Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is my week and also my late 5 favs

OK so this week
This week has been just a little tricky.. Last Friday I had a call from My Aunty Margaret to tell me that my cousin Julie had died..I was devastated. I grew up with Julie (on holiday times naturally) and she was only about 2 years younger then I..It was very sad. Her death notice in the paper yesterday said now with Bill forever (her dad) was so sad. Life is precious. Not one of us know how much time we live life and love life!!!
I have watched my bedroom ceiling go to an interesting shade of mould..yes and until someone suggested That maybe I could see things in it..well I could only see horror!! But now I am convinced that I can see a sheep in a barbers chair..yep a swivel chair,,, Could be because I read Pete the sheep this week...but then it could also be because thats what it looks like.

I also got the coolest doona cover. it is fabulous black and hot pink and thought it would be great for a little doggy with dirty feet ...WRONG!!! It shows all the cute little white fur.. O well it was a WAS $159 and I got it for $56 wow a bargain. I saved so much they nearly paid me to take it.

I also had a rough week on ebay..fees $10..sold big fat ZERO!!! sucks hey..

I miss my friend my YA YA Lara so much. Just chatted on the phone to her for like 30mins and only wish we could sit and have a coffee sad...She is lonely and going through the same stuff I went through when I went to come obn any of you Melbourne people get friendly with my friend Lara.

Danny got his tatto done this week. I actually really am not a fan of tats but this one is quite cute 9if u can call a tat cute) He so loved that cat (along with all of us) but mind you I am happy for him to be the one with the tat..I perhaps didn't love him that much (Misty baby) I have found just a few pictures from whern Misty was a baby and have put them on here..only wish I had better ones..he was a mighty cute cat

such a cute picture..he quickly moved from the back of lounges to Dannys chest
Big week with the biggest morning tea coming up for storytime and babybounce groups..I really love to support such a great cause.

I am also excited as it is this week I get to talk to some Mums at a playgroup about baby bounce and rhyme. I love speaking with young Mums as I know the journey is often that should be great..thinking of adding a craft section to my page storytime crafts...will have to check with crafty daughter re that..could begood..maybe build up my blog numbers.

This week I arrived home friday and AJ hot on my heels with "hair extensions" apparently from a indian virgin princess bride?????? Not so sure. They look good and although I really thought a great waste of money they look really good. I did hear her muttering this morning about them when trying to dry her hair..I did go in and blow dry my hair and walked out in about 6 mins.."not happy Jan"...LOL They do look good though...

Then I heard from Clarey on Friday night that she had a car accident. poor thing, Thank the Lord she was all right but her car sounds as though it may have driven its last km..Poor Clarey!!!

Anyway so that was my five favs are..

1..Family and them. I love them for always i like them forever..forever and ever my babies you'll be..

2..only working 3 days o yes.. on CS on and off and yes I love food... husband he makes me kllaugh and even in the rough times he is awesome.
5.. My spa..yep Als out in the rain and I am about to join it

.This was Molly the other night out on our random drive. She makes me laugh so much. Loves to have her head right out the window when driving. She just doesn't get the whole wind, rain, cyclonic thing. Life is all good so long as you can hang your head out the car window..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Road trip to check out high 8.30pm

OK so I have attached pictures..They are of Tamar street near the council chambers.....and dads shop

and this is at fishery creek bridge as you come into/leave Ballina..normally a boat ramp and park...its goneskies

The Ballina RSL club....

A random Boat beside the highway IN WATER!!!

Molly loving her road trip..

Outside Ballina Fair

Turning onto the highway from Saunders oval...

and the auto shop near the roundabout in river street..where you turn to go to Kmart
So thats it our drive around Ballina at High tide in a sad it was at night...Shaws Bay was awesome..the water crashing over the retaining wall where you normally walk down to the beach..but too dark for photos..Good times

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 unfav things and then 5 favs

OK so this week just to be different I thought that I would say what has been my "unfav" things this week...
1.. would have to be the wind..O my gosh it has been crazy bad..It started on Wednesday abaited some Friday but was back again today...Now normally I live with some pretty ferocious wind (LOL) but this far exceeded the norm..It howled, blew and was just horrible.

