Sunday, August 31, 2008

I am really Excited!!!!

ok my daughter has just taught me how to link things. She is a legend. I am so excited I want to try it again and again. I can not imagine that I lived without it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My five favs

OK so after my recent Brisbane jaunt...
* I love spending time with my children. Only wish they all could have been there
* I love the telephone and the fact that I can pick it up and talk to anyone the moment thats especially great as Kimmy and Bethy are OS
* I love my new little suitcase that is a cabin bag. It fits so much in..and its so handy
* I love my new tupperware happy chopper. Its the best. No more teary eyes and onions. FANTASTIC
* I love reading COMMENTS on my blog..It has been seriously lacking. It helps to motivate me to keep writing. Unlike Kirsty who gets heaps of readers and comments

Monday, August 25, 2008

The shopping day.

The day was long but o so fun. I was sooo tired by 5.45 pm when we crawled back into the car...I think everything ached..

But we had had fun. The girls knew what they didn't want and roughly what they wanted.

We had great highlights...

***As we came out of the carpark in the city when the man said "thats 36" (after 4 hours parking) Kirsty wanted to say "was that cheap"

** when AJ asked the asian lady what colour blue did a dress come in and and when told AJ turned and told us it came in "cornfrower" Hilarious.

*** And as the lady approached Kirsty and AJ trying to interest them in a sarong/skirt in the myer centre and AJ says "we are SO NOT interested"

It was all good. Poor Clare was unwell but was amazingly calm. We all had a great time

This is Nat dancing her way through 1 shop
She loved the stand I think she is model material
Nat did bring her twin with her

OK so Nat was a real trooper and so I thought it only fit to include extra photos of her

Here is Nat and I at a bride shop, The whole crew on an escalator and Nat waiting for lunch
and so the day continued.. We had lunch at Hungrys "the burgers are better at hungry Jacks, O my gosh it was great. I really don't remember the last hungrys I had, It was GREAT.

This is Nat squished in the back while we went for a drive to underwood...1/2 way to Ballina...but on the way we did discover...

The factory outlet for Darrell Lea. O it was bad but o so good. I spent $6 and got 3 bags licorice, and 3 other bags of cool

and just ANOTHER bride dress shop...

NATTY WAS SHE WAS NOT SURE SHE WOULD GET UP AGAIN. Mind you this was at Carindale in David Jones
AJ trying to hitch a lift home with Nat

Coffee at last..Look how tired we all are

A long day but trust me one we will all remember


This is our "girlie night"

AJ and I arrived at Clarey's front gate, right behind Kirsty n Nat. It was amazing as we had not planned it at all. AJ and I did stop for a caramel slice and a big pink doughnut and coffee.
Then we had to go out for dinner. It was going to be Thai or chinese but hey "sizzler" sounded great. So thats where we went.
Photo 1 and 2 is us excited and waiting to be seated..yes Kirsty had her tracky on. Shwe felt that all she needed was a ciggy and hair rollers and about 9 more kids..she did make me laugh
We all ate heaps..but Clare took Nat outside towards the end as she looked a little green. Could have been the ENORMOUS dish of
ice cream smarties and sprinkles AND choc topping. Maybe!!!
But they danced up a storm outside. Very cute!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joke of the Day..BLONDES DON'T READ

A blonde was asked which is further away, the moon or Perth. her reply "hello you can't see Perth!!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First message from OS

Yes when I was on my way to work this AM got a message saying they had arrived at Kuala Lumpur and having their FREE breakfast. They commented that the airport was beautiful...wonder what they will think of things once they get outside the airport!!!!

Check out the bags

The excited couple

OK so the story goes that Kirsty and I both gave them luggage tags..

Kirstys quite classy and mine just plain Aussie but they managed to use both. How cute. Guess which one is which

Au Revoir to Kimmy and Beth

Ok so they arrived at about 5.15 for Al to take them to Brisbane International airport.. He had arrived home at 5 and has only just now arrived back at 10..not bad up and back to Brisbane
International Airport in 4 and a half hours..

The photos show just a bit of how excited they were..

We will miss them so much. They board at 10.40. Alan is eating his way through the kitchen as I write as he missed out on dinner..

