Friday, September 26, 2008

What the heck happened!! DANNY HELP

Now something really weird is happening..I have bats in the belfrey at least on my computer... I can not find my 5 favs I did last night and yet Deena and Kirsty have commented!!!! Weird, I am doing this entry to see if I can see this.. Danny HELP!!

5 friday favs

* I LOVE Fridays..well actually I love Thursdays because that means its nearly Friday..LOVE IT!!!! Number 1 this week is Fridays.

* I love meeting Alan in town for coffee, wine, lunch, a walk or whatever. I love spending time with my amazing husband. He is so precious. Drives me insane at times but I love him heaps.

* Walking on the beach. I love that so much. Lucky I live so close to the beach. Unfortunately I don't do it nearly often enough. The smells, the water, the sand the freshness I Love it.

* I love the view I get every morning near my house when I drive over the hill..I see the water when its grey and miserable, when its blue, when its sparkling, when its rough and angry, when its windswept and huge, and when there are whales and dolphins. I love seeing the boats and the surfers yes I love it. I remember when we went to live in Canberra and everyone said "you'll miss the beach" and I'm like I so won't and o my gos I so did. I used to squint as I walked around lake Burly Griffin and pretend it was the ocean.

* I love soft tissues. The large soft ones. So gentle on my nose. ow I know that was a bit random but its so true.My nose has been a little snuffly and they are great. Instead of using 2 or 3 tissues a go I only need one. O YEAH!!!
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is a picture of me and my boyfriend

Well even though we have been married 33 years I still see him as my friend, boyfriend and all. My heart still jumps when I see him..O yeah baby

i saw this and wanted to share it

This is where I have been going wrong weighing myself

Friday, September 19, 2008

My 5 Favs.... on saturday

OK so I am a little late but it was on my mind all day I reckon that counts!!!!
1... Washing Molly (our little dog).. Well actually I don't relly love washing her but I love when I have finished aND SHE GOES JUST A BIT PSYCHO!! She smells lovely and clean for a brief period. I do blow dry her and she is slowly getting used to it. Not sure if she will ever love it but I love when she is happy AND clean,
2... Buying a present for my Sammy, number 1 grandson and finding out it would have made it to his 5 favs IF he was dedicated enough to do them!!
3..Ne mown grass. I love the smell. It can take me back to long hot summer evenings when I was little and dad would mow the lawn and we would go out the back and rake in our little girl PJ's like Clare had (well I think all the girls had) when she did santa Claus is coming to town.
4..Thunderstorms at night when I am in bed. I am very frightened of Bad storms and living on the coast we get a fair few but I love thunder and lightening at night time. I could lay in bed forever listening.
5.. Going to the movies. Alan and I went this morning to see Mumma Mia nd it was good fun. Easy to watch and just enjoyed it. Very relaxing.
Ok so I jhave a bit of variety this week no thread to link...a bit f randomness. A LOT like my brain

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

5 favs

Kim in his element. He loves the slippers from these motels. MMind you I don't think Dan would get his foot in them

Ok its that time of the week again..

* I love coffee...I am addicted. I especially love coffee from the coffee club. It rates as my number 1!!!!

*2 I love my mobile phone. What I did before I had one I donot know. I can keep in touch so easily. I think I have had a mobile for about 12 years now...seems like forever. It means there were a lot of years missing when I was without one.

* 3 Ok so now I am on a theme. A dishwasher. I have only had one for about 5 years..Arg how did I cope before that. Its agreat storage facility to quickly clean up, and I have now discovered that I can also put everything in even all my pots. I just do 2 loads..der!! why did I not do that before.

* 4 My microwave. O yes baby. My friend. We got one forever ago. We got Al's Mum and Dads old one when they eft Sydney so it must have been the late 80's... mean I remember when (o my gosh I sound ancient) I cooked mash potatoes in a saucepan and ket dinners warm on a saucepan of boiling water. OK shoot me mnow I am way too old.

* The internet. What did we do without that. Today I woke up to about 48 photos from Kim n Beth in Europe.of Switzerland and the Mona Lisa ( I don't think they are supposed to take phtos in there) I can look at my childrens Blogs and talk to them when online ( I did briefly with Danny last night) Its great!!!

Have attached some photos of Kimmy and Beths photos but they are all on Bethys face book

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its going to be Friday AGAIN!!!!

