Friday, July 2, 2010

I think I'm dying

Has anyone noticed I haven't been on here?? Well I have been/am sick. I started getting sick last Sunday and have just been REVOLTING. Too many details to write about but 2 trips to the emergency department, 3 trips to the doctors (including having 2 litres of saline), 2 trips to the chemist and I'm still vomitting..YUK!!
I really think I have some horrid disease. Asking all my friends who believe in God to pray for me for healing.
Now I don't need phone calls or anything..but flowers would be great ...LOL Just explaining my absence. Alan has been amazing. He has worked like a dog..(sorry Molly)

Presently I am having an ok moment. They don't last but when I have these I try and pretend I am ok..but really since Monday I have eaten about 6 Saltines, 3 slices of toast and thats it..anyone else would be tiny by now..but not me.. especially with the 2 litres of saline..It went in and stayed there..(i think i was a tad dehydrated) so will keep you posted on how I am feeling in the next few days.
Currently standing firm on Gods word..Proverbs 3: 5-7
Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
   don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
   he's the one who will keep you on track.
Don't assume that you know it all.
   Run to God! Run from evil!
Your body will glow with health,
   your very bones will vibrate with life!

Please stand with me and believe..
on a brighter note our neighbours have gone away for 3 weeks and we are feeding their cat. It lives inside and in the 3 days I've been going in I am yet to see it..Mind you its eating the food so I am guessing its somewhere..or else they have a very contented rat that has also eaten the cat..yep i guess its in there somewhere..

OK this picture has given me an idea where to look...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wednesday Wickedness

Today we picked Heather Locklear. Here's Wednesday Wickedness!

1. "With a parent, it's always guilt. You want to be there, but you kind of also want to be here." Tell us about a time where you had to be selfish with your time, and felt guilty about it (whether it was time taken from your children or a S/O).
Heck, doesn't every parent struggle with that?  I don't think I can give one example. look truly 5 kids in 9 and a half years my first at 18 I reckon I have so much guilt. But you know what? I did my best and THAT ladies and gentlemen is what counts. 30 years ago you weren't supposed to feel guilty it was your job. I was fairly modern and forward thinking, but I never left my children for even a night until the baby was 2 and a we were married for 13 years. So yeah I did my best, and no no guilt

2. "Sex appeal is not on purpose." Do you feel that you can create more sex appeal or that it's just a given?
Well I reckon, that the difference between being in my trackies and slippers, no make up and hair messy to  being dressed up, make up on and hair done..a little perfume etc is NONE!! he still finds me sexy. The difference being how I feel about myself. I feel far sexier dolled up..o yeah

3. "One man is not enough." Has there ever been a time when monogamy seemed difficult?

OOOO no. Honestly one man is often way enough!!
I have an amazing husband and ok sometimes dreamy movie stars look great, but the truth is I love my man he loves and accepts me and honestly I wouldn't want anyone else

4. "I think I've always been good so God wouldn't strike me dead." Do your religious beliefs really influence your behavior?
Before I found Jesus as a friend and saviour, I did have images of Father God being up there with a big stick.ready to smite me!!! But now I just like being good (some would say boring) My life and heart is for God. So yes I guess my "religious beliefs" do influence my behaviour, but I'm not concsious of it.

5. "You just have to forgive them for being men." Do you feel there are some things in a S/O that you can't change because of their sex?
Heck yes..their obsession with the female, breasts, sex, legs, sex, o and did I mention sex!!!

6. "When I look in the mirror I see the girl I was when I was growing up, with braces, crooked teeth, a baby face and a skinny body." Do you see a younger less secure person when you gaze in the mirror?
O if only i saw myself as younger. I see every wrinkle, age spot, and evry blemish, but I also see a much more confident woman. I see a woman who has a loving husband who is obsessed with her and loves and desires her for what she is..see answer to above question!!!

7. “I was a pregnant vixen.” If you have ever been pregnant, or have been with a woman who was, how did effect your sex life?
well really, i was pregnant 5 times to the man mentioned above and guess what, even though I vomitted for 9 months..he still desired me (hanging over the toilet bowl) got to love that

8. “Everything needs to be worked on...” What would you like to work on to become a better person?
Maybe the times i go into myself..withdraw a little.. Its safe in here and so I like to spend time in here regularly, unfortunately its often to the detrement of those around me.