He is a legend

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here are Al's new glasses... Very spunky and "trendy" if I may say so. I love them and he also got real sunnies that he does a great impersonation of Stevie Wonder when he has them on

These are mine. Hot/dark pink at the side with a silk material inside. Not thta you can tell but I like to tell people so they will know how classy I am
I think they are quite cute
OK so this gives you a great shot of mine. Lime green inside.O Yeah


OK so this is THE wall that AJ and Bethy did while we were away.
How cool is it..
Its even way cooler now cause I have now got a hall table.. and its way COOL too

Friday, August 15, 2008


My 5 Favs this week would have to be

* Friday night dinner f&c at Fishy fishy especially with Kimmy and Bethy
* I agree with Del my dishwasher
*The beautiful warm days in winter after a 0 degree morning
*Seeing my husband more relaxed since he started his new job
*Kahula...its my new favourite.

So only 4 sleeps till Kim and Beth go overseas. I can't get my head around the fact they will be gone for 2 months. Very sad but we are so excited for them. Should I remind them that gifts is my love language....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

OK time to update

I know I have been slack but it really has been a hideous week.
Well when I say hiddeous I just mean not enough hours to do stuff and too many things swamping me.
I developed the dreaded COUGH that when I get I can not get rid of and Al started his new job.

Gosh last Monday I must have used so much energy worrying about him and thinking of him. So the rest of the week I was just thinking of him every day. Meanwhile my cough gradually changed and got more chesty and more deadly as the week went by.

By Saturday I had a definite case of sinus. YUK. My nights have just been cough cough cough!!!!
I actually had a severe coughing fit in story time the other day and then lost my voice. Now that was embarresing.

Any how a new week and new things happening. Alan started doing a course monday evenings called man to man and we both start facillitsating a course called making marriage better on Wednesday so i am guessing we will be a little busy.

Alans new place of work is providing heaps of social interaction with the local crew and he seems to love it. I am still finding it hard to get my head around the fact he isn't at the library any more. Mind you I am a little concerned as Al has always had the tendency to be a bower bird and bring home all the cool stuff he sees. WOW he is now in bowere bird heaven!!!

We caught up with some friends 2 weeks ago from Canberra and it was so good to see them. They have been involved in the WYD and were a bit worn out. But great to see some enthusiasim in the catholic church.

Hope it hasn't been too cold in Canberra today Danny but if it has I hope it went the full hog and you did snow board right down the driveway.

I have a new fan who is commenting on my blog "bad girl" and so I have had to actually put some filter on my comments section..from one bad girl to another..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My five favs

OK it may be the weekend but I am here..
Lets go..
1...Whale watching at hervey bay
2...snorkelling on the great barrier reef
3...Holidays and not working
4...seeing my husband happy. He is soo good to me its great to see him relaxed!!!
5..My new clean oven..I can see in the door now very exciting
OK a lot of them may be repeats but they just rolled off my fingers..COOL

Saturday, August 2, 2008


OK this is my own nice is it???
I feel I have excelled. Alan and I put this little piece together all by ourselves at beachside bargain. We had a great time and I think it came out quite good hey???

Its in black and creams and a bit of brown..very nice if I amy say so

Mollys 2nd Birthday

Bringing out the dreaded cake
Checking it out
cringing in fear
I'll just ignore that!!!
Watching as AJ
ries to entice her to eat it by eating it herself

OK Molly turned 2 through last week and as anyone in this family knows it really isn't a birthday without cake.

Molly got as a present her favourite toy (this is her 3rd one!!!) AND a patty cake.

Unfortunatly AJ bought it out with a candle on it and after that Molly wanted nothing to
do with the cake..but with a little encouragement she came back

Friday, August 1, 2008

The new spirit of Hervey Bay Boat

Al on the top deck. fantastic view
All the snazzy gear on board the spirit of Hervey Bay
Al with the Mantra at Hervey Bay in the background. Our unit was top floor 1 to the left of Als head

OK so whilst in Hervey Bay back when the weather was terrible, we went on the brand new you beaut boat the spirit of Hervey Bay. What a boat. 5 Levels of viewing room. Large LCD screens that show you whats happening outside..and under the boat. An amazing commentary.

I thought I would put some pictures on to show you this boat and some of the gear.. It was great and can't wait to go back again for a return visit..More pics of the Spirit of Hervey bay..
You may have guessed we were stoked to be the first trip out on this boat