Saturday, January 30, 2010

my 5 favs

We are finding it a bit tough going at the moment..In fact really challenging. I think it all sucks big time but you know what?? God is in control and I know that it says the truth shall set you free. So we await to be ..ffrreeee

Anyways onto my 5 looking forward to Als party and Danny and Del arriving next weekend..yay that will cheer up the Tyson Household big time.

1..this week would be blogging. It was through this that I was able to read Kirstys beautiful blog about Sammy heading off to school and how she felt about it. I was so sad that we were not there to share this great time with him. He is off into the big wide world now and Kirsty did do an awesome job of describing it. In fact it was so good I did a story about it.. I have hated living so far away from our precious little ones that are now speeding on and upward. So Thanks Kirsty.

2..Sharing Kirsty and Micks story and Sammy and the girls story with all my kids at storytime

3.. well I am guessing doing random at 6.30 last night we decided to go to the movies adn saw "Its complicated"  Great movie..terrible morals..but I laughed was a good funny movie..we both enjoyed it..

4..Cooler weather and rain..we have had the stinkiest longest summer..since Augsust when it got to about 40 degrees we have had hot weather. I am really over to be awoken this morning by cyclonic winds and driving rain coming in our bedroom door..despite 1 metre overhang on our today it has been a pleasant 29 degrees...come on winter..warning to Dan n del better bring some cool clothes..(summer ones that is..wouldn't worry about any jumpers)

5..Again my husband. I feel he is being badly treated I get so angry..but I do know that God is in control..He sucks it up and goes to work..(although he was off 2 days thsi week unwell!!! stress related...who knows) I just love him and think he really is awesome..

Thats it for this week..dont forget to comments makes it all worthwhile..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My favouritest present ever..or at least this year

My sister Barbara came to visit a few weeks ago. Barbara and her husband live in Echucca Vicand had driven to Hervey Bay for Christmas, to see husband Jason and Katherine.
They spent time there and then travelled to Lismore for a few days. We had organised to go out for dinner on the Tuesday night. I was pleased when she rang Tues morning and said she and friend marilyn would pop out around lunch time ...I mean pop out??? It is a 45 min drive. They arrived..we chatted, had a cool drink and then she gave me a stick with all my dads slides on it. I was stoked.
To way of explanation. My Dad only took slides from about 1965-till his death in 1975. So from when I was about 8-18. So many memories were in these slides for me. I had asked Barb about them a few times..but knew they were safe in her hands..
Anyway when she gave me this USB It was so exciting. I was soo excited..

They left and I spent the aftrnoon loking at all these memories. Loved it. Alan came home and I showed off my new present/toy. We then set off to the Goonellabah club where we all meeting for dinner...3 sisters and a special friend (a 4th sister) and partners for dinner.
At the end of the meal sister Barbara gave Helly and I a wrapped gift. WOW!! When we opened it I cried. She had made the slides into a book for all the 5 Reid girls. so all my sisters (including herself)
Now I know scanning the slides must have been long and painful..It this was the best ever..
Thanks sister Barb. It was a fantastic present..

You really do rockHave just taken a few shots of this book of memories




Might add that my previous post was done by my beloved "special 26 year old" I made the mistake of leaving it (my open post) and there it was. Thanks AJ!!!

My Daughter AJ is a great daughter!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My 5 favs

well its sooo long since I have done these ..I struggle to remember how to do it..ha ha ha ha

1..My husband..He is so amazing. He has had a really tough few months with work and he still gets up and goes. This past week would rate up ther as one of the hardest of our married lives..but still he gets up and goes. Kudos to him. I see a man so strong, a man trusting in God, I see a righteous man a man who continues on and perserveres..and you know it says in the bible "perseverence produces hope..and hope does not disappoint. Good on you my husband. What a privilege to call you that.