9. "From an early age, I was aware of what America meant, and how the Marines at Camp Pendleton were ready to defend us at a moment's notice. I also remember what fabulous bodies those troops had." When did you think that you understood the sacrifices that people in the military make on behalf of their country?
I've always been aware of Australian soldiers. I knew my dad was in WW2, that his brother was killed in WW2,  I knew that my grandpas brother had been killed in WW1, but until I became an adult with children of my own., I don't think I fully grasped the sacrifices that not only did and does the military make but also their families. We have had 5 Australian soldiers killed in the past few weeks and my heart goes out to all their families. So grateful that my boys showed no interest in the forces.

10. "The bigger the better. Do I dare say that!?" In your experience, is there truth here?
Well heck yes..I'm big and I am awesome. Why have a small icecream when you can have a big one, a small pay packet when you can have a big one, a small chocolate when you can have a big one..need I go on????

Monday, June 21, 2010

kidney transplant (the donor family) (a serious blog)

Ok so most of you know that just over 5 years ago I received the gift of new life from an anonymous donor.
The call to get my new kidney was received at about 2.45. Those amazing words.."we have a perfectly matched kidney for you" are ones I will never forget.At the time the thing furthurest from my mind was that somewhere a family was grieving the loss of a loved one. Maybe I was thoughtless, calous..I don't think so it wasn't till much later that I really began to think about it.

On the anniversary of my 2 year post transplant,  wrote to the donor family. I wrote to let them know I was doing well and to say thank you. We remain anonymous and all cards/lettes go through the transplant coordinator at the PA hospital Brisbane. Well 1 year later out of the blue I received a reply and it was then I discovered that my donor had been female and a mum and wife AND a christian. Blew me away. I had always said that I had some old mans then I knew the truth. The day i received the letter i burst into tears and wouldn't show anyone for a long time..

Well this year (5 years) I decided to write again. I let them know how much I had achieved since my transplant (including my NZ trip and all the weddings our family had celebrated) Before I sent it I rang the team at the PA hospital and they said as it was an out of state donor family they weren't sure if they were still in contact. So I sent the letter anyway and then got caught up in our move. I completely forgot about it..until yesterday.. There in the mailbox was a letter from the "donate life" team at the PA hospital.

Woah..I was suddenly silent..a rare thing for me..I opened the envelope....

Yes a beautiful card..thanking ME!!! Iopened it and this is what i read..

Dear Recipient,
It was wonderful to receive your letter earlier this year and at the time of my wife's 5 th anniversary of her death.As a family we are so pleased that you have now had over 5 years of new life with your kidney.We are also so very pleased that you chose to write and share your good news with us.
My wife loved life as you obviously do as well. She particularly loved music and travel, New Zealand was one of her favourite places.
As a family we continue to be actively involved with our church family which has been so very helpful to all of us over the past 5 years.
In so many ways I feel that I would like to meet you and your family, but I know that his is not possible. So I will continue to keep you in my prayers and hope that you continue to enjoy great health and happiness.
The 5th anniversary was a fairly emotional time for all of us, receiving your letter however helped ease that pain.
My best wishes to you and your family
May God bless you all
"the donor family"

Was I blown away??? yep..and there is my very serious blog but it was with such joy that I received the card that i wanted to share it..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Claire was Charlies Trousers and having fun

So after our big trip to the dam/falls and Ravenswood we were pretty tired but pumped to be seeing Claire. She had texted me about 4 and said she was leaving Emerald.  6 hours I figured..I told her to txt me when she got here.
So about 10.05 i got a txt and it said she was at the saleyards. I gave her what I thought to be easy directions..(note to time go meet visitor..) O my gosh..when she hadn't turned up in like 15 minutes later, my mind was accident? on her way to cairns? abducted by aliens? broken down? O where was she?  So an hour later..when every possible scenario had played itself out in my head..Alan went driving and found her. Scary isn't it. That you can still find someone in this town. Poor thing she had got lost.
 Well after we got her and Kevin (her faithful cockatiel that travels everywhere with her) safely inside It was time to catch up and then into bed.


