Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lunch with my transplant buddies

These are the amazing people that i am honoured to call my friends..with Al as well

We have just returned home from Lunch at Broadbeach at the 1,2,3 restaurant with 3 very special buddies. The 'guys' that had a transplant with me at the PA hospital..just over 4 year ago.AJ came along too. really nice that she got to meet my friends..

I remember so vividly the first day after I had left hospital and started on day trips to the outpatients area for blood tests, recordings of all your temp, bp, etc and Doctiors visits. I was so very scared. Everything seemed to be going wrong for me. I was physically sick. I was scared and was falling apart.

Alan and I walked into this unfamiliar area, so unsure, so scared and so uncomfortable, but i still remember the very biggest feeling was fear... I had struggled with my body to get the kidney going and now I had to work out my drugs, side effects, swollen legs from fluid retention, watch myself for signs of rejection weight increase, and now map my own observations and wait and see a dr every day.. I remember the first day was so horrible and as I have discovered about myself..Mary the confident is only confident in familiar surrindings and situations. This was all almost too much for me..

It is also at this point here that I must mention that 'Alan' seems to have honourary place as one of the 'guys' as he was with me the whole time. Without his constant support, love and encouragement I doubt I could have done it..but combine it with him and these other 'guys' you have a great support network..

But that very first day, Craig and Cecil just tried so hard tp show me the ropes, show me what to do, to try and relax me joke with me and help me to relax. They also had stuff going on for them but they made light of it and it helped me to become much more comfortable (never used to) this awful place.

It was only about 5 days later that Syreeta arrived and I saw it happen all over again.. this time I like to think that maybe I too was able to help her, although I was probably still a basket case..

Those loong weeks at the hospital and then finally at the 'arts' building (where you only went every 2nd day (YAY) became our normal life for 7 weeks. Yes every morning we spent time, talking, laughing and helping each other. We breakfasted at "the blind shop" (run by the royal blind society and affectionatly known as the blind shop every day..bacon and egg sandwiches coffee it was all good..and it was one of the rare highlights of those times..

So today was great. It is always good to catch up with these amazing people. Not time nor distance can ever change their importance in my life. I love them and they are beautiful people. I said to Alan on the way home..we are 4 people who under different circumstances we would never meet and possibly never be friends but because of the circumstances of life and the timing of God in this saga, we were thrown together and will always be close..

Cecil Salmon...or better known as Dr Cecil..He does moonlight as a solicitos though in his spare time..will tell you that you should eat KFC at least twice a week. Good for creatinine levels and drink beer..also loves his golf.. Currently on 3 mg of tacrolimus a day

Craig Pretaurius... Craig is a bit shy of the camera, but I did manage to get a shot...even though he tried to rip the camera out of my hands..Craig works with John Deere and we rely on him for our food advice and look at him as some guru of eating out. He still makes us laugh at tales of his "stent" (sorry funny and i know it wasn't) and also not in the tacrolimus contest as he is still on cyclosporon..the nasty tablets that stink and would make me gag, whilst I was on them.

Syreeta Faalogo..Syreeta is beautiful. She was a saviour to me as I was surronded by guys and so when she came along it was so good. She works with singapore airlines at the airport and now has the perfect cahanc eto get to the DFO fact I believe they know her by name there now.
Mary Tyson..This is me. Work at Lismore library Happy to be with my buddies, currently winning the lowest tacrolimus level...1mg a day..O YEAH!!

Alan Tyson..husband extroadinaire..will agree with Dr Cecils advice every time.. gets along with all the guys..well deserves to be part of the group..
So that is it, A quick walk down memory lane. We discussed today about dialysis and none of us know how we did it..I know it was Gods grace,,a horrid road..but one we hope and pray never to walk down again..

Just a funny picture AJ took...yep quickly checking no-one is watching as I slip the boy some money!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another 5 favs and Pete the sheep

Pete the sheep the kids did for national simultaneous storytime and Molly relaxing

My 5 favs..

This week is not fair and really shouldn't count as I thinkl I was duped for time..