2... Yep following on from that PRAYER.. This week ( and the past 2 months) have been a pretty tricky time..and so this week prayer certainly rates in my 5. I could not keep going without it..

see had lots of practise

3...The WEEKEND so we got through this hideous week and we made it to the weekend how awesome are weekends. got to love them (says I sitting in my towel at 10.20am)

4.. Ok sitting in my towel I recently became a "fan" of this group on FB..O my gosh I just thought it was me. Love it love it love it. I AM showwered I am ready to get dressed and start the day ..just not yet. YEP LOVE IT!!!

5...Tea at Fishy last night Al and Molly and myself headed out to Lennox Head for dinner. Armed with a bottle of wine and a bit of an appetite. We had the best tiime. Weather was perfect, great seat, Molly was so good, Food and wine was fantastic and company the best. Saw a great sunset and simply relaxed. One of the best spots ever to dine.

Gosh ours was way healtier AND with salad..YUMMO

Well thats it for this week. It has been a bit of an ordinary week..only about 3 weeks till Alans big birthday bash so hope everyone is planning to to all..and I hope to see comments posted..

This girl needs to hear

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thought I would leave you with a couple of old snaps




A bit of stealing from sweet teas page

I read the following on "sweet teas" blog page and as quick as a flash I copied and pasted..hope "sweet tea" who I do not know at all..except to say she sounds awesome ( and is getting her mojo back)  doesn't mind...

This girl needs to hear from you. She's on the verge of a full blown, Hissy Fit, if she doesn't

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 19 Mt Cook-Christchurch

As I awoke..I was feeling a little down..we wereleaving to head back to Christchurch. Our holidays were coming to a finish. We had just had so much fun and I never wanted it to finish. But then I relised i had to enjy the moment. So wegot up and were disappointed to see the mist/clouds/snow back on the mountains. I decided that washing was a priority. We had washed last at i went to the car to get the washing and was stoked to realise it was sleeting.. O My gosh it was so exciting. I scanned the weather news and they were expecting snow down to 900 metres. Rats we were at 750m. It was still way exciting. Washing on ( after I embarresed myself by trying to change a $1 coin for 2 $1 coins..whoops) ..back to breakfast.Yummy yet again..It was just an amazing place to stay.Very plush and the restaurant wasjust amazing. Somuch food and such yummy food. We packed up washing all driedand Alan went to check out and I drove the car around to the front and guess what "IT WAS SNOWING" flakes softly falling.Like a dream.One of the things I had prayed for.Good o Mary was responsible for sending New Zealand back to winter. People were out filmimg it..It was pretty spectacular.I so wanted to stay.
As we drove away people were pulled up on the side of the road to film it watch it.It certainly exciting. we had a few at Lake Tekapo where we had a dipin the hot springs (yes we had 2 towels) It was great there. The weather was cooler and it really was beautiful. Then on to Geraldine for lunch. We were feeling more tense and money was becomming a bit worrisome and our carefree times were closing in on us. We finall y arrived back in Christchurch quite tired ( it had taken us about 7 hours from Mt Cook) We had booked into Hotel So  Alan decided that we needed to get EVERYTHING out of the car and sort it all out (yes we had been living like gypsys) See it was all this reality I really hated It was all finishing.our carefree days. So we found the hotel were directed to park in the paid parking next door. And we proceeded to unpack the car.. we had bags and more bags, coats and rubbish and more and we struggled through the car park and into the ancient elevator that rumbled to a stop on street level,which happened to be in a swanky homewares shop. O my gosh I was so upset. I struggled on with all this "stuff" feeling like a real gypsy. Then out onto the street and up 3 or 4 shops to the hotel. We then somehow squashed everything into the Hotel lift and found our room. OOOO OUR HUGE ROOM ....all i can say is I am pleased we booked a Kingsize bed as this meant we had an extra big room just so the bed would fit in it. OOOOO I was so cross. there was no room for anything..but we did it..sorted it all out and thankfully realised the bed had space under it..obviously for just such occasions. The bathroom was about 1 metre square. You could almost sit on the loo and have a shower and do your makeup. On reflection we decided it was a great hotel. Free wireless free internet..all mod cons ipod dock mood themes everything. We decided we would go out for a walk and lo and behold 2 doors down Alan said "there is Bronwyn and John" Friends of ours were arriving that day from Dunoon and doing just waht we were finishing. A 3 week driving holiday. WOW couldn't beleive it.They then asked us to meet them for dinner at exactly the place we had dined at on our fiirst night in NZ. amazing.Of all the eateries in Christchurch hey has chosen the same. It turns out that they were staying just a few doors up from us. Such a small world. We talked and talked about our trip.gave them a few hints and had a great night.The nect day we were heading upon the Tranz alpine train. so after leaving bronwyn and John it was into bed and an early pick up (8am) tomorrow.

