Thursday, April 30, 2009

another week and another 5 favs

Yes its come around ever so quickly. My life just seems to be flying past. I can not beleive that we have been here in Ballina for 10 years in June!!!! WOW seems like just yesterday we were in canberra and trying ever so hard to get out of the place..
Now my 5 favs this week...

1..Going out with my husband. We went out last Friday night to the rsl club, had dinner, played the pokies, badly then watched and listened to one of my dads from storytime singing. He was good and the night excellent. Good times.

2. Then Sunday morning a beautiful sunny morning we went out for breakfast. It was divine. We both had 2 coffees, overlooking Lennox Head beach and simply basked in the morning. It was fun. Loved it. We both had delicious breakfasts and just relished the time together.

3 This week the sun would have to rate. Blue skies O yes. They are gone again today but after 66 days of rain it was so nice to have the sun.

4 This really goes hand in hand with the above one. The weather in Autumn in Ballina. Awesome (when its fine) beautiful warm days around 24-25 degrees and lovely and cool at night. maybe 10-14 degrees. Can snuggle under with a blankie. O its wonderful. Not stinking hot, not oppresive just amazing. Love it.

5. Having AJ home. It was great to have her away for a while but it is great to have her home. she makes me smile and cares about her Mum. Its really great to have her back

So thats it for me this week. What made you smile, What bought a moment of joy to your life this past 7 days..give it a go. Its great for the soul

Friday, April 24, 2009

my 5 favs

ok quick and sweet and short

1. as much as I love AJ its been so nice just to be Al and e this week. We have had take out, toast, soup etc for dinner and its just been great. Still love ya AJ and I notice you also made it onto Kirstys 5 favs for a different reason..LOL

2. Spas now it is getting colder. O man its like getting into a really warm bath. ITs wonderful. Mind you a bit fresh getting out but great in.

3. Following on from Dels fav is Molly and her welcomes..they are to die for. The other night when I got home she was so happy to see me, but I was busy talkng to Al so she just jumped up onto the dining chair and then onto the table and put her head in my hands..very cute.

4. Fridays. I just love them ..soooo much

5. Coffee. This week Al and I have played tag making plunger coffee in the morning and taking it to work in thermos cups. So good and what a way to start the day...

Ok thats me for this week. 2 blogs in less then 4 hours..some miricle!!!!

The K Rudd memorial Tyson house..

Ok I am guessing by now you are very jealous and thinking how lucky are we!!!

But no we have not yet received our stimulus money we have simply pre empted the Krudd money and put it on our credit card...he better come through...

Al got himself a twinny same camera as Kirsty.. He is so excited. He also has a really "nice" nikon camera bag. He is like a boy in a toy shop filled with lollies. I am so happy for him. Its not often he will actually buy something for himself.

But finally today he took the plunge and did it. The ammount of research that went into this is amazing. Hours and hours pouring over the internet, a few tense moments on e-bay...o the fun of it all..but he has done it and thank you Kevin... a great gift.

Of course mine is the already well publicised WI and WI fit..yes I am pictured here in my new outfit for the WI I was very concerned that if I did actually have a "WINJURY" that I sjould be appropriatley dressed for the ambos or whoever came.

It was all thanks To Danny and Del that I got thiss and I love it..After taking it to Straddie it was my dream to own one...I now have a nintendo ds lite, a playstation 2 plus heaps of games and now a I sound a little over the top in the games dept?? maybe but I am in my element. I have a console for travelling a console for my very excellent buzz games and now a console to help me get fit...

Thank you Mr Rudd...and a happy new year to you too..shame your income is over the qualifying limit...

Friday, April 17, 2009


As you can see underneath is where you answer and make calls
see how cute it is complete with bow

so very cute

OK so here is my mouse phone that Alan bought me home. It is like CRAZY!! Honestly who thinks up these ideas...So this phone is very cute and quite an interesting item a accessory. One simply must have this item if one is to be anyone..

Mind you after the last 16 days without a phone I imagine telstra would really frown on such frivolity

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and us and Rosies new cage

So our friend Clairabelle went to Canberra over easter ( I was going to go but couldn't get Thursday off) and she dropped her recumbent bike in for AJ to use while she was away. She is so kind. This I might add is the bike she is riding accross Australia next year to raise money for beyond bue and I am going as her support vehicle driver. O yes good a few quick trips around the block by AJ, Kim and Al ..I refused as I thought it may break. Kim told me I wasn't allowed to blog his picture and I really did consider not using his picture but then i thought Nah..

So AJ and Al and I have spent our fair share of time on the net..AJ and Friends on the Wii yesterday and I as well. I must say I am so not improoving. I went from a wii fit age of 35 yesterday to 54 today. Must be a bad day today or was it an exceptional day today!!!