1.. Old friends. Spent time with My 'old' friends Glen and Donna Bush last weekend. I know not so much of the "old" Great people and I await with eager anticipation for Donna to update her blog..It was so good just to spend time with them. Makes me realise how I don't really have any real friends anymore and just how precious those people are..the ones we call friends. People you can laugh with and cry with..It was great and had an awesome time..Could have helped because Al and I won the game we were playing.

2. OK so number 2 would be kids at storytime. I just love their little faces and their funny sayings and things. I had one little girl who was so excited to be going to do some 'karate' (craft) and another precious one who has been coming for ages and never really talks who sat down on the floor in front of me and asked "Mary did you go the lantern parade?" o so amazing and very preciious..

3.. My daughters blog about Bookweek. O heck it made me smile. So cute!!! way cute,,AND it wasn't me having to come up with something..O YEAH!!! That made me smile heaps.. Thanks Kirsty for making my day..

4.. Well another thing that made me smile this week was easy meals.. Yep when I am tired there is nothing nicer then leftovers, eggs on toast or cheese and bickies. Yep I am a fan and unfortunately we possibly have these way too often.

5.. Cold nights. Love them. Snuggle down in a warm bed. feet on my wonderful husband and I am off.. Yes I might add hate getting up, or being out in the cold but love sleeping in the cold, Beats the heat anytime..

Anyway thats it folks..I just downloaded all my pictures from my mobile and lst them..yep..thats what I did and so still looking for them to upload them but at this stage they are lost..ones I have had on my mobile for 15 months all gone. Now that will not rate in my favs next week./.Love to all..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Should I put myself out as a guest speaker in New Zealand..Dialysis, transplant etc

Just wondering..I could advertise and see if anyone wants me to talk. I could talk about Baby bounce and Rhyme, Kidney transplants. Nighttime Hemodialysis, or my Christian walk...someone must want a great speaker to come and share with them...and then I could claim it on my tax...!!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Canberra trip

Dannys work place at Symonstone (apologies for the spelling

Heaps of photos of the time spent at the supreme court

Well our trip away was amzing. Such a good time. Many thanks to Danny n Del for their hospitality and chauffering service and to Clare for putting in the hard yards so we had an excuse for the trip.

We did shop a little...????? I got a new wool coat for NZ and new leather boots for NZ. It was while packing to go to Canberra that I realised that I in fact have no warm clothes and so a perfect excuse to do some SHOPPING...yep and so we did shop that is!!!!!!

We loved being there for Clarey. The day was perfect even though it was chilly..Shane only wore a shirt and I think he may have felt the cold..We arrived early and the parking was dismal so as Dan will not be seen stalking people for a park we went home and walked...O No sorry it wasn't quite that far. We parked in the Canberra centre and walked . A little brisk at about 4 degrees..
We arrived ahead of Clarey and when she and Shane and Wendy arrived it all just felt so exciting. Poor Clare was very nervous but she looked amazing. Finally (after going through security and Del getting in trouble for videoing IN THE BUILDING.

She was sworn in in the actual court. All very formal, with us having to stand and sit etc. There were 16 admitted and only 6 (including Clare) used the bible the rest afirmed. While this was all happening I can not tell you the pride I felt for Clare. It certainly had been a long road but she did it.. I sat there with tears in my eyes..Adele told me about how when they lived in Pearce they would come home and find Clarey siting on the steps using their wireless lovely that they too played a role in all this.. A very short speech and then it was over.

Clare off to sign and get her certificate and then 1,000 pictures and lunch.
It was really good. We went to Tossolinis on London Circuit and had a great lunch.

Then it was goodbye formal (and Wendy and Shane) and hello shopping. O Wonderful..we shopped for hours.

Home and cheese/bickies/dip and champagne for dinner and Danny discovered pink champagne. Funny.. Clare stayed the night with us in Queanbeyan which was great and then..
Saturday it was off to Tuggeranong to catch uop with my amazing friend Donna and saw her 2 boys (which are now 6 foot taller then b4) and did shopping again. Organised to go to Glen and Donnas for dinner...Popped into see Aunty Joan and also Geoff and Peter were there.

Joan was in bed and quite distressed and uncomfortable while we were there.. but she did speak to Clare..
Clare showing Danny what she found in her bad

Off to trade secrets a bad place really.. then the airport, to drop Clarey home and then to the Bushes for dinner..what a day.

it was wonderful to catch up with Glen and Donna and Danny and Del came too..we played tipofyourtomgue and shock horror Al and I won..only cause I knew all the nursery rhymes...

