Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where is everyone

Just wondering if anyone is reading my comments on my holiday blogs?????

Monday, July 28, 2008

The day after

The morning after...Nat was funny the night before I watched as she managed all by herself to squish all theses balloons into the back seat of our car and then squash herself in and shut the door. Good on you Natty
Nat and Buddy redy to open presents with Charlie very excited in the background
Charlie helping Clare to open gifts... I think Shane was crawling out of bed about now
Sammy looking awfully cute in his post party hat
AJ and Clare hamming it up

Clare and Shanes Party

Nat looked very funky in her hat and coat
The highlight for me was having Vicki, John AND Mrs Hardcastle there
Having Heaps of fun
Some of the kitchen crew
OK finally an all in picture but not so good shot really

The engagement party was a hoot.. The hall great a bit fresh with the weather but hey who really cares. We shopped till we dropped on Saturday. Had a great time. We bought way too much food for the big night.

It was great to meet Clare and Shanes friends and Shanes family. All my children deserve a medal for the work they put in. All my children including the in law ones, I love you all..

My shots of the night are a little miserable really. None of the couple and none of Mick, and many others but hey it was a great night. I will upload more pictures shortly

What a Latte

Thought I needed to add some more pictures.. This is my arty shot of my amazing latte from Agnes Water. I have always called it Agnes Waters with a plural but apparently very wrong!!!!


These are just some snaps from our whale watching morning. It really was amazing. I've seen heaps of whales from the shores of Ballina but to see them and actually hear them and watch them play was awesome.
Apparently they are distinguished by their tales. Each one is individual like our fingerprints..

This is a footprint!! Caused by a whale flicking its tail under water without breaking the surface
This one did a huge splash. very impressive

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The story of a blue balloon

At Clares pre party organisation Michael let a helium balloon go up in the air. Nat was quite upset about it...

but when at Hervey Bay out on a Jetty I saw it. Yes nat it had landed in the ocean and was floating past when I first saw it.

As I watched it slowly bobbed across to the beach where it lay until I rescued it. It has since gone down but what an amazing thing to happen.

From Brisbane to Hervey Bay. Maybe it was trying to come home to you in Mundubbera

Friday, July 25, 2008

Today was whale watching

Yesterday afternoon we decided we would go on the dinner cruise to Fraser Island. We left at 4pm and returned about 9pm. I never imagined we would go to Fraser Island. So peaceful and beautiful. Loved looking around. We had a great dinner. I ate heaps of prawns had some crab and also tried bugs (which were tasteless ands according to experts they were not as normal so was told to try them again) and I even had oysters kilpatrick well just 1 (cooked and with bacon I wouldn't eat them raw) I was doing great until the desert..what do you have 1 of 3 cheesecakes pav, choc gateau etc plus 12 flavours of icecream scoop yourself!!!!!! O MY GOSH

Today was whale watching went on the brand new boat spirit of hervey bay. Great boat. Very big. We were told it is very early in the season..which is funny as we have been seeing whales in Ballina for over 2 months but they come here on their way back. But we speeded out about 50 mins right near Fraser Island and saw whales so exciting... we loved it and now it is on my list of things to do again. Late Aug early Sept is the best time. " I'll be back"

We are off home tomorrow we have had a up and down week but all in all its been fun and we have enjpoyed ourselves

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello from Hervet Bay....

Ok so the story of 1770..Agnes Water goes like this. We arrived late on Sunday night , about 7pm we booked in to our very flash modern had no curtains..very modern 1 lounge chair for 2 and an outdoor setting, OUTSIDE!!! AND freezing cold tiles on the floor. The shower was great and modern too. No shower screen so the first shower Al had,,,well lets just say it was a leaky shower..VERY leaky shower.

OK so Monday it was quite overcast but we managed to visit everywhere ..there is no shops. Ypu can not buy a pair of shoes ( I came with no joggers) or a jumper. We saw everything except the museum which isn't open Mon and Tues.. No sunset over the water as it was raining by then.

Monday night another night sitting on the very uncomfortablre but modern lounge getting VERY cold.
Did I mention we had a plunge pool. Yes well we did not hop in. A bit chilly..
Tuesday we went to the tavern for lunch back to 1770, called into the parks n wildlife (yes they knew Michael) wenr for a few walks..before it started to rain. We were told to expect 150 mls of rain over the next 3 days, We were si cold we checked out the Mantra at Agnes were going to move in ther on Wed but we decided to pack up and go to Hervey bay where we may at least be able to go whale watching.

So now ts cyclonic but there are shops to visit, restaurants, we have reverse cycle air con and a spa and a view of the harbour..nearly Heaven.
Will post photos when i get back.
Loved the weekend with ALL my family.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

so long ......and thanks for all the fish

Yes today was Alans last day and so we celebrated with Moet. Oh my gosh how amazing. In 51 years I have never tried a bnottle. It was divine. It tasted GREAT!!!

Not too dry and not too sweet. Perfect in fact and the decision was we could go another..