The next day when we were out driving she kept saying "I've been here..and here and here" I think she has seen more of CT then me.Honestly she really did see heaps.

Claire would have loved to go to Hughenden (where Kirsty spent her first 2 years teaching) to see Mutabuttasaurus, but i felt 6 hours driving was a bit much when she had a 40 hour plus return trip to make.

So we did very little, but laugh, watch tv, and enjoy the company. We did do the lookout a few times..fed the rock wallabies, fed the birds ( well ducks,chooks and peacocks)at the park went to the dam..had "wet cake" up the street and she did a tour of Alans Library. She also helped me to buy a heater..big help. I have now officially frightened winter hasn't ben under 10 degrees since i bought

The wet cake incident was hillarious. I have been off wheat for a few weeks so we decided to have a friand at one of the local bakeries. I tasted it first and Claire asked what it was like? I said sweet playdough..but her answer was the best.."wet cake" she reckons that it had slipped into a sink full of water and the people had said..o its still good..we will just call it gluten free now..the funny thing was we both ate it all..

the said wet cake

where we had the wet cake and our slushy

So I have includd a few was just a fu time.. She left Thursday and was on a mission to photograph every big thing between here and Ballina..with her bucket hat..It took her 2 full day to get to I bet she has lots of pictures..
We visited the tourist information centre..Claire holding "the world"

Lunch at our place..with kevin

Claire taking a sneeky photo..of the most awesome mullet ever..and not only 1 there was 2...O Yeah!!

Claire and me..what a team

The afternoon we did the lookout and captured some pics of rock wallabies. The Mother and baby were so cute

Claire leaving..complete with Kevin

Anyway thanks for visiting..thanks Clairebelle.. Hope u come again.. I know I know the excitement was too much.
You who are reading this blog can also have this fun.just come visit Charlies Trousers. A name coined by son in law Michael and quickly picked up by Grandchildren..Natty, Chari and Sammy..But how cute is it??
Lave u with some snaps of the birdlife at the park...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

WHAT A WEEK in Charlies Trosers (Charters Towers) curtesy of my beautiful granchildren

SOO..what a week..Its been ages but its been a very busy week.
I heard late last week that our friend Clairebelle was coming for a visit. I couldn't believe that she was coming to visit. She was leaving Friday spending Friday night with Kirsty and arriving Saturday night. WOW a visitor!! Then the panic set in "what do i do with a visitor??" Out here its not like rivetting..but hey then I relaxed and decided to just enjoy the time.

Friday night we went out to the civic amazing building ..originally was a "gentlemans club".being slowly restored. We did our bit for the economy 2 drinks, $10 in the pokies..and off. We had a great time..

Yes a bautiful building..certainly worth a visit..may go again..need tostimulate the economy again.

Anyway Alan and I decided to be adventurous and drive to Burdekin falls/dam. We left the crazy dog at home..outside prepared to come home to chaos..
Its a 2 hour drive..through 100 cattle grids, past 1,000 cattle and zillions of acres of dead grass, trees and causeways. No other car to be seen I also pointed out I had not seen one sign for RACQ or a phone to call if we needed help. Heck those help phone things are everywhere on major roads..LOL
So we got to the was quiet.why people would chose to go there with their vans completely escapes me. I obviously am missing the point here. There was no green grass..nowhere to swim (o a pool sorry) no shop, nothing.."ah the serenity"

On the way to the dam..we stopped at the dam viewing funny..bus shelter facing the view..

 As you can see it was a tad dry..this was at the dam itself..there were about 12 peacocks wondering around..a little random but cute.

 THis is the actual dam..please note that the skinny wavy section under the dam wall is an actual road..It obviously is closed due to water running over it..I'm thinking I wouldn't drive on that in the dry..thats a lot of water behind that wall..but check it out in the wet...

Road????? what road

Ok so as I had been feeling a little down and so I did a silent prayer..God please show me you are here with me..let me see something today I don't normally after the peacocks and heaps of Apostle birds at the dam..I thought Ok was that God? ok..but then on the way back to Ravenswood we saw....

 2 huge enormous..complete with furry legs..I have never seen anything so amazing..I think they are wedgetail eagles but regardless of names I WAS IMPRESSED...then...