Al and I are off to the movies to see the pink panther. Should be good

I have blogged Rosies new cage. she is loving it I beleive. Mind you sweet princess is feeling a little out of sorts..O well that happens

Really how cool is her new cage. Its a REAL bird cage


Happy easter to all

Yes it is that time of year when we just thank God for so much..for God sending Jesus to save us, for public holidays and for chocolate...
Yep all those things I am so thankful for. jeff (our pastor) did a great preach today about discouragement and how we often look to the negatives and don't see the big picture. he used the scripture re the apostles walking to Emaeus and did not recognise Jesus in their midst as they were so focussed on the tragedy of Good Friday. I realised that is so relevant to much of society today..
I have also been way grateful for the long weekend and days off and the chocolate hit has been awesome..
Hope every one is having a HOPPY EASTER and an EGGCELLENT day!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Friday faves

OK so I am squeezing them in with 35 mins to spare. You may ask what the heck are you doing up soo late.. well as it was a public holiday today I did sueeze in a nap. O YES!!!
OK so to my 5 favs

1.. This week my number 1-5 could well be my brand new kevin rudd memorisl WII and WII FIT.. Well as ol Kev hasn't come through yet its really the Marys Mastercard WII and WII fit..but for future reference it will be hence forth known as Big Kevs..I have loved it. I spent 25 mins on it today and has been already the cause for much fun, laughter and family entertainment. Its the best thing ever.. at the moment.

2..Definitly 5 day long weekends. O Yes I ould hardly wait this week. I was stoked and today has been excellent.

3..Family time.. today we had Kimmy over for a few hours. So much fun and laughs. It was great. Relaxing etc. I did nearly throw the tennis WII racket through my large screen tv which would not have been pretty..

4.. My husband going out with the Boys..well Over to Kimmys and some guys from the church to have a boys footy night. Beer, pizza and footy. Love to see him relaxing.

5..Blue skies..well clear cool nights. We have had so much rain (and last week it was one of my fas..) but you do really get over it and tonight is a clear beautiful night..

Anyways thats it for this week. Will try and blog through the week..My lack of contact with the outside worrld is frustrating but on the other hand quite nice..

'To all have a great Easter and enjoy yourselves..I have had 3 hot x buns and feel like a pig..but the mocha from Bakers delight is to die for..YUM

Friday, April 3, 2009

5 favs

WOW another day/ week to be happy about and to narrow it down to just 5,...gee tough call. My life has been so full of goodness that I am really not sure where to begin..
1..wet weather. Now I know that is strange but I love the wet weather. It sort of gives me poetic licence to be "lazy" you know even Molly suffers in the rain as its too wet and miserable to take her for her usual walk/meander that she gets each afternoon. I might add here though, that on occasion over the past week Molly has taken this task upon herself on several occasions and has had an awesome time. Mind you she has come home a little the worse for wear ..and have I been cross??? Heck yes!!!

2. New puppies. With the arrival of Ellie into the family it makes me remember the joy each time we have had a new puppy and how much fun they bring into your life. (mind you also stress levels, lack of sleep etc etc) but they really are such a joy. So congrats to the Tyson family of Queanbeyan on the arrival of Ellie and may you catch up with your sleep some time..good luck Danny trying to sleep during the day....

3. sleep. I know i know this rates all the time but one night through the week I had a dreadful night. The wind was fierce. It was a bit like the night that Kim wrote about on twitter..'was there a cyclone warning out that we hadn't heard about'. Gosh it was so strong and I just couldn't sleep...BUT the next night. O BABY 10 hours was priceless..

4. A clean house/tidy house. Ok so tidy more then clean..AJ has some famous ( well a local singer) coming here this arvo and as she rushed out the door this morning it was to " you will clean up" so OK it is now quite nice and tidy ( but please don't look too far)

5. Fridays. Yes I know its Saturday but I was so excited out it being Friday, that I nearly didn't go to work yesterday. I thought I would just have it off as I love Fridays so much. You know I have a plethora of leave (NOT) Yes the morning was already not that good, but it got way wose when I got half way to Alstonville (well nearly to the top of the cutting....and the realisation hit me..." no tablets taken this morning" Rats!! a quick phone call AJ still at home and so back to Ballina high. I then arrived at work half an hour late. See I really was meant to have the day off....

Thats it for this week..So what makes you happy? What this week has bought a smile to your face or peace at least in your soul?? tell me about it I really would love to hear from you.
I could add here that I so know what my next weeks will be..EASTER...5 days off heck will that rate? O I think so