Friday, April 23, 2010

We have a home..Charters towers adventure

This is 1 week since Alan left,,perhaps the week from hell. It has been tough. Tuesday was the day I fell apart..and today I just had chest pains ..GREAT!!!

But today at 3pm Alan tecxted me and we have a house,,

Ok so this is the web address where i got the pictures..the house is air conditioned..( I feel a very important factor in "the Towers")
Alan can "move in" tomorrow..yes him and his 30kilos of stuff. It may be a LOT like camping for a week or so..but the furniture should arrive Tuesday 4th May.

O my Gosh..this brings me to the next heart attack material  Our furniture is being uploaded on AJ and I will be doing our own share of camping..

OOOO I miss my 'usband so much..he really does bring light to my life..He has done so well. He has lived in this back packers and managed to NOT cook one meal. He has become a fan of Woolies salads..(chicken ceaser etc) and loves the red rooster roast dinner..he did go out one night to the pub and ordered a steak and vegies..he reckons there were 4 people in the place including staff. It took forever for his meal to come..I told him it was probably that they had to go to woolies and buy a steak..(WHAT  someone ordered a STEAK)

OK Clarey is coming down tonight and we are hitting the town..Then its packing all weekend..YAY

Friday, April 16, 2010

We are moving to Charters Towers

OK so you say.. we know that. But this week the reality set in. My Husband, my best friend (my bff), my lover and everything left. Yep he has left paradise here in Ballina and started our new life in Charters Towers..but I am still here and feeling very down.

yep thats us...
He flew out at 8.45am yesterday morning and I have about 33 days till i see him will I do it. Last night was the longest night ever.
WE left home Thursday afternoon..He had 2 suitcases (in excess of 27 kilos) a backpack and laptop (these 2 exceeded 10 kilos ) what was that you said carry on is supposed to be 7 kilos..Yep!! add to the back pack 5 new shirts for work we purchased at Carindale and I am guessing it was way over 11 kilos.. I kept saying.."just don't let them "look" heavy...Light as a feather..
Lara and Howie great friends made the big trip from the nirth side of Brissy to say hi and bye for 30 mins at Maccas at Capalaba..complete with all 3 children. Alan felt very special.
Then it was on to Clarey and Shanes for the night. Clare had excelled and come home at 6 and whipped up her famous (or was that infamous) potato bake..

and some yummy lamb chops and even yummyier salad. We had a great night and Clare and Shane excell as hosts.
Then it was up at sparrows (Clareys normal getting up time) and off to the airport.
So we got to the airport..and Alan had to pay excess baggage and then he carefully carried his enormous bags through security and they looked "light as a feather"

we had breaky and all to soon the announcement to commence boarding came..I was so sad..He was gone. My buddy was gone. not coming back..instead I had to drive home (with about 6 hours of retail therapy)

and organise a whole lot of stuff..I was exhausted by the time I got home. Miss Molly was stoked to see me..the saddest thibg was her looking for Alan..:-(
Slept badly last night and I keep thinking he isn't coming back..I have to work for 3 more weeks then hang around for a week till Clareys party then drive to meet him. I saw his towel hanging on the bath rail this doesn't need to be there. O my gosh can only begin to imagine if your husband/wife dies..
OK so will keep everyone posted on my progress..I still have a car to sell, a bike to sell, about 2 rooms of rubbish to get rid of..organise renting the house, hold another garage sale, organise removalists and so much more...HHHEELLPPP!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

WOW what a weekend..way to relax..NOT!!

I arrived home from work on Friday night so tired. Gosh I could barely move. It had been a fairly intense week with all the moving stuff and then coupled with Lismore Library School holiday activities as well as storytime it had been a huge week.
But time to was garage sale day Saturday..Thank God Clarey arrived to help, complete with all her tupperware, to try and sell. Unfortunately for Molly, no Buddy. She was so excited to see Clare arrive..but no matter how carefully she checked the car Buddy.
We made signs and put them up Friday night..all set to go

Up early 6am Sat morning and was into it. It was really hot and by Midday we called it quits.wedid make $250 which was largely made up of Alan's junk...sorry .the saddest thing was saying goodbye to my ugly bird Rosie. I have had Rosie for 1 week more then my kidney transplant. She came up and spent 7 weeks with me in Brisbane and then she spent 6 weeks in the wild..a checkered life but as funny as..i cried when she left but she was off on another adventure..