 2 emus..I was beginning to think it was a sign of huge rains to come..should I build an ark??? 2 by 2???ok Thank you God i know you are with awesome that God hears our little prayers too..

There was lots of straight roads..but it was fun ..apart from the lack of phones and RACQ signs..I mean with all that wild life we could be picked clean in no time

One of the "cute cows" I think they are droughtmasters..I know I know..I sound so knowledgeable..they did like their road...they looked at us like we were rude to be on their road.

 Ok so then it was back to the historical town of ravenswood for lunch..we just made it..1.45..phew. Our next door neighbour had told us about the Railway hotel and their Railway burgers...the town is amazing and the pub was awesome and the burger??? well Alan devoured it. It was massive and we believe a trip out here for Danny when he comes to visit will be a must

an awesome pub and just an amazing town..full of history..we ate in the beer garden..but check out the beer holder they put Als beer in..
Thinking they are not doing so well..or very hungry people..need to order the railway burger

After lunch we went exploring.walked up to the mine lookout..O my gosh.very steep but very spectacular..a huge working mine just there..right beside the after I pretended to stop for the view.(as i was gasping for breath) several times I made it to the top..great viewand you can see heaps of the old chimney stacks still scattered through out the town

We then headed for home..on the way we stopped at Macrossin bridge to see the flood height marker..check it out..mammoth ammount of water..can't wait to be here for a flood.

Then it was home..We pulled up and Molly was happy to see us..but no siree I was not fooled.I told Alan I was going to check with the neighbours..He wanted to know if I really wanted to know how bad she was..yep..I was brave.. I went over and guess what????? they thought she had gone with us as she had been so quiet all day..YAY YAY YAY..Molly is settling down.. Thank you Jesus.. 

It was then dinner and settle down to wait forour first ever visit in Charlies Trousers...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wickedness

1. “When it comes to luck, you make your own.” Do you believe you have that type of control over your luck?

O if only it was that simple.. No but I do believe in God and a God thatis a loving and good God who supplies ALL your needs..Unfortunatly i have lots of wants too!!!!!

2. “You've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above.” What is something you have had difficulty rising above?

OOO it would have to be my weight..I hate that it always rears its head..But yep you have battle with the bulge

3. “Poor men wanna be rich, rich men wanna be kings, and a king ain’t satisfied till he rules everything.” Would you want to be rich?

Heck yes

4. “The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.” Tell us about a song that helps you "face the world."

here and now..a song by C3I

"when I;m on a mountain I'm going to worship, when everythings falling I'm going to worship" awesome song

5. “In America everything's about who's number one today.” Have you ever been a fan of someone you thought would last but turned out to be a flash in the pan?
LOL lucky I'm not american. But O yes. I remember a boy when I was 13. My whole world revolved around seeing him...Thought he was the bees what was his name and where the heck is he??

6. “Is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse?” Has any dream of yours come true?
Yes and I think continue to dream..cause without dreams we are dead. dream big..I'm waiting for my boat to come in and dam it if it doesn't I'll swim out to it.

7. “Our American government has strayed too far from American values. It is time to move forward. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting.” What would you change if you became the president?

Um as I'm not American.a little tricky but def make a 4 day working week.

8. "Yeah, I had gay friends. The first thing I realized was that everybody's different, and it becomes obvious that all of the gay stereotypes are ridiculous." How do you feel about gay rights?

Tough call. I'm taking the chickens way out and passing on this one

9. " It's a sad man my friend who's living in his own skin and can't stand the company." Have you ever been disappointed in yourself

No I am awesome. I really rock!! OK OK OK maybe occasionally I have let myself down. But certainly don't dwell on it.

10. "The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with." What's your favorite type of music? What's your favorite band?

WAIT!! this is so tough. I know noone in particular. I love certain songs but not all of a band. I don't know who sings any songs and songs??? I hardly ever know the words.. Not that that will stop me..I sing them anyway with my own words..So really can't answer

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What am I reduced too???

Ok so I have just recorded a video to put on you tube for my darling grand children..Hope it loads. So i decided to video and after watching it decided that really my top was way  too short and you could see my fat tummy and my trackie pants were dragging on the floor. Ok go get changed. Put higher shoes on and a longer top and give it another whirl. Now I did have trackie pants on (which i didn't change) so the end product is..I still look daggy..LOL Why didn't i change everything..dear o dear..

