Monday, June 7, 2010

Did I mention Charters Towers is a tad chilly

OK so we moved from sunny Ballina..when we told people we were moving to CT their immeadiate reaction was mostly "o my gosh it will be so hot up there" and we smiled and agreed and knew it to be true. What no one mentioned to us was how cold it also gets.

So as I packed up I threw things out left right and centre..winter pj's? nah warm coats..nah beanies..scarves..thermals?? ok we will keep them in storage..heater? nah kim n Beth can have that? Mollys extensive range of coats, jumpers etc..nah (should have listened to sister Helen. Ok we will take a few blankies ..mainly for summer so when i have the air con cranked up we can pull a blanket up. 

When we were looking at houses to rent one of my stipulations (i had just a few) was that it was air conditioned. Now when I was looking I saw quite a lot had "R/C (reverse cycle) n cold) but all i cared about was the air con. We got an amazing house built out of besser blocks (i think that's what it is called) and guess what???? Its bloody freezing (excuse my language) The temperature overnight in the past few weeks has been under 10 degrees and quite a few nights 5 degrees. The trouble is the house stays like an ice box. Why we bought a fridge I don't know..we could just use the house..Most windows in the lounge/kitchen area are bare (psycologically cold all ready) lovely white tiles on the floor. I have taken to having a rug on my lap to watch tv (ok just call me granny)

At least I arrived with mt winter pj bottoms..I have a very narrow margin of comfort (temperature wise) over 24 I'm hot..under 22..freezing. So I often wear my flanelette bottoms in summer..All I can say is thank the good Lord we both have our dressing gowns.

Today I went and bought my poor husband winter pj's..O but only had size "s" in mens winter pj's..(all the big men in town are warm) but they did have 1 size "xl" i do think they may be a tad large but hey with the extra material i may be able to make a scarf for Al!!! I had no choice in colour, style or material but hey desperate for desperate measures..

So at least Alan should be warmer tonight.
I have taken to getting up in the morning donning about 5 layers of clothes (remember nothing is really warm) plus my dressing gown, then rugging up in a blanket and watching telly till about 10.30.then shower (using every last bit of hot water ) then get dressed (while i'm still smokin from the shower) I had to order Molly a jumper and that arrived yesterday..naturally pink..Poor girl..has to start her wardrobe all over again

Sorry its such a bad picture but she was so comfy and warm in her bed...

I think what is even more depressing though is when people say "o it will get a lot colder..dam!!" and when i first came to town I laughed at all the winter clothes in the shops "o look they think its cold..ha ha ha" guess who has egg on their face now..

Ok I know it will get hot..but for now me and our house are freezing..the really great news is outside during the day it is amazing..lovely and I will head out now and enjoy the warmth..cause I am guessing it will start cooling down in about 2 and a half hours..


Janera Jepson said...

Hi Foxy Lady-
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Kathy said...

Funny post! It's hard to imagine that it can be cold somewhere. I'm in Georgia(USA)and it's 90 degrees here! I'm always looking for new blog friends and I'm happy to meet you. I am following your blog now under my second blog name maddie/cades mimi, but I usually comment under my first blog name. Yea, I know it's complicated...I found your blog through WW. Looking forward to getting to know you better through blogging. Have a warm day!

Kirsty said...

It is WAY cold here today too...this week is going to be cold brrrrr, luckily it won't stay cold for too long (although thats not a whole lot of consolation when you are fuh-reeeeezing!)
Start'll keep you warm as it gets bigger!