Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a few weeks

So long since I much has happened in our lives..i have had another birthday ..GASP!! and am now 36. Heck when did that happen. I had an ordinary birthday..but everyone remembered my birthday. Alan and I had an awesome few nights away at Mantra on Salt..I have popped some pictures on...itwas beautiful. The worst part was being awoken at 4am with the smoke detector. They finally came and replaced the battery at 5.15..but we were awake for the day (lucky it was the day of the tsunami warning) so we kept an eye open..note the early morning pictures..very rare for us to be up for a sunrise..
That day we went up the coast and I met up with my transplant buddies. Agreat day catching up.

This past month I have also drunk my way through "several" bottles of wine.
Life is "interesting" to say the least. We are currently reading ecclesasties and realising that there are seasons in our life..and so we wait for a new season..

We have melted our way through summer this year and have really missed the normal sea breeze..

Thats it..just a few thoughts