Anyway the day before yesterday i was stoked to be asked to join a weekly thing (wednesday wickedness) Daughter Kirsty does one all the I did that and actually had 5 people comment..I was blown away. Made my week really. So I decided maybe a blog is the way people in isolation cope. maybe I dont ever have to leave my house.. (come summer that could be good) I can shop online..I can talk online, i can play online, and so much more.

Just thought I would mention my very good friend Luke Vassella has released hisnew double album. Luke takes his 2 girls to story time at lismore Library and is a very talented local singer/song writer. This is a picture with one of his girls..i think it may be Rosie..when she was little..

I believe he will go far. He actually helped me record a cd for baby bounce and HIS recording studio. He has a very mellow easy listening voice..He did come and help at Christmas time with some Carols..go Luke. Check out his website.

I am so privileged to call luke a friend..

Ok so the last few days I have been unwell..Took theplunge and went to the drs the other scary for me..A nice Indian Doctor..He was lovely but it took so long to get all my medication down that it cost me an arm and a leg..and really I was always bulk billed in ballina..lucky me. He thinks its all stress related..could have been when i told him  that "i only noticed it when i got here..i was busy b4 that. My husband left 3 weeks ahead of me and I had to pack up the house, had 2 garage sales, organise the van, keep working and then drive up" Honestly stress..Women do that sort of thing all the time..

 So really the last few days have been quite boring..thus I have made a video for youtube (in my trackies no less)  If itever uploads it is called Ginny in charters towers..yikes now everyone will see it..and my daggy trackies.

Well ok had trouble uploading it on to youtube..which it is now..but what the heck..its here for all to share now..enjoy

.Hang in there guys i've got a great weekend planned should make for good reading..I'm certain of it

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday Wickedness

Today we picked Frank Sinatra. Here's Wednesday Wickedness!

1. “I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.” How often do you drink alcohol?
 Lets say that i don't have to think "that this is as good as it gets" No really I only drink on the days ending in "Y"

2. “The best revenge is massive success.” Have you ever gloated or wanted to over success?
ME?? never..ok maybe sometimes there is just a small monster inside that I try to keep under control

3. “You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the [butt].” What do enjoy most about your life?
Every little part of it..breathing helps!! Really watching my children be the wonderful adults that they are, would really give me the best buzz ever.

4. “I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I'm not looking for the secret to life.... I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.” Do you ever overthink a situation in your life?
O heck yes. If there is something that could go wrong, don't worry I have already been through that scenario. I have gone from extreme to extreme. My problem is to NOT think of situations.

5. “I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family - and I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.” Tell us about your best friend. best friend. My very best friend would be my friend Vicki. We have known each other forever. She has always been there for me. She and I have had very similar paths in life. She is beautiful. She always cares. She tells me off if I need it. She sat with me through some tough times. She and her family are amazing. I also have a ya ya. My ya ya is Lara and she too I love to bits. She and I have done a few wicked things and heaps of fun things. She knows me way too well.. I am blessed

6. “I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn't be a staring contest.” How important is intelligence when picking (or having picked) a s/o to you?
Nah its all about the body and the looks..thats why I have my husband

7. “I drink to the confusion of our enemies.” What's the closest situation that you've had to dealing with an enemy?
Um would have to be a situation at my work. Surfice to say that the saying "meet you in the car park after work" is now a common saying around the circle of people in the know

8. “Orange is the happiest color.” What's your favorite color?
Need you ask pink,

9. “Dare to wear the foolish clown face.” Are you ever a clown?
Yes..and I love it. Has got me out of heaps of embarrassing situations.. I must admit have never doned the wig, nose and lips..but then when you are as good as me who needs them? Mind you some people are harder to convince then others of my hillarious nature

10. “Don't get even, get mad.” Have you ever tried getting even?