Sunday it was off to the central cafe for breakfast with Robyn and Paul. The breakfasts were enormous.. I ate and ate and still left 1 and a half sausages my 2 tomatoes, 1 egg and was just too big..then it was to the dfo for another round of shopping..good times..

Our trip home was very eventful..from the disgusting canberra airport that has no facilities once through the security gates, to the bad descent into Coolongatta with the turbulence, (its ok I went to my happy place and pretended I was just in a car on a rough road) to the 200 metre walk through the driving rain across the tarmac, the mixup with luggage and me getting the car, the driving rain on the trip home, the flood waters on ross lane etc etc.. yep we were happy to get home.

All in all a great trip and now we just need to get through the week.

Thanks to Dan and Del. You were awesome....

Friday, June 19, 2009

What a day

Today has been a great day...long but amazing. Last night we flew into Canberra at about 11pm. OiTiT boy it was cold. It was a great trip and Dan n Del arrived a few minutes after we deplaned and so it was off to Binna Burra place. So good to be here.
It was up at 8am and the realisation that Al had left his good pants at home. Problem solved wear your jeans....O great. We are off to the supreme court and Alan is wearing his $6 (very nice) Levi jeans...O well. He did and looked pretty funky.
We headed off at 9.30 in a rather chilly 4 degrees. O my gosh. I was rugged up and it was cold. But great to be here in the Nationals Capital.
We arrived at our destination but .....No parks. Simple we go to Canberra Centre and park and walk the 500 metres to the supreme court. We still beat Clarey and Co...
The whole ceremony was amazing. We were so proud of Clare and loved that we were able to be there for her.
It has been a long journey but well deserved.
Afterwards after 1,000 photos with Als K Rudd camera it was off to lunch at Tossolinis..YUMO. iT WAS SO GOOD. And afterwards well what else would you do but go shopping at the very large and improvrd Canberra after about 5 hours and 200 dollars we were had it..
Clarey Came home with us and we spent the night drinking pink champagne ( which Danny has quite a taste for he has discovered) and eating cheese and chips and chocolate..obviously a "c" night..we played trivial pursuit on the WII which Daniel managed to cheat and win each game...Just a fun relaxing night.
Tomorrow we hope to catch up with Uncle Geoff and Joan tomorrow and also Donna Bush.
A fun day/weekend..shme it is so cold down here....

Monday, June 15, 2009

My tag..

1.Where are you blogging right now? As usual in the 3rd bedroom. I am the only person in our house without a laptop

2.How many unpublished posts do you havein your 'draft' box? None. I always write and then post...

3.Whose blog inspired you to start your own? We actually had to start a blog at work as part of a course..which I might add was never finished and was very stressful. I must adnit here that I was disappointed that neither of my children mentioned that their Mother was blogging first. I obviously had no input there.

4.When do you usually publish your posts? Whenever I get a chance and never often enough

5.In your guesstimation, how many blogs do you read? Not many. Only my kids and a few randoms..7???

6.How long have you been blogging for? My first ever blog was Feb 20th 2008. So 16 months

7.Why did you start blogging? Because of the course. However I changed to a personal one to keep my kids updated with what was happening

8.Why do you keep blogging? For the above reason..esp my grandchildren and also its a greta history. I have printed off a fair few of them to keep..

9.If you could only recommend one blog to a friend, which one would it be? Couldn't pick..alll valuable and love reading the rare times they write ...

10.If the internet was "turned off" for one month, what you you do with all the time you used to spend blogging? OOOO NOOOO..Don't do that. How could I play Yoville..and farmtown. I would possibly clean my house and read...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

OK my week..including my favs

This week has been a cracker..well whatever. It has seemed to fly by.
Last weekend was the best ever. We had Kirsty, Michael, Natty, Chari and Sammy home for a flying visit.

They rang wednesday night to tell us they were coming home...I was a bit sick on weds/ thurs so fri/ sat cleaned up a little...AJ was away for a few nights..whooping it up in Brisvegas at Clareys place (o ok she did go up for a grief workshop...a bit depressing the topic!!!) so her room ...well what can I say...

