Sunday, November 30, 2008

let me give it a go..for the home group

Ok please check it out.. I was inspired by Kirsty and this is for the Lennox/Skennars crew

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Al and Danny

so how many days.....

I got a bit hung up on my new feature with how many days I had been here are some to compare..some made me feel like a baby and some like an ancient ?????
Today is day #2,856 forNatty
Today is day #12,025 for Kirsty
Today is day #21,473 for big Al
Today is day #1,536 for Sammy
Today is day #2,388 for Chalie
Today is day #12,055 for Mick
Today is day #11,222 for Danny
Today is day #10,424 for Clarey
Today is day #9,326 for AJ
Today is day #8,433 for Kimmy
But then I also did one for a friend who is 89 and hers was ....#32, you see I felt like a spring chicken. Fun though. The site is...

Friday, November 28, 2008

5 friday faves

OK 1 day late but getting there
1..that I can still talk to my babies and make them feel better by just being there. As your babies get older sometimes you feel you out grow them but how wonderful that you can still talk to them ANd pray with them. Such a blessing.
2..that people from my church gave me a tribute (photos on the big screen) and beautiful flowers at the womens dinner on Thursday night.
3.. Also at the dinner a painting I had done about 4 years ago for a friend asa gag was placed on a pedestal alongside other amazing artists.
4..Hearing about and seeing Kirsty's success with her srapping article that she had published..WOW.
5..Retail therapy at Target. O my gosh we spent $46 dollars this morning AND SAVED $230 o yes that made me smile..
Gosh my favs just rolled this week....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Atkins Diet
Atkins Diet

What a day

Well the day yesterday was pretty awful...the funeral, cemetary part at least. Kimmy actually made the ultimate sacrifice and came to the funeral to support his Mother. Now as nice as that was the real fact that he calls Lismore "the wok" because its hot and its a hole in the ground" means that he went ove rand above the call of son duty. Thanks Kimmy. It was like having Al there beside me. He carefully held me, stroked my arm and delighted me with his antics..including having to make a toilet stop mid funeral!!!! Thanks Kimmy

So then it was off to the cemetary, off to the wake and back to work..all up a draining day..I was thrilled that there were 3 full rows of library staff...and 3 of the staff were pall bearers and Helen and I and other staff members led the entourage out of the church with the flowers... VERY difficult. It was a very traditional service and not very personal, so when I die I want it to be very personal...rose petals on the coffin, stories of how funny, amazing, etc etc etc..that I was!!!!!!

Then it was meet up with Al for coffee, home for a quick shower and then out for dinner with the everywoman event for church..a great night which I will write about in my next blog....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is a blog that I am doing "on request" for Danny.

Have just read "Isshy's" blog and so proud of go girl..Dan seems to be coping well working (i use the term loosely) 4 on 4 off.... Sorry Danno.. Clare is so organised I have made my hair appointment for that day (the wedding day that is) AJ is off formaling (all the yr 12 formals are on ) or gyming or socialising..that is her life..and Kimmy is very busy doing lots..enjoying his pool etc etc..

It has poured rain here you can see by the picture??????
Well maybe a slight eageration..but it was wet!!!!!

Tomorrow is Anna's funral. Going to be a very sad day. 3 of the staff are pall bearers...tough day I think...might need some medicinal alchol tomorrow night.
Till next time just a friendly reminder that is only 4 weeks till Chrissy tomorrow

Saturday, November 22, 2008

phew five favs and other things..sad and not so sad

Molly and Buddy when they were cute were they???
3 out of the 4 original Tyson women we now number 6 O YEAH!!! well 8 counting the 2 little ones

OK first up my five favs..
1..seeing pictures of my beautiful grandchildren on Kirstys blog AND reading about them..yep number 1!!!!
2..Kimmy organising quality time with Al...together they are planning many things, the first being a shed around all his pumps and everything for his you beaut pool..which is now swimable.
3.. Singstar. I have just discovered it and I LOVE IT!! I was sooo sad yesterday and I decided to have a go and it made me so happy!!
4.. Christmas stuff. Alan was playing with some of the amazing touys in th shop and yes I love all the decorations and displays AND all the cool decorations
5..blueberry and white chocolate scones from bakers delight!! O YUM they would make anyone feel happy..

