidney..but gradually over the weeks it got better. I think fear ruled my life at that time. The lady in the bed beside me told me that her first transplant only lasted 6 weeks and I really beleive that put such fear into me.
The next 8 weeks were filled with goodtimes. sad times, angry times and fun times..learning to take so much medication..measuring every wee and every drink for 2 weeks was interesting.

Thank God that is behind me now..It probably took about 2 years to start feeling really good..but I have now been really well for 12 months Praise God