2..leaking roofs. Not fun esp in your bedroom. Niow I know Its not a lot to complain about and I do still have a house albeit with a wet roof..but I do not like it

3..Floods and the damage and disruption and horrible. There have been without power for 4 days.AARRGGHH!!! nightmare material. I winge if it goes off for like 3 hours..No showers, no fridge, NO COFFEE!!!!! no tv, no computer..NO FACEBOOK OR YOVILLE!! heck how would one bed (with a leaky roof) at sparrows I am guessing or take up drinking is another option.

4..Driving in this terrible weather..I had a trip home on Wednesday night did 40k's all the way thanks to the "very careful" driver that led the 2,000 cars down from Lismore.. sleep..from the wild nights (no not me partying) just the noise..INSANE.
Kim n Bethy had a horrid time..but we all survived

Ok so I do have some favs..

1..visiting Kirsty, Mick and kids. It was awesome (and by the way Mick did warn me that we were going to have heaps of rain) Loved every second of it..and the surprise factor was just an added bonus.

2.No work because of the flood..All schools have had 2 days off..AJ's catalogues have been delayed in Lismore somewhere..probably actually floating down to us somewhere.

3.Listening to all the stories about the flood and storms..some very funny..(not the one about Kim n Beths BBQ being in their pool) but others were pretty funny some of them.

4..Seeing people pull together when this sort of thing happens..the caring and sharing is amazing to see..

5..The 3 birthdays that fall so close together, being able to celebrate 3 amzing young people in such a short period Clarey (16th) Then Chari (17th) and then AJ'S (19th)..yep good times..and this year got to see all..(well Clarey the day before)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Ballina storm aftermath

So the past 48 hours have been horrendous..Molly (our ever faithful dog..) stayed up with me Wednesday night..but last night the world could have ended as both Molly and I were dead on our feet and slept soungly through a least I think it was..So went for a drive and took some pics..and now for your enjoyment..sorry I was not committed enough to drive to Lismore for really cool pics..nor was I committed enough to drive up there at midnight last night when they had to evacuate the library..LOL

Trees down at Ballina high and rubbish everywhere

These are pics of our bedroom ceiling..quite a nice puddle don't you think..

Our cute little courtyard with shredded leaves everywhere.....

Kimmy and Beths place was really quite sad to see..window broken and their outdoor table, sails ripped down..poor things ..but its all good. Sunny was happily eating in the laundry when I popped in..she even showed me her best side...LOL

The BBQ AFTER it was rescued from the swimming pool

quite a mess to clean up...

Then we have sights around Ballina..the rough surf and no beach, the tennis clubs fence is goneskys, hungry jacks sign is gone, the sails at Ballina central are also all gone, .. really a real mess.

and also the random pool toywrapped around a letterbox

very very high tide today

Monday, May 18, 2009

OK part 2

So when I finally stumbled from the amazingly comfortable bed that I had slept in for the past 10 hours, it was to discover that i must have travelled to the antartic..or back to canberra..

Ok maybe it wasn't quite that cold but..a close second.

So it was up and into the noone told me that to have a nice hot shower one must turn the tap 26 times then knock on the wall, do a little jig and say "hardy hardy hardy" so my shower was very short and a little cool.

Michael my amazing son in law served coffee that was to die for...yep it was great..shower now forgotten and the joy of being in the midst of my grandchildren and daughter and son in law took over ..It was wonderful..

Then time to remember how 29 years ago my little Clarey had been born. Such a sweetie and o so cute...still is..yes it was her birthday and talked to her on the phone..where does time go..I still feel about 40..(ok so I am still old even when I say that)

Other grandparents arrived about 10am after a quick jaunt out from Brisbane..(they had obviously missed the previous afternoons horrendous traffic) and arrived with the trade mark frozen cheese cake and their wonder dog...they tell me its a mini foxy but...not sure..

