Monday, March 30, 2009

The night Kimmy needed help with his car

Thought I may as well upload the pictures AJ took the other night. We had Kim and Beth over for dinner. kim's car had been out the front for 2 days (left after a drinking binge..well no not really but sounds good) so after duinner beth gets in the car and leaves and then Kim hops in his car and...nothing. No battery. So we push started it. Well tried to. We pushed it down the street and back

and whilst pushing we were aware that there were bright lights. Lightning I thought??? O No it was AJ running along behind taking pictures, Never miss an opportunity is her motio. Thought it was worth blogging the event. Not very good pictures but you do get the drift..

By the way. Jumper leads were eventually used..much more effectively..LOL

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

So last night we decided to be proactive and participate in Earth Hour. So we had our spa early...Got all the candles ready..then as the hour approached I txted all my children..Of which 2 replied (out of 5!) turned off the telly and SAT!!! I was BORED BORED BORED!!! so after 1/2 an hour Al and I both used the laptops..well it was battery operated (i know not in the spirit of the thing,,and then AJ came home.
Now up to that point we were feeling pretty cool. We had gone outside and realised that quite a few of our fellow neighbours were not participating and good christian that I am I didn't go egg their houses but I did think bad thoughts like "well how hard can it be to participate...)
SDo when Aj came home she discovered that we had not only left my computer on, BUT the light on in our bedroom ( we had the door shut) Also I do beleive that the washing machine and dishwasher were on....WHOOPS I think we failed.
Next year we are going on a picnic...and turn everything off before we go...

Friday, March 27, 2009

My 5 favs

Ok so this week my five favs would have to be
* the weekend..friday nights and fish n chips or as we had tonight chip sandwiches YUM
* My family. We have had a down sort of week and I have realised that the saying that blood is thicker then wateris so true. You guys rock
* Clare and Shanes wedding photos. I saw Kelly has added another 12..just amazing I am loving them
*Coool nights. The last few nights have got down to about 14 and loving snuggling under the blankie.
* Rain on the weekends when you are happy to veg all weekend. I am listening to it now and hoping it continues...
Thats it for tonight. The good news is I made it on a Friday

Monday, March 23, 2009

Molly is making sure we don't forget her on our next trip

Note the cat like readiness as she waits...and waits...and waits

well really she is getting a bit relaxed now

Yes, so today every time I saw Miss Molly she was snuggled up waiting or sound asleep in my suitcase..toy included. She is packed and ready to go at a moments notice. Just zip her up and she's gone!! So cute and so funny

A day of overwhelmness...(is that a word)

Today has been a bit rough. Our family semms to be really struggling at the moment. It seems like we just can not get ahead. I know prayer works,. I know that God does not kleave us or forsake us, but sometimes when its really rough going, its finding Jesus in the midst of it. In the past 24 hours.. I know that 4 family members have confided re difficulties ( Ok so I am one of them) and I know that others are struggling, whether financially, healthwise, or what ever. So I decided to really pray this week. Not the usual 3 minutes here and there..and guess what its gotten way worse. OK OK OK I can hear all the people out there ready to jump down on me..but I do trust God. If people haven't seen that in me in the past 10 years and the journey I have had to walk, well I am sorry I couldn't have been stonger for you or that my faith didn't shine brightly enough. Having faith and loving God, doesn't mean it will be just means that I know in the end, no matter what is happening to me and our family God is in control...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Loving the new feed widget

Yesterday I put a feed widget on my page and I am loving myself sick about me a real buzz to see that people really do look at my whether by mistake or not..I am taking all exciting. Life is slowly returning to normal for us all. My last day off today.. then its back to work.
Really miss the crowd at Straddie and the view, and the gelatos and the fun and the wii fit and the....
I am definitly NOT missing the gechko's, the humidity, the stairs...the twitchy eye, but everything else I am missing

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're BACK!!!!!!

So it was home day today. After 10 sleeps, 1 hens party, 2 ferry rides, 68 salad sandwiches, many meals out, 2 gelatos and a wedding..we are home.
Last night Alan and I stayed at the Legends Mantra resort in Surfers..Just 1 more nght away. It was great.. robes and slippers included. I was so tempted to take the waffle weave gowns. I mean they expect you to take them..they factor it into the cost!!!! I was also tempted to take the beautiful villeroy and boch bowl that was in our holiday house. We found it at the DFO for $120...heck I mean to say no one obviously cares for it like I would. But no I restrained myself and came home an honest woman..with slippers only..
The little place we stayed was right next to the Q1 which sort of dwarfed us and we were on the 2nd top floor at 21st..
The whole time was great. Tommorrow I hope to add some phots etc.
Thanks one and all for making an effort to come and so I have had a very memorable holiday

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new shoes AND I am on holidays

The black part is actually reflective silver..very stylish
check out the jewels

ar beautiful

Well I feel I need to put a lot more effort into blogging these shoes then usual. These are my wedding shoes to go with my incredible dress. They are very special...I saved so much ($140) I mean they were 40% off...I almost made money on them. They were frightfully expensive but they are the shoe I had to have... They are awesome. They are a french shoe made with vericulum ( or pvc if you aren't sure of the word) but WOW.... They are pretty amazing. Everything else just didn't match my beautiful husband did buy them for me...

Yes so today and last night I had like a bit of a " moment" and decided I possibly needed to be home tomorrow..things to do people to see places to go I have made up 4 hours this week so only needed to take 3 hours leave tomorrow...So yes Danny boy I too am on holidays. So excited...