Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What am I reduced too???

Ok so I have just recorded a video to put on you tube for my darling grand children..Hope it loads. So i decided to video and after watching it decided that really my top was way  too short and you could see my fat tummy and my trackie pants were dragging on the floor. Ok go get changed. Put higher shoes on and a longer top and give it another whirl. Now I did have trackie pants on (which i didn't change) so the end product is..I still look daggy..LOL Why didn't i change everything..dear o dear..

Anyway the day before yesterday i was stoked to be asked to join a weekly thing (wednesday wickedness) Daughter Kirsty does one all the I did that and actually had 5 people comment..I was blown away. Made my week really. So I decided maybe a blog is the way people in isolation cope. maybe I dont ever have to leave my house.. (come summer that could be good) I can shop online..I can talk online, i can play online, and so much more.

Just thought I would mention my very good friend Luke Vassella has released hisnew double album. Luke takes his 2 girls to story time at lismore Library and is a very talented local singer/song writer. This is a picture with one of his girls..i think it may be Rosie..when she was little..

I believe he will go far. He actually helped me record a cd for baby bounce and HIS recording studio. He has a very mellow easy listening voice..He did come and help at Christmas time with some Carols..go Luke. Check out his website.

I am so privileged to call luke a friend..

Ok so the last few days I have been unwell..Took theplunge and went to the drs the other scary for me..A nice Indian Doctor..He was lovely but it took so long to get all my medication down that it cost me an arm and a leg..and really I was always bulk billed in ballina..lucky me. He thinks its all stress related..could have been when i told him  that "i only noticed it when i got here..i was busy b4 that. My husband left 3 weeks ahead of me and I had to pack up the house, had 2 garage sales, organise the van, keep working and then drive up" Honestly stress..Women do that sort of thing all the time..

 So really the last few days have been quite boring..thus I have made a video for youtube (in my trackies no less)  If itever uploads it is called Ginny in charters towers..yikes now everyone will see it..and my daggy trackies.

Well ok had trouble uploading it on to youtube..which it is now..but what the heck..its here for all to share now..enjoy

.Hang in there guys i've got a great weekend planned should make for good reading..I'm certain of it


Kirsty said...

Thanks Ginny! We all like your movies. We want to come up to Charlie's Trousers to play with your toys. Mum and dad are mean though and won't bring us. Sam would whinge if we made him ride his bike that far. Daisy would get sore feet too.
We love you ginny and poppy.

Beth said...

You're adorable! I enjoyed your little movies and I'm sure your grand babies love them!