Anyway we had a greta lunch..all the bad things to eat...hang celebrity slim for a few days...sauage rolls, party pies and chicken nuggets..really lunch fit for a king or a 7 year olds birthday lunch...

Fun times by all...Then they left and we watched Marley and me. When I say we watched Marley and me I sat in front of the tv..Sam (who is 4) sat on the arm of the chair well on and off the chair and on and off again...and bom bom bomed.the whole time..Chari (at 7) told me anything significant that was to happen and Natty (at 8) cried,,it was great. I may have to watch it again to get the full impact of the movie..

anyway then it was a early night for all..but good times.
The next day it was Chari's birthday...she got lots of presents.. Nat broke open her piggy bank

to buy her a present. She got some great gifts and was told the exciting news she was getting a ds lite..woo hoo..

Ginny and the girls went off to the Baptist church..It was interesting..Chari opted for sunday school when she realised it may be a bit long, but Natty was the trooper and stayed with her Ginny...It was just great to have them with me. I t was a cute little church and quite a good service..

After church it was home via the chip shop for some tasty chips for unch, dam more bad things on my now non existent diet..and a great afternoon at the park.

I just loved being with my grandbabies..they are growing up so fast..

All too soon it was Monday morning and back to reality..

Time to say goodbye...I left , very very sad...and yet again set off on the trek home..

Whuich went without incident ...apart from the 100 mms of rain that fell on the gold coast, the search for daughter number 3's birthday present which had me walk 3 lengths of the hyperdome in Brisbane (which a lady told me is 1km long..but then I felt justified in having KFC and a muffin..whoops more bad food) the traffic jam yet again that saw me average 4kms an hour...and arriving home again in the dark..No it was a great trip..

So thank you to the Munduberra falily for all your wonderful hospitality..miss you all all ready..and I shall put some real pictures up later on..

They are all at home today as they have a GO ON strike ..thats right a goon stri INTERESTING!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

An amazing few days

I am here in Munduberra and just enjoying the last few hours of being with some of my fav people.
I set of on Friday morning from Ballina, had a quick???? stop over at the new Robina..only discovered that there was a whole new 2 storey section just as I was leaving..o well next time.
Then headed off for Brisbane and lunch with Clarey.
It was great. I did have a very scary experience in the car park at Toowong Village shopping centre. I think I have post traumatic stress disorder. I went the wrong way in a one way section. I was abused, yelled at given bad hand signals. I finally managed to escape back onto the street..after doing a burn out at the traffic lights as they are on a hill coming out of the car park. I grabbed a car park on the street and sat, hands sweating, heart palpatating...scary experience.

All was forgotten as soon as I saw Clarey. Maybe it wasn't that scary..but then my sister Sue and I could share a car park experience along these was time for a quick lunch, a quick tour of the office (felt very privileged to be shown around )and met lots of fellow employees. I gave her presents with strict instructions not to be opened till saturday. I left with even more presents...all for Pipers and me and AJ..lots n lots..

Then it was off to Munduberra..unfortunatly apparently half of brisbane also decided to head north at 2pm on friday afternoon

yep that would be me the one 600 from the bottom..well it was a long slow trip..I wouldn't stop for petrol as I couldn't bear to get out of the traffic and as I headed slowly north the petrol gauge went down and down and down and down......... until aboyt 15ks from Gympie and the light came on..whoops
It was a bit scawy...I was convinced I would be stuck on the side of the was getting late and I still had 2 hours to go...I made it to the petrol station YAY...filled up on petrol, coke, coffee, muffin and m&ms...and I was off again...into the wild beyond.

At 7pm I arrived and it wa sso great. i was just a little tired when I saw the lights of Mundubbers I was ecstatic..see you can see its me by the long legs...
I slept for 10 hours straight and loved Nattys bed. it was awesome....
Now this has got so long I will add part 2 tomorrow when I get home..hopefully the trip home will be speedy and safe..but the DFO outlet is looking mighty tempting...LOL