Monday, June 30, 2008

Mollys exciting day

Molly went missing today and I finally found her back in my cupboard. She used to hang out in there when she was a puppy..and today she was back in there how funny!!!!
This picture is sideways..not sure how to fix it
And here she is on guard duty protecting the whole street. She has such a busy day. So many kids going past so many cars so much to watch and bark at
But its OK she has a very comfy spot. This lounge chair was made JUST for her..What do you think?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Natty

I was so excited to hear you would love to come to Ginny and Poppy's house. We miss you so much too. You are an amazing girl. Ginny gets quite sad some times as you are so far away. I am hoping to see you at Aunty Clares engagement paty which is only in 3 weeks. Maybe one holidays Mummy and Daddy will let you come for a holiday to Ginny and Poppys house by your self really. Wouldn't that be great!!! Molly too would love to see you..and eat some more of your tasty toys...I Love you

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My very amazing Grandchildren

Here are my wonderful grandchildren. I miss them so much I was so excited to read that the girls got such beautiful reports. I was SO thrilled. Also to read about and see that Sammy can go down the fireman pole all by himself. WOW. So clever. Its probably cause his Dad is a fireman.I have THE most amazing, brilliant grandchildren in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!

Here is a couple of the brilliant, gorgeous children that are MY grandchildren. I love them so much I could squeeze them tight.....

I was just talking To Kirsty and she tells me Nat is coming to visit by POST>> Gosh I am so excited. I am not sure if she will have a very comfy trip.I hope she has enough food and water and I also hope her Mum and Dad put a litter tray in for her. I am outside waiting for her already so I don't miss her. How exciting. We will go to Sheeleys and watch for whales

I've been tagged (what it means I am not sure!!)

Ten Years Ago..

gosh 10 years ago we were in Canberra planning Kirstys wedding..I wasn't woeking. Dan was away from home, Clare was in year 12 (a little stressful) AJ in yr 9 and Kim in yr 7. A very busy year...It was also the year Alans Dad died and made us rethink our life.

Five things on todays to do list

Like Kirsty today is almost over so I'll do tomorrow. I am very good at doing things tomorrow\. I love the quote why do today what you can put off till tomorrow. I beleive I live by that.
OK will be high tomorrow

2..lunch at the shawsy with Howie and Lara and family

3..Have a nap ( if I can fit it in) a necessity for Sunday

4..Washing in and out!!!!

5..Wash Stinky Molly (that is a weekly task as she is now an indoor dog)

Snacks I enjoy.

Yes the list would be snacks I don't enjoy. Chips (really bad) bananas (from when I couldn't eat them) Chocolate (bad again) strawberries, dips and camembert cheese (all cheeses really just not the mouldy ones)

Things I would do if I were a millionaire.

quit work ( o yeah) travel, buy enough houses to have all my children within an 5 minute drive. Buy Al a swish motor bike, get a holiday house for us and pay the church building off...the list goes on and on

Places I have lived.

Manilla (nsw)
Old Bar
Skennars Head

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My very special parcel in the post AND

Yesterday I received a parcel in the post. It was for Mothers day.

A pair of socks...some eye cream (which I really need) AND an amazing necklace. It was done in love by Sammy. I love it.

I wore it to work today. Everyone commented on it. People thought I had bought it. One lady wanted to know where I had bought it. WOW. Its a winner Sam. Thank you so much. I have attached photos to show everyone how stunning I looked and I have made my blog even more colourful in celebration of it!!!


Ok these are my 5 favs for this week.

1 The weekend. ( I think I have mentioned it before but hey its worth mentioning twice)

2 The smell of dinner cooking when I walk in the door after a horrid day..but after any day is great.

3. My camera. I love my digital camera. Its the best. Recently while on holidays in Port Douglas I took over 1,200 pictures. No wastage.

4. My new coral fleece blanket. Its so cosy soft and warm.

5. Having a nap on a very cold wet day (under my warm cosy coral fleece blankie)


These photos of Kirsty Michael and Sammy...They make me smile every time

Monday, June 23, 2008

O so CUTE!!!!

This is my reminder of how yukky our room was

Ok so Molly decided that she should share her extensive wardrobe with Buddy. So she pulled out a little number that was getting a bit squeezy and handed it over to her friend!!!

Buddy looked gorgeous in it and Molly put her party dress on so they would look a good couple

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Buddy leaves tomorrow

Molly is saying "come on Buddy, come and play" She had her foot up pawing at Buddy
Buddy the looked at Molly and I could swear smiled
Then Molly looked at me in disgust as Buddy settled down for more sleep
How sad. I will go to work tomorrow and when I get home Buddy will be gone!!!

Clare rang before to say she will come down tomorrow...

They have played and played and played. I took them for a walk on a single lead joined together today and I laughed so much I almost disgraced myself.

They pulled each other along wrapped the lead around each other...they were hilarious.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A beautiful Sunday

By the way my favourite thing (at least for today) is having coffee on the riverfront at Ballina. Just great!!!!