The snowwhen leaving the Hermitage

 Again snow o the mountains at Mt Cook




 The hot springs at Lake Tekapo

Foyer of Hotel So

Note the screens that go over the windows..we were lucky as some rooms
have NO windows

The really plush bathroom..and above the headboard of the bed..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 18..our day at he Hermitage Mount Cook

We awoke, disappointed to see it was overcast and still drizzling. We had told the staff we wouldlet them know if we were staying for a second night. I rang up to see the possibility of staying in one of the swanky suites up at the main building, where we were going for breakfast extra $100..including another continentalbreakfast..butit was on like to 11th floor with the best available view. YES we took it.We packed up and headed up for our breaky and a day of fun....
The breakfast was amazing. Cereal,yoghurt, croisants, cheese, ham, fruit, toast, pastries and heapsmore..o my gosh..yum yumyum..  check outthe does have our room flash upon iy. Beautiful

This was my suggestion of a great Mt Cook shot
We went to the Sir Edmond Hillary museum, the planetarium..drank..and more and laste in the afternoon..yhe clouds cleared and we got some great shots of Mount Cook


Our room was 2nd floor from the top

A wonderful shot by my husband

getting dark..but what great colour

We went to dinner..a quickoutside trip tolook at the stars..and then back to the room and watched our view..a great day//
The only downside of the day was when I lost my heart locket from my bracelet..thank God I didn'tloose my bracelet..

Day 17...

 This was the view from our park..but ocean views

We woke up and went down to a scrummy brakfast in the mostamazing breakfast room..the Hotel really was quite spectacular.
We visited the of many we had popped in on..then it was off. We planned to go Twizel..why I am not sure. I knew they had a LOTR tour. En route we came across Maori rock paintngs..the rocks were home to 1,000's of pigeons. So noisy.

You can xee where the birds were living and a little of the paintings..never knew Maoris painted.

We continued onto Twizel..a little disappointed. Nothing there. We organised to go on th LOTR tour..I had to go(pay to go) as their were no oters going. So after a delicious lunch we met our tour guide..well it was pretty amazing.Loved it (from one who has nOT watched the movies) Amazing info re the filming.It was from the 3rd film. They did 33 days of filming 5am-9pm and used about 30 seconds of film. We were able to participate in a little skit and wear the masks and hold the sword..


 Please note As I kiled him my lines were "I'm no man"

One of the few scenes that were not changed in the film,It was shot downlow so the road on the mountain was hidden behind the trees..aomw dude rode his horse over the creek.

So after realising that Twizel was shutting down at 4pm and also realising there was accommodation at aroaki/mt cook..we setoff on a very scenic trip to this place. We arrived quite late..about 6.30 and booked in to a fairly ordinary room at the heritage motel unit,,It did include a breakfast in the dining room..but we would have LOVED to stay in the main hotel complex. We ate in..cheese bickies and wine (AGAIN) abd settled in hoping it would be fine in the morning so wecould actually see Mount Cook

 The amazing colour of the lake is just how it was


Mount Cokhiding the snow

This pair of ducks were quaking outside our unit in the rain when we arrived