Now this week I went back to work 3 days out of 4 and I was OK. My blood tests are back and good at the moment, so that has to be good.
I visited Anna on Wednesday ( the lady from work who was in hospital with cancer) and I found it tough going. When I got back I said I ddn't know if I would go I didn't feel I was saying the right thing or being any use..well no I won't be going back as she died yesterday morning. 5 weeks from when she went to the doctors. Such a shock for all of
Now we have the funeral as a work group to attend. Very hard it will be..
On the brighter side I hav done it..I have STARTED my Christmas shopping

Now I just need to get onto my Christmas letter and cards and I will really be rocking.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I was tagged

Thanks to Kirsty I was tagged so.. here goes..
1. I have an amazing fear of cockroaches,,way above and beyond normal. When I was young I carried a glass jug out of our pantry and had my fingers inside it before I realised there was about 6 very large cockroaches in there..YUK

2. I smoked off and on for about 10 years. Gave up with each pregnancy as I was so sick but when having my 4th (AJ) the smell of smoke made me so sick I realised I could never smoke again if that was what my smoke did to people.

3. I used to be a candy striper at the local hospital in year 11.. and work at Coles when it was a variety store.. and eat all the lollies..cause you used to sell them by weight and you could eat them as they were all loose.

4. I can not dive. Something I never learned to do and I hate that I can't.

5. When I had 6 children with me ( my neice included) and Kirsty and Lisa ( my neice) were only about 12.. I had a flat battery while driving and so I had the 4 oldest 12, 12, 10, and 8 pushing an L300 van around a car park for 5 minurtes to jump start it before I realised I had to turn the ignition on..WHOOPSY!!!

6. When I was in year 6 me and a couple of other girls were sprung for passing "rude" notes and we were made to go over to confession...O how times have changed. We would possibly be given physcological testing now a days

Now I am in the swing of it I could do heaps more...It took me ages to come up with these...Hope they were intersting

Friday, November 14, 2008

Molly the international star

I have one it. I have uploaded my very first ever film clp to you tube...featuring Molly and her cat like getting comfy in bed. Leave a coment for us. I know there will be more to follow. She really is quite hilariuious

It is so cute to watch her and Danny showed me how to embed it in my blog..clever boy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ok its a miricle

Today as I was feeding my 2 a very cute cockatiel (that really has no personality at all) and the other princess parrot (that has heaps of personality..but no feathers) I started singing the song I used to sing to them...'good moring good morning to all the world you're number 1 they taste so good...' etc a made up hash of a song, like all the songs I sing and I realised with a rush how miserable I have been. I thinl death, sadness and my own ill health had got me down far more then I chose to realise...and so I now am trying to stay on top of things....yes so between God and the 2 birds a miricle has occurred...Praise the Lord!! Amen and Amen

Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 Friday Favs

Ok OK OK yes I have made it to Friday and Posting on Friday. Miricles happen... Its been a pretty tough week so I am guessing I will have to relly focus on the things close at hand for what made me happy this week..
1..My family. This week when I felt like my whole world was crumbling there they were for me.. Dan n Del to comfort me. Dan to hold me in his strong arms and Del to drink cheap wine wth me. Kimmy to txt and tell me he had a present for me just cause he knew it would make me feel better, Kirsty for ringing me and ringing me with no reply but she kept trying, Clarey for the message she left on my phone and I knew she was as heartbroken as me, for AJ for even mentioning it on facebook so I knew she too was with me..and finally but not leastly my amazing husband who txted me and rang sooo much and sent me the most beautiful txt saying.."sleep well princess..." What an amazing family..
2.. AJ to be there to greet me and cuddle me when I got off the plane
3.. To have dinner cooked by my husband at home when I finally got home
4.. My own bed yet again to pop into a little slice of heaven
5.. My mobile phone. This week just would habve been terrible without it..
OK so a tough week but through the toughness still things (people) that made me happy..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My pictures of Aunty Joan

My Aunty Joan and Uncle Geoff

Feeding Joany the fruit he hascarefully cut up for her

I have these few photos. Geoff was sweet enough to let e take a couple with him and Joan and then one of the staff took a snap of Joan and I the next day. Joan was trying very hard to smile in the photo with me.
Aunty Joan and Precious.

I have also put in the one of me and Joan at dan and Dels wedding 18 months ago so you can imagine the shock I got.
I have also put one with Joan and myself and AJ and Clarey..

She is a precious lady and my heart breaks that never again I can swing into her drive way and have a coffee with her or a chat. I am praying for her all the time at the moment. A really beautiful lady. She has been so much to me.