We had the most amazing prayer time at church this morning for Linda. It's been very hard this week for us and I can not begin to imagine how hard its been for all the family.
But the great prayer this morning was awesome. God is good. Just sometimes its hard to remember that

Buddys holiday at Ginnys and Poppys

Molly and Buddy seem to play most of the time. There are different games they play and the way they get each others interest is different but always ends the same..running and rolling and lots of growling
This is the stand off!!! No I am not interested!!! This lasts about 10 seconds
Buddy was not sure about the outside tied up thing. Molly was loving it and Buddy spent a lot of the time sitting at the front door and just thinking!! But every now and then broke out!!
Now its a case of which dog is which. They look so similar at times its scary
But the day ended well. Both exhausted and both happy to curl up on Poppys lap!! Note Molly still has her bear. Buddy was playing the bear game earlier in the night though. Quite funny really

Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK This is a photo given to me by Shannon and Steve Eggins taken at their wedding about 5 weeks ago. I love the happy smile and face. I hate my thick neck..ya de ya de ya..We are never happy with ourselves but I love that I look truly happy. Thought I would Share it with you.
OK its Thursday. That means I have shared my 5 thurs favs.. thinking of changing it to three thursday things..not as catchy though hey!!!
AJ has gone up the coast to meet with Clare and bring little buddy back for the weekend. Clare and Shane are off to Canberra this weekend. It happened VERY quickly.
I am sure there will be photo opportunities for me this weekend..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


OK so we went for our first walk in the rain..complete with raincoat.. It was great..BUT we now need boots. All her little feet and legs got wet and dirty. She had had a bath today and now...dirty feet.
She also carrried the bear all the way around the block as well.
A sight to behold

Monday, June 16, 2008

OK so I'll do another

So my precious son rang last night complaining that he was sick of looking at Mollys pink party I had better update my blog.

Ok here we have Molly having an early morning post get up nap. Note how snug she looks in her purple jumpy AND Nice and warm in Ginny and Poppy's bed. Note the leg up in the air. I do not know why but that is how she sleeps.

Then she is prepared for all weather with her yellow raincoat

Now I am not sure that this is want Danny wanted!!!!!

Must also mention AJ came home from Gym last night with a very sore mouth. Annaliese had hit her in the mouth with a 3kg ball. She was most distressed to realise it was not going to leave visible war wounds.

Yes another blowy wet day in paradise but hey Molly is prepared for ALL weather

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mollys pink party dress

Ok so I bought this dress about 6 weeks ago as I thought it "sooo cuuche" but sanity prevailed and I returned it as it was $24.95.!!!!!

I was in big W today and there it was for $8. I mean who could pass up a pink party dress for $8.00.

Miss Molly looks very cute in it and appears to be quite happy in it.

Kim says he is going to report me to the RSPCA!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The bathroom & the sheets at port Macquarie

Ok so these are the pics of the amazing 70's (????) bathroom and the olive green towels (yUK)

Also the wonderful sheets...I haven't seen these in many a year at a Motel..Only white have I seen recently. I am thinking these may have been off their own bed..yyyeerrcchh

The bathroom & the sheetsat port Macquarie

Sunday, June 8, 2008


So we went to Port Macquarie for Tims 40th down yeasterday back today in fact we were gone for about 29 hours. But a great night.

So much effort put in by people

Port Macquarie

Here are the SMURFS..having a smurfing good time
Here are the sister of them has stopped being smurfy..but deep down still is
Here are some people dressed up in 80's gear ..recognise uncle Ian?
Bob Marley or Tim??
Its Bananarama..
Alan as grumpy smurf
Mary as scary smurf
Here we are waiting for a taxi and scaring all the local residents. "darling you won't beleive what I saw on my way home from the club tonight"
Aunty Anne ( in the dress she wore to Tim and Becks wedding in 1990 and Uncle Ian as a bogan
Catherine (obscured, Jason, Emily, and George Michael (whoops) Pat!!

OK these are some snaps from our very brief trip to Port Macquarie for Nephew Tims 40th...When the heck did he get so old!!!!!

It was a great night and I did have just a few drinks!!!

Everyone was in the mood...except for a few!!

Al and I stayed in a dodgy motel..see attached photo of bathroom.

The night was great, the brunch delicious. Many thanks to mthe Olsens for putting on such a great doo!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Barb and her friend Eve from Manilla. It was great that Eve could join us..good times
Barb and her life jacket in the drill ..They got all the people up who were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc
Hely and Jodi and the lady from the Titanic. Helly was unusually proactive that night!!!!

Exactly how long has it been???

Lunch on Thursday at some tea gardens in the Dandenongs
Me looking amazing with my stole
Hely and I on our way to "steerage"
Hely and Jodi celebrating
Lisa, Emily and Jodi

Our weekend to Melbourne was amazing..The conference refreshing and informative, the Titanic wonderful and the shopping brilliant.

I have over 200 photos so will pop a couple on my blog..our weekend in Melbourne snaps..If I am in a shawl it was the titanic.. I looked stunning mind you,. I think everyone thought I was serious though as noone got dressed up !!!! Whoopsy.

My Day today was pretty bad. Some man wrote a complaint..mind you he couldn't complain in persom as the dick head !!! (excuse me) has taken a vow of silence..only another 33 days till he can talk. Said I was Youg Jodi at work who is only 19 calls me " scary Mary" now!!!