Monday, May 31, 2010

Media tart "the Northern Miner" Charters Towers..and happy Birthday sister Barb

OK so today I featured in the local paper "the Northern Miner"..yep is me and my new neighbour who is also new to town (from Noosa) Apologies for quality..but t was in the paper.

Also the excelsior library National Simultaneous Storytime featured. Alan's photo..very good

Love the fact I am NOT in it. So pretty much the Tysons dominated the local rag..considering the size of it.

Also today its happy birthday to sister Barbara. The first of June has always heralded sister Barbara's birthday.I thought it was way cool that her birthday meant the first day of cool. Barb has been very encouraging since our move and actualy reads my blog. So happy birthday Barb..

This is at Clareys birthday just recently..
This is an old family photo..1 Christmas in Goonellabah..guessing 1971. Barb nursing Rebecca..the idoised first baby in the family

 Love BIG sisters in their children of Mary coats

Finally Barb with her P's..we were so proud of her.Me and friend Vicki in background.

 Poor Barb, until the age of about 3-4 I thought she was a boy. I think it was because she always had all the cool toys. Cars, cowboys and Indians, plastic knife, comics (that we were NEVER allowed to touch) and she wore shorts heaps..I remember when I was sick she and Sue would bring me little gifts (see no wonder my love language is gifts) I remember when she went through the stage of photographing dead trees. and me driving around with her.and her love of exploring caves. I remember her taking me on one of those trips too.

How proud she was of her simca, when she got it. I think she got it from Uncle Frank in Lismore. how she and another girl rode all the way into Tamworth..about 45 kilometers..How she was the one who would tell dad stuff that none of us were game enough to.How she used to go small bore rifle shooting. How she always had a sense of adventure and always seemed to do stuff that I only ever dreamed of doing. Her love of the phantom, Elvis, and Emma Peel. She actually got an Emma Peel doll..O my gosh it was awesome..complete with gun

How she was the one that went to PNG (papua new guinea) to Mt Hagen..and even then sent gifts to me. She was soo brave.

So many memories. Thanks are a great sister, sorry I don't see enough of you and when we do spend time together we just don't seem to Id love it if you made the sojourn north to visit with us and then we would have to spend time talking.
 So happy birthday to a sister who I have always been proud of and one who has always cared about me. May you have many more


Kirsty said...

I love how you are described as 'Alan Tyson's other half' LOL Soooo politically incorrect! Great pic though :)
Happy birthday Aunty Barb :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary for those great words, I think we have been closer this year then ever. God bless you and take care of you now and for always.