Anyway Saturday arrived and so did the 12.15,, they had left at 5.45 and 6 1/2 hours later they were at our place..drove straight through.
we had the best weekend. We ate, walked, spaaed, ate, went to the park, beached..etc It was so much fun.

I loved having them here. Mind you meal time is very dofferent cooking for 10 ( well Kimmy n Bethy came for meals too!!) but O so much fun. LOved it. The kids love "the shed" which is our garage turned into a play area. One morning Sammy did get up at 5.15 and went to "the shed" so funny but so cute...
Sammy in his "shed"

Molly begging for icecream

Molly in her element feeling the 'luve'


The things that made me smile this week was all to do with this wonderful weekend..
1..My family. I love having them around me..

Our great walk complete with scooters...
a quiet moment for a cute couple

Kirsty and I having a rare spa
2..My son-in-law Michael. Mike has been in our family now for 10 years and I just think he is amazing. I love the way he comes 'home' I love that he is just Michael..He hugs me, makes me smile/laugh and cry..He is so patient with my "farmer" daughter. He is really just awesome..he really rates as my FAV
My gorgeous son in law..."son"
3.. Natty and the fact that she is growing up. The funny things she says and does. The way she nearly walked into a car and her reaction of 'whoops" and quickly backed off the road. Yep she is a keeper.
At lennox "FREEZING"
4.. Chari..jumping out of the car as they were leaving to get her 'bible' that we had bought her and then left her binkie behind. Good girl Chari. Getting priorities straight..
5..Reading to my amazing grandchildren. It seems that as a Ginny (grandma) I am not terribly good at stuff..I don't sew, cook, garden, sing bush walk etc etc etc, things that other "ginnys" can do. But I can read. Since Christmas we have been wading through the wishing chair by Enid Blyton. Each night we read a couple of chapters before bed. All 3 kids. So sweet. As it is hard to get a book that all 3 like I figure , but old Enid seems to be doing the trick..


Thawing out AFTER being at lennox with a cup of hot tea/choc

Spa time

And so to the rest of the week..well it flew. I got really sick on Thursday aand as it coincided with the coldest day so far this year, it wasn't till I was home in bed that I realised I was running a fever, just thought I was cold all day..

No its not swine flu, just some gastric bug but feeling better each day..

Church picnic today. Good times. Have included a picture of me after AJ practised face painting on me.

Should be great. Sunny day and all..till next week...O NO>>>will be late next week as off to canberra for Clarey to be admitted to the law society..IN THE SUPREME CORT>O YEAH!! see Danny n Del and our new granddoggy Ellie

Friday, June 5, 2009

ok its time for friday favs

This week I will be a lot shorter then last week. Not that my week has been any the less impressive or busy.. family coming home to visit. Kirsty, Michael and Natty, Chari and Sammy are coming home for the weeked. They rang to tell me on Wednesday night. So excited. We so rarely get them home. Happy days...

And no its not like this at all

2 Yes my spa rates yet again. Just got out and even though its a bit crisp in the evening air its soooo nice to get into the spa. It is set at 37 degrees and after 2 15 minute cycles I was really quite it. Very relaxing and so good to sit out and talk..

uuummm not quite us,,,but a great photo

3. the biggest morning tea at work for 2 weeks. We made about $140 and it cost me about $80..something has gone wrong there...but it was great to support such a great cause. Last week we had the staff all week supplying morning tea and this week I had it for the 4 groups (2 baby bounce and rhyme) and 2 storytime sessions. It was great to have something different. The kids made their own fairy bread and so really loved it..Yep it made me happy.

4. Aj has gone away for a few days. Now it is not that that makes me happy. its having time alone with my amazing husband after 33 years and 11 months and about 6 months only without kids..its great to have time just to ourselves..

5. Going to Kimmy and Bethys for tea. We went the other night and it was so nice to just sit and talk to them..with little sunny hopping around. We so rarely do that and it was so civilized..yep very nice..Thank God we are past

this for family dinnersThis is not quite Sunny but she is mighty cute..

So hope everyone has a great long weekend..we sure what has made you happy this week..let me know..I would love to hear from you if you drop by