Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi ho hi ho its off to Melbourne we go

Hi ho hi ho its off to Melbourne we go...yes tomorrow am early like 6.45 we leave to drive tot he airport and go to Melbourne. There is 8 of us going from RCC Ballina down to this careforce conference. Then Saturday night we are partying hard for aunty Barbs 60th..1st class no doubt!!!!
Hope to grab a bit of shopping time sometime Sunday..but my poor foot is still pretty sore.
Today was interesting. I went to Evans K-12 school as a book and spoke to 4 classes. All lasting 20 mins. It was great and the kids asked the dumbest questions. "whats it like thinking about dying" OK...
Will blog again Monday. Miss me heaps please

Monday, May 26, 2008

my most amazing surprise present

So just when I was feeling way down I get home and Dan and Del have sent me the most amazing present. An actual book with our Port Douglas photos in it.. It is amazing. I had to have a beautiful cry..It is beautiful. So thank you so Much Dan n Del. I love it. It made an ordinary day an extraordinary day

I also thought it time to add another picture of the wonder dog..yes she has more toys than any other dog I know but she loves them

Pictures of AJ's birthday..I think she had a great time..out to dinner then home for cake and dessert. We had fun anyway

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Busy day for a day off work

OK today was a little crazy..I had to be at the radiologists at I did not a lot till then..No I lie I dyed ny hair I mean I just helped my hair regain its natural colour. I then had to return a coat I had bought on a whim and decided it was frivilous..the off to the radiologists. An injection about 20 mins of pictures..then home then back again at 2 for more pictures..scripts from the hospital.By this time I really was hobbling. I was feeling a little down. Melbourne coming up and not excited..o dear..but good news was soon to cheer me up

Saturday, May 24, 2008

a week off work..but not so happy

Why am I not happy that I have a week off work. I Think I am depressed. I have a supposed stress fracture..which I must have got with all my jogging I do..I have a bone scan tomorrow and will know more then. I also have a bone island in my hip which is a benign tumor. O golly gosh !!! We are off to Melbourne on Thursday back Sunday after going to the careforce conference then celebrating aunty Barbs 60th!!!! at the titanic restaurant ..mind u we are going steerage!!! I mean to say Steerage as iF??????
Then the following weekend we are off to Port Macuarie for My great nephew in law Timmys 40th!!! heck when did he get to be so old. I thought he was way younger then me not a mere 11 years SCARY!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

O my gosh more x rays

So today I have had my right foot and left hip x rayed..I know that if they find something it will be gruesome..maybe I should never have had iyt done..better not to know I say!!!!!
Hope GDels aunty is feeling better today

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Council supplied party pole

The other morning we looked out and there were 2 council men digging a hole right near our driveway. I was very impressed that Molly seemed to be taking it al in her stride, just laying around on the lounge licking

herself and glancing around. Suddenly she began barking as if her life depended on it..she had obviously not seen the workers before..

Yes the Ballina council have placed our own party/pole dancing pole right out the front..

Its pretty exciting!!!

I couldn't take the photo during the day so I had to take it at night..I mean my neighbours think I am mad enough

Continuing our day

Clare and AJ and I enjoyed lunch at the Coffee club in Queen st mall..Clare was so good. I feel so blessed to have been able to share the day with her. It was so good. I felt I had missed so much witht he boys getting married. The wedding dresses are something that you don't get to be a part of..the excitement all the fun..the day was fabulous. The last gown clare/we tried on was AMAZING..we all loved it. Clare was thinking of getting it made so we will now wait and see. I would love to give her the earth..I wish I could just say.BUY it!!!

It is now about 10 years since we went bride dress shopping for Kirsty..wo..a long time between bride dresses. I remember going with Kirsty and she too was going to hsave it made.

OO I love weddings and all that stuff.
Hope you enjoy my pictorial day

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bridal dress shopping

This is the 27 dresses that AJ commented to the lady in the shop about when she was checking out bridesmaid outfits...

AJ commented that yes she had that dress ANd that one and also that one and O YES she had THAT one in a LONG version.."27 dresses actually" I laughed so much.

Then there are the 2 comparison shots of AJ before and after. Bride dress shopping was abit of a chore for her.
Clare and I did wonder who the heck would fit into this dress, even the small one from the current BB would struggle.

OK so I have no idea how to arrange pictures. I obviously have not got to that standard on my learning 2.0!!!!!

This is our bride dress shopping day

First stop all fresh and Clare deciding where to go next

So many choices of gowns 0000's actually

The dressing room is what we saw the most of all day. AJ did fancy a turn with the mirrors.

The day was amazing Clare so very gracious and such a joy to shop with...YAY it was great

Bride dress shopping


MAY and birthdays

So its May and the 4 days that have 3 birthdays...

I remember having Clare. I always thought she would be born in April as I went to the doctors in late April and he said I would go anytime..well Drs should be banned from saying such things. Aunty Sue came to stay and we knitted booties..(all of which of mine fell apart, but they were all made with love) Eventually I was put in for an induction..It was a thurs night. Al was working and he bought home chinese I ate threw up ( as i did) and then he took me to hospital. I awoke in the morning and had a show. They started my induction and had my first big pain at 11.30 and then 1 more and Clare quick.Al just made it again!!!! and today she celebrates 28th birthday.Happy birthday you precious girl.