Al is now officially unemployed..for the moment. I am so happy for him. Go Alan go!!!!
So we head into the future full of anticipation. Looking forward to seeing ALL our children on Saturday night AND my amazing grandchildren

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

well hello to you all

I am guessing this may be my last blog for a few weeks... just 2 and a half days and we are Brisbane and then Agnes Waters..very exciting. Dan n Del arrive Friday afternoon at about 4 and so then we are off to Brisbane and partay with Clarey and Shane and then sunday Al and I are driving to Agnes waters..
Alan finishes at Byron library he has an rdo on friday..good on him he then has 2 weeks off and he will be ready to start his new job..
so will blog again when I can

Another blog featuring Molly

Ok so today Molly got very fashion conscious and decided she needed a new handbag. Now she just keeps her bare necessities in there..a bone, lippy, a tissue to chew..but when AJ took her for a walk she allowed AJ to hold the bag for funny.
So AJ is heading
off to the shops with Molly

Monday, July 14, 2008

This is for Sammy

OK Sam this weekend I wore our necklace everywhere. I had paople tell me all day every day how beautiful my necklace was. Well today I was in City beach ( a pretty groovy store for you little guy from Mundubbera) and the lady spied my necklace and said she loved it..where did I get it. I told her my grandson made it for me..She was amazed and said you should make them for the markets to sell. Now I figure if you could run about 100 up a week we sell them for $10 a go we have $1000 a week. Now we will have to take expenses out but we should easy clear 600 a week !! Sound good!!!!! Thanks Again Sammy I do love it.

Ok and I have the platter in hand, It will be ready for you OK. So excioted about seeing you Ginny

Thursday, July 10, 2008

whoops its been so long

I've had a busy week and so I have neglected my blog. My poor grandchildren will be missing me and not to mention I will have Danny nagging me...

Kirsty I was devastated to read about Jackis daughter. Our prayers are with them all. What a horrific thing to happen to anyone

This week has been surreal as Alan has put his resignation in and then to see it come over the library mail and then see it being advertised I am guessing we are not sure about anything but I know that Alan needs to be happy and he sure as heck wasn't happy at Byron Library

My 5 favs for this ,week would have to be..
1 planning for a holiday. We are hoping to have a week away after Clares engagement party (and no not to Canberra. We want top be warm)
2 being alone at home as AJ is away
3. My winter pjs so warm and comfy
4 also naturally my reverse cycle airconditioniong so toasty and warm
5 going out for dinner which Al and I did this week great fun

So to my beautiful grandchildren just 1 week and 1 day till I see you. That is so exciting. We will have fun at Clares Party. What party food would you like Ginny to buy as a special platter for the 3 of you. If you tell Ginny I will have a platter JUST for you to enjoy...
I love you all

Monday, July 7, 2008

For a sick Natty


was very sad to get up and hear you were not well AGAIN!!!!

Gosh that is very bad. What terrible holidays. It is so sad that it is even raining here cause the sky must be sad too. here is some jokes for you to make you smile

Q: If there were ten cats in a boat and one jumped out, how many would be left?A: None were left! All the rest were copy cats!

Q: How do you stop fish from smelling?A: Cut their noses off.

Q: What key won’t open any door ? A turkey!

Where do snowmen go to dance?A snowball

Hope you liked these. I love you

Ginny (sorry couldn't help putting a bit of pink in ha ha ha ha)

hello again to Natty, Charlie and Sammy

Yes no photos to put on today ..o wait I am sure I can find one somewhere. Whoops not sure what is being downloaded.

Hope your holiday is going well. Ginny is happy as

it has stopped raining..o look its a picture of the house before we had a roof on the courtyard and another one of Ginny and Poppy which was taken a while ago.

I love you all and hope you are having good fun. Love you lots

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just for Natty

Ok Nat this is a blog just for you. I am pleased you liked your parcel. I only wish I could be with you to help you have fun with it. I hope to see you at Clares engagement party. That will be so exciting won't it.
I was sad to hear that you have all been sick. Hopefully this week you will all be good.
Ginny tries very hartd to do my blog but I will try evem harder this week as is is the holidays. OK
I hear you and Mummy went shopping on line and you bought some clothes. That is pretty exciting stuff.
Love you heaps
Ginny..I made this all blue as Mummy tells me its your new favourite colour

The wedding blog

Amalie with her Mum

I am attaching quite a few photos from the wedding yesterday. AJ was a stunning bridesmaid..thought you would like to see pictures of the event..a very long aisle..down the hill etc.

Notice the photo of Bethy with 2 glasses of red wine. She is a shifty one.

This photo Dan is of the grooms uncle who was a wookie in the original star wars movie..very tall

Kim looking as only Kim can. Note the ginger moustache just like Als always was when he grew somrthing??? on his face

Friday, July 4, 2008


Well its time for five favourite favs AGAIN

I must have no life as i really struggle to find more favs...OK
1.Watching whales it and yes its whale season again
2.Reading comments from my grandchildren on my blog..It gives me a warm fuzzy.
3. Fridays..need I say more
4. Reading a great relaxing
5. Watching Molly play with her toys and waiting for you to take her for a walk and seeing her understand the words "outside" "new toy" "hungry" "walk" "car" "wee" I think these are possibly Mollys 5 favs Oh and her favouritist thing is sitting on Als lap at night.

Thats it for this week. Getting a bit poor really I think I will have to go to monthlies...the mind boggles