I spoke to geoff just half an hour ago and her move into permanent care went well today. She is now at Morling Lodge Red Hill, the place where Geoff's own mother died in in 1993

Monday, November 3, 2008

Another visit with Aunty Joan and the DFO

So yesterday Dan and Del and I had a very lazy lovely morning and did nothing. Breakfast coffee and relaxed. Wonderful. Then we got ready and went for a wonder around the DFO (direct factory outlet) for those not in the know) We spent a couple of hours wondering and looking for bargins we could not afford. Had a VERY disappointing coffee club experience and then home.
The whole time in the back of my mind was I need to see Aunty Joan one last time.
So I dropped them off and headed over to Monash. I went in and Joanny was in the same place as the day before. Sound asleep. I woke her and tried to help her to sit up a little as she was all falling over and then I just ambled on as only I can...
I talked about our family, her family my sisters Kim and cricket Dan n Dels wedding, Kirsty and uni Clare getting married...she actually turned and said "is she" when i told her about Clare getting married.. Aj and school Alan having a new job, Barb and Sue going overseas...on and on I went.
I said how dry her hands were and then found I had a little jar of cream in my bag and so I rubbed one and then Aunty Joan tried to lift her other hand over and so then I rubbed her other one. Very therapeutic for me and I think she liked it.
I then asked would she like me to pray with her and lo and behold if she didn't try and make the sign of the cross..broke my heart. So I then said an our Father and a hail Mary and my own personal prayer for her and then again she tried to make the sign of the cross.
I then had to do one of the hardest things ever and say goodbye. I kissed her, stroked her, told her how precious she was, thanked her for everything she had done for me and said I love you Joany and she said "I love you too"
Thank God that I was here. Thank God that it was this time that I came and saw Dan and Del. God is good. Please keep praying. All of us, Joans family, Geoff, our family and Joan herself need your prayers.
I go home today and leave Aunty Joan behind. So sad... But pleased to go home to my Husband.
Dan and Del have been amazing to me. I think I will book in here for more frequent holidays...Thanks guys

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A really sad day

I woke up early yesterday excited to be meeting up with my friend Donna (who has now joined the blog list ) for breaky. It was a big drive into Civic for me and only getting a little lost once. I arrived early and sat in the car and rang my wonderful husband and had a quick chat. Then I thought I would ring Aunty Joan and organise to pop over. My Aunty Joan is my late Mothers Sister and the only older blood relative I have left. Uncle Geoff answered and then shattered my world.
Aunty Joan is in a nursing home. She has dementia and has had several strokes. She can not walk or move is incontinent and can just talk a little.
I organised to meet up with Geoff at his place in the afternoon and accompany him down to see her.
I did enjoy my breakfast but inside my heart was whirling. This precious woman was all I kept thinking.
So at 2,30 I was at their home. Geoff then told me of the heartache he has had over the past 18 months, but more recently the past 6 months. Her last stroke about a month ago has really incapacitated her. We left to go down and visit. Geoff armed with a juice nectar a paper bag with straws in it, a little container of chopped fruit salad (mango, paw paw, rockmelon, honeydew melon and banana) and also a few nuts in a little container and nail scissors.
We arrived at the home and went into the secured area and there was my Aunty Joan. I would not have known her. This tiny woman with grey hair all scrunched up on a chair was my Aunty Joan that was once such a big strong woman....
I managed to wake her and for the hour we were there we talked..well Geoff and I talked and Joan did a nodded said yes but mostly was very vacant and not really understanding. Geoff carefully fed her a little of the chopped fruit a couple of little nuts and fed her the juice in a straw. I clipped her finger and toenails which I have never done for anyone else except my Mum. I also got the chance to pray with Joan and Geoff which was really precious.

When we left Geoff was quite happy with the visit and said it was the best she had been for a long time. We went home and Geoff made me a cup of tea and we talked more. He is so lonely and sad that Joan will never come home again, but releived of having the responsibility of caring for her.
I told Geoff that I would pop in and see Joan again today and I know that it will be to say goodbye. I know that I really said good bye 18 months ago at Danny and Adeles on that sunday morning.
After I left I stopped on the way home and I thought of what she had meant to me ( she was the Mum that I didn't have, she was the grandma to my kids and she was my friend) She loved to hear about the kids, Kim and his cricket, etc and helped me find our home in Rivett, find schools for the kids in Canberra, minded Kim for me, looked after Clare when she needed it.
So I will go and say goodbye today. Goodbyr to an amazing woman. Please pray for all the family. I know its heartbreaking for all of them. and for Uncle Geoff. They all need our prayers.
I came home to Danny and Adelesand they listened while I talked and cried and drank too much wine. Del had cooked a beautiful dinner and I was in bed about 9. Big day.
Will write about today soon