Aj arrived 3 years and 3 days later. She was a really long labor. I remember the day/night I was in labor. We got our new vinyl laid in the dining room..then I watched the Amco cup footy..then went to hospital at 4am they said I wasn omly 2cm dilated wanted to go home ( after Kirstys long time in hospital I didnot want to repeat that,,) but they wouldn't let me..she arrived at 12.20 pm..she was so quiet I didn't want her biorn on the 19th as it was the day my Dad had died but of course that was the day...and so she turns 25 on Monday AARRGGHH. She is uch a joy happy birthday AJI had also had to give poor little Clare a quick party on the Monday as I had not thought I would still be home!!!!

And then my darling little 2nd granddaughter Charli arrived on the 17th...and she turns 6 tomorrow..where do the years go. Blink and she will be turning 21.. Wish I could be with her. I hope little Charlie that you had fun at school today and all your friends loved your patty cakes that your clever Mummy made. They looked so scrummy. I will talk to you tomorrow and I know you will have the betest day ever and then a party next weekend...WOW.So thats a quick MAY birthday reflection.

My Mum Mary May was also born in May on the first..I really miss her sometimes. I guess you never appreciate your parents enough. I only wish I had been given the chance to appreciate Mum more. I had a difficult time with Mum but God gave me great times with her in her last few years..

Saturday, May 10, 2008


What a day to reflect on the amazing gift I have been given in my children. All my babies are adults now and even thou8gh I love them dearly..its really sad not to have my babies back when they were little. I wish I could be wise and explain to people how my children were my life. I never wished they weren't there, I never minded being tied to them for years when I ewas breastfeeding.. They really weree my life, my reason for existing. I was so blessed to be married to the most amazing husband whio=o allowed mwe to stay home with them and not worry about working. I don't think work ever entered my head as a thing to do.. YES my years with my babies were precious. And now all but 1 are married!! Well Clare is certainly on the way. My eldest has her own 3 babies. And my tiny baby my youngest is married and I feel I have lost him as he has his own life..AARRHHH I'm being morbid.

But I think what continues to amaze me is how wonderful my children are ALL of them,.. Such precious gifts. They are all different and all have turned into adults that I love and LIKE and admire. They all have great morals and great standards and all love their Mum (even though dan has already booked me a spot in an old ladies home)

I remember when Kirsty was born so beautiful, so fragile just like a could I have produced such beauty!!!! and today still fragile in many ways but makes me laugh so much and relates so well to how I feel.

I remember when Daniel was born the absolute shock of a boy..we Reid girls did not do boys. I had no expectation and so I just loved this beautiful baby who grew into an amazing child and adult..has a tough exterior but a very soft spot inside esp for his Mummy.

I remember when Clare was born. Gosh a real little angel. So peaceful and such a gentle child. Always had gifts that amaze me. Was so tidy and clean and after her visit today that is still a large part of her nature. Loved to do things, finish things great girl,.

I remember when AJ was born. Such a blessing. another girl another bundle of joy. She came into the world peacefully, but soon became loud and demanding and yet so full of the abundance of love and joy. She is still loud, still demanding but still makes me laugh every day.

AND THEN THERE IS KIM!! Kim was such a shock to our system, but his birth and his life were a turning point in my life. When he was born Al and I were in awe. 5 Perfect children. A little boy a brother for Dan.. our ray of sunshine that was the sunshine in all our lives. He is still the baby. Still adored by his sisters. YEs.. God is good,

That is just a brief account of my children and how much they mean to me.. I love them. WE now have wonderful son in laws (nearly 2) daughter in laws.. (2) Alan and I are blessed.

I am adding a photo of all my delightful children taken recently in Port douglas. Who would think looking at them that they aRE MY REASON FOR LIFE...
In the photo is Kimmy 22 Bethy 22 Me (the maja) AJ 24 Kirsty (hiding away) (over 30) Alan (My lovoely hisband and the Faja) Clarey 27 Adele 30 and Dan 30 Aren't they beautiful

Monday, May 5, 2008

Number 3..

OK I addad some photos. These are of our good friends San and Kev when they came to visit 2 weeks ago. We went for lunch and had heaps of fun catching up.
AJ, Kim and Bethy came too.
Well my little Charli is having a princess party. O my gosh how exciting..I loved the invitations her Mum made. Not sure where my daughter gets her creativity from but hey!!!!must be MOI

Was thrilled to see photos on Kirstys blog of the babies off at the anzac march and also poor Sam freezing last week in the cold. Lucky super Kitty was there to warm him up.

Not sure when I will see my grandbabies again. Its so hard being a real Ginny so far away.. Its so rottten. I am praying and beleiving that they will get a job nearby..

Saturday, May 3, 2008

2nd time

OK so this is number 2.. so pleased to have started thie..just need the timte to keep it up. Love both nKirsty and Adeles reading them and keeping up to date. AJ and I saw Made of Honor today very funny. Life is busy but Al and I have ghad a good night where we haVE MADE SOME GOOD DECISIONS (I THINK)