Then Clare and I slept, then she headed had been so much fun with her..AJ on the other hand shopped (or hidden) at Pacific Fair, all day.  She did do an early morning coffee run...which was awesome.

Today it was up off to church, Kim spoke so amazingly about giving..(so proud) Dad got a free cd off him as the first person up the front over 50 (he was so FAST) a beautiful prayer for us from church people and a great picnic in the park..attended by about 40 people.. it was an honour to feel the love of so many people..

.Kim n Beth couldn't make it ( due to busy church stuff) so they rocked up at home and had a couple of faux family hours. Watched some old dvds..way funny.
Now tonight Iam so tired and about to hit bed..hoping when we wake up Alan will have his pay in...3 days late,,so bad and so unprofessional..we are really disappointed but shouldnt be. Happy weekend to all..and I'm off to enjoy the last few days with my best friend..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How do I update my blog

Monday, April 5, 2010

WOW so excited..and not much packing happening

SOOOOO My husband discovered that on one of my previous blogs there was a comment about my blog being nominated for an interesting blog to read!!!!! MINE!!!! yep I was so excited I can not tell you. Mind you I know that I have an awfully interesting life and people come in droves to read all about me..and are amazed that my life is so interesting BUT I didn't realise that I was SO popular..
Now I know you regular blogees have probably already fuilled all your forms in submitted tham etc etc etc,,.. and then found out you were out of area..which I did (dam American stuff..or else they are already pilfering my exciting email account as I write) but it was a moment of intense excitement for me..So I am now fueled with enthusiasim and will endeavour to blog even more for my myriad of fans..hello....hello... to you all.

So we have continued to enjoy the long weekend with little packing going on. So far I have managed to watch about 12 hours of Emma Peel and John Steed in the Avengers (so lame but o so good)..

eat about 400gm of easter eggs

and clean out 2 or 3 cupboards..O well Alan is still home for 9 more sleeps.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


O my gosh..yes you read right.We are moving from beautiful Ballina..Skennars Head Charters Towers..before you rush to google maps, its about an hour and a half west of Townsville..
Yep thats what I said. We are telling people we are going for a good time not a long time.
Alan my beloved husband has had a really tough time during the last 18 months in his job ( that is putting it mildly) so we knew about 6 months ago that it couldn't go on and so we began praying and seeking God for something. Never did we guess that our prayer would lead us to this remote area. It may be our desert experience. We are so going to miss our Church, C3 Ballina, we are also going to miss our family, friends,  and I will really miss my job..BUT not the travel..
That said..I now will tell you what I am looking forward to..
* the adventure
*exploring new places
*being with my husband
*seeing my husband thrive and flourish where he is meant to be
* seeing my husband happy..
Lots more.. he leaves on Friday 16th April and will be staying at

This is Alans new room..and the view from the verandah
My new best friend patricia has been great and is organising a backpacker room for him. $145 a week..shared facilities and kitchen but his own a/c room, bed and fridge.. He will begin looking for a house for us to rent.. I don't want much..just modern, a/c and a pool and pref a deck and no gheckos...o well he will do his best..

I have requested 12 months leave without pay. Just in case it goes belly up and it is really bad I will at least have a job to come back tooThey have aprooved 6 months with the possibility of extending it to 12 months..upon furthur application...I am working through till the 7th May and so will be without my husband for a going to be very hard. I will miss my babies and kiddies but not the travel. When I told my mums last week one of them sweet.

There is a possibility of getting work up there the Library. There is a position earmarked for 2-3 days a week doing school holiday stuff and storytime..yep right up my alley and hopefully baby bounce and rhyme..

So after the 7th I will head up to Brisbane and be in Brisbane for daughter Clares 30th birthday and then head off ....Miss Molly and I for our trek to the far North od exciting..lucky Molly likes the car..
So stay posted..lots of blogs coming from Charters as I struggle to stay in contact with froiends and family..feel free to visit..