Thursday, June 17, 2010

WHAT A WEEK in Charlies Trosers (Charters Towers) curtesy of my beautiful granchildren

SOO..what a week..Its been ages but its been a very busy week.
I heard late last week that our friend Clairebelle was coming for a visit. I couldn't believe that she was coming to visit. She was leaving Friday spending Friday night with Kirsty and arriving Saturday night. WOW a visitor!! Then the panic set in "what do i do with a visitor??" Out here its not like rivetting..but hey then I relaxed and decided to just enjoy the time.

Friday night we went out to the civic amazing building ..originally was a "gentlemans club".being slowly restored. We did our bit for the economy 2 drinks, $10 in the pokies..and off. We had a great time..

Yes a bautiful building..certainly worth a visit..may go again..need tostimulate the economy again.

Anyway Alan and I decided to be adventurous and drive to Burdekin falls/dam. We left the crazy dog at home..outside prepared to come home to chaos..
Its a 2 hour drive..through 100 cattle grids, past 1,000 cattle and zillions of acres of dead grass, trees and causeways. No other car to be seen I also pointed out I had not seen one sign for RACQ or a phone to call if we needed help. Heck those help phone things are everywhere on major roads..LOL
So we got to the was quiet.why people would chose to go there with their vans completely escapes me. I obviously am missing the point here. There was no green grass..nowhere to swim (o a pool sorry) no shop, nothing.."ah the serenity"

On the way to the dam..we stopped at the dam viewing funny..bus shelter facing the view..

 As you can see it was a tad dry..this was at the dam itself..there were about 12 peacocks wondering around..a little random but cute.

 THis is the actual dam..please note that the skinny wavy section under the dam wall is an actual road..It obviously is closed due to water running over it..I'm thinking I wouldn't drive on that in the dry..thats a lot of water behind that wall..but check it out in the wet...

Road????? what road

Ok so as I had been feeling a little down and so I did a silent prayer..God please show me you are here with me..let me see something today I don't normally after the peacocks and heaps of Apostle birds at the dam..I thought Ok was that God? ok..but then on the way back to Ravenswood we saw....

 2 huge enormous..complete with furry legs..I have never seen anything so amazing..I think they are wedgetail eagles but regardless of names I WAS IMPRESSED...then...

 2 emus..I was beginning to think it was a sign of huge rains to come..should I build an ark??? 2 by 2???ok Thank you God i know you are with awesome that God hears our little prayers too..

There was lots of straight roads..but it was fun ..apart from the lack of phones and RACQ signs..I mean with all that wild life we could be picked clean in no time

One of the "cute cows" I think they are droughtmasters..I know I know..I sound so knowledgeable..they did like their road...they looked at us like we were rude to be on their road.

 Ok so then it was back to the historical town of ravenswood for lunch..we just made it..1.45..phew. Our next door neighbour had told us about the Railway hotel and their Railway burgers...the town is amazing and the pub was awesome and the burger??? well Alan devoured it. It was massive and we believe a trip out here for Danny when he comes to visit will be a must

an awesome pub and just an amazing town..full of history..we ate in the beer garden..but check out the beer holder they put Als beer in..
Thinking they are not doing so well..or very hungry people..need to order the railway burger

After lunch we went exploring.walked up to the mine lookout..O my gosh.very steep but very spectacular..a huge working mine just there..right beside the after I pretended to stop for the view.(as i was gasping for breath) several times I made it to the top..great viewand you can see heaps of the old chimney stacks still scattered through out the town

We then headed for home..on the way we stopped at Macrossin bridge to see the flood height marker..check it out..mammoth ammount of water..can't wait to be here for a flood.

Then it was home..We pulled up and Molly was happy to see us..but no siree I was not fooled.I told Alan I was going to check with the neighbours..He wanted to know if I really wanted to know how bad she was..yep..I was brave.. I went over and guess what????? they thought she had gone with us as she had been so quiet all day..YAY YAY YAY..Molly is settling down.. Thank you Jesus.. 

It was then dinner and settle down to wait forour first ever visit in Charlies Trousers...

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Kirsty said...

YAY! Sounds like a good time! Those eagles are pretty incredible. I love watching when they slowly take off...they are SO heavy it must be SUCH an effort! I can't believe that you watsed a whole sightseeing trip without a guest have to meter these trips out when you live in the middle of nowhere!