O my gosh where do the weeks go!!
I am very excited as I have tomorrow off and o so for the next few weeks. My foot is in a stupid ugly "retard" boot and I am having x rays and scans tomorrow..It has a fracture (they think) and thus the ugly shoe.I am supposed to be off it for 6 weeks or as much as I can..trouble is it feels so much better with the ugly shoe thongy on I don't want to rest.
We had a great chat with Kimmy last night which was their weds morning. They LOVE Switzerland..I miss them heaps but am thrilled they are having such a cool time. Kim loves driving n the wrong side of the road and the fact that the speed limit in Switzerland is 130 k's and hour.. How funny.
I will be back with my 5 favs tomorrow..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kim n Beths Pool area

Thought I would show all the family how the new resort style holiday destination is progressing. Mighty fine I believe.. Check it out. How cool is it. Looks fantastic. Book your holidays well in advance. They have even organised a park down the bottom of their street about a 5 house walk. so cool. The far corner is a spa area and the high cement thing is a waterfall. It is 6foot plus feet deep. No shallow end...

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Five kids

Ok Now I know in reality I have almost 9 children..but 4 of those I have not known since birth. So this is my week to give the honor to my beautiful Children

1. This is oldest duckling. Kirsty Louise. She was born when I was way to young to know much about mothering, but with Gods grace she has turned out to be an amazing woman. She was way the prettiest baby I ever bore and was so pretty I remember thinking she was like a little doll. She is talented vibrant and alive. Always ready to make others laugh, when sometimes I know that inside her own heart is so very sad. She and Her beautiful husband have produced 3 great kids, who are such a joy. My greatest dream and desire is thta they will come and live near us, so we can see so much more of them. I also know that God knows and answers the desires of our heart

2. Number 2 duckling is Danny boy. From the time he was born he was a joy. He was chubby and had the thickest black hair ever. Was really placid and always was and still is just so generous. He holds me in his arms and I feel so safe and so loved. he cares so much for all his family. Always ready to defend anyone he loves. He is so clever with computers and his patience with me and computers is far above and beyond the call of duty. The way he has made his way up the ladder all by himself shows us what he is made of. He is a wonderful husband to the beautiful Adele.

3. Number 3 and middle duckling as she has always called herself, is Clare. We on the other hand have never thought of her in that way. She has always been Clare bear. The girl dancer turned lawyer. What a beauty. She danced her way through about 12 years and 30 plus pairs of ballet shoes and today is a woman I am proud of. As a baby she would have to rate as the most contented ever!! In fact she was so contented she was loosing weight. Too good!! She as a young child was very organised and had a ferocious appetite once she decided to actually eat, at about 18 months of age. Never one to hold back when she wanted to let people know how she feels I remember her loudly declaring in Canberra "how disgusting" the chook poo was that neighbours had put on their lawns. Yes Clare is a go getter.. like all my children. Also has been known as "the gooseberry" and she will tell you its no holiday for us unless the gooseberry is along!

Marrying the love of her life in March she is now doing tupperware to help fund the big day.

Number 4 duckling and supposedly last was AJ. She came into the world long and slowly and amazingly quietly. She made up for it since. She likes attention. Has never suffered from holding back. She was a cute baby/girl and was a real darling butter would not melt in her mouth but o my gosh 24/7 high needs.. This has not changed but she is loved and adored by all..mostly. She can and does throw everyone into a spin every now and then but is a blessing. I know that our house would be o so quiet without her!!!!!! I mean she won't let me out the door unless I pass some sort of muster. Thanks AJ!!

Number 5 and yes last duckling is Kimmy. Our surprise baby who has won his way into all our hearts. He was a cute baby, a baby that was so loved by all. He had his health problems but he gurgled his way through and loved and was loved by all his sisters and brother. He has grown to be a fine young man and is now married to a woman we all love. He has been naughty, does terrible things BUT has always made us laugh. Spoilt??/ Maybe just a little. But speaking as child number 5 myself I always made sure there were photos of Kim as I had none. Now travelling OS with his beloved you go Kimmy.

God had a purpose for each of my children. Each of my children has been given to us to hold in our hands a time and our hearts forever. No matter wher you guys are you are still my babies. I look at you and can see you as the newborn, the toddler, the school boy/girl the high school student. I am so very proud of each of you and feel so privileged to have been given 5 such special gifts. I wish each one of you could accept how amazing you are and how Dad and I perceive each one of you. I love you