O my gosh no..that would require thought and energy, things I really don't have the time or energy to spare on such useless energy, but i have thought about it..see answer to
Thanks for checking out our Wednesday craziness. We hope you join us again. Please visit our other player's posts and make a comment. Join us next week for our next meme!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Did I mention Charters Towers is a tad chilly

OK so we moved from sunny Ballina..when we told people we were moving to CT their immeadiate reaction was mostly "o my gosh it will be so hot up there" and we smiled and agreed and knew it to be true. What no one mentioned to us was how cold it also gets.

So as I packed up I threw things out left right and centre..winter pj's? nah warm coats..nah beanies..scarves..thermals?? ok we will keep them in storage..heater? nah kim n Beth can have that? Mollys extensive range of coats, jumpers etc..nah (should have listened to sister Helen. Ok we will take a few blankies ..mainly for summer so when i have the air con cranked up we can pull a blanket up. 

When we were looking at houses to rent one of my stipulations (i had just a few) was that it was air conditioned. Now when I was looking I saw quite a lot had "R/C (reverse cycle) n cold) but all i cared about was the air con. We got an amazing house built out of besser blocks (i think that's what it is called) and guess what???? Its bloody freezing (excuse my language) The temperature overnight in the past few weeks has been under 10 degrees and quite a few nights 5 degrees. The trouble is the house stays like an ice box. Why we bought a fridge I don't know..we could just use the house..Most windows in the lounge/kitchen area are bare (psycologically cold all ready) lovely white tiles on the floor. I have taken to having a rug on my lap to watch tv (ok just call me granny)

At least I arrived with mt winter pj bottoms..I have a very narrow margin of comfort (temperature wise) over 24 I'm hot..under 22..freezing. So I often wear my flanelette bottoms in summer..All I can say is thank the good Lord we both have our dressing gowns.

Today I went and bought my poor husband winter pj's..O but only had size "s" in mens winter pj's..(all the big men in town are warm) but they did have 1 size "xl" i do think they may be a tad large but hey with the extra material i may be able to make a scarf for Al!!! I had no choice in colour, style or material but hey desperate for desperate measures..

So at least Alan should be warmer tonight.
I have taken to getting up in the morning donning about 5 layers of clothes (remember nothing is really warm) plus my dressing gown, then rugging up in a blanket and watching telly till about 10.30.then shower (using every last bit of hot water ) then get dressed (while i'm still smokin from the shower) I had to order Molly a jumper and that arrived yesterday..naturally pink..Poor girl..has to start her wardrobe all over again

Sorry its such a bad picture but she was so comfy and warm in her bed...

I think what is even more depressing though is when people say "o it will get a lot colder..dam!!" and when i first came to town I laughed at all the winter clothes in the shops "o look they think its cold..ha ha ha" guess who has egg on their face now..

Ok I know it will get hot..but for now me and our house are freezing..the really great news is outside during the day it is amazing..lovely and I will head out now and enjoy the warmth..cause I am guessing it will start cooling down in about 2 and a half hours..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A quick update and Our weekend

So to add to my previous blog about Charters Towers, good and bad points...for Danny..

On the plus side we certainly have far better coverage with our mobiles then we did at Skennars Head. Mind you it didn't have to do much to improve on the Skennars reception was pitiful. So here we are using our mobiles as our main line of communication..its worked so far..

Now electronics?um Not sure there is a plethora. There is a leading edge store..smallish and a computer store/coffee shop. Now that is my entire knowledge of these things. 2 junk (sorry discount) stores and quite a large wolies supermarket.I do miss Big W and Kmart but we do have a target hope that answers questions.

We were horrified to wake on Thursday morning to the news hat lennox Head had just had a tornado..soI rang Kim (AJ has no mobile reception..she is living still at Skennars!!) Kim answered and was having breaky with AJ. They were oblivious to the whole thing.. No idea. O well I knew they were safe. It was just horrific the damage caused and I can only imagine the terror these people went through.

 I still can not comprehend that this much destruction was caused at beautiful Lennox..5 or so km  to where our little bit of paradise is. It so easily could have been us.

I was in the  supermarket on Friday and a lady stopped me and said.."I think you are our neighbour, in Hilton have the little dog that cries all the time!!!" YIKES!! O dear. Molly is being bad. I got home and Miss Molly had tried to dig to China. It was only the 2nd time we had left her the soil mixed with water and she was a clay mess..

Yep another bath..the 2nd in 3 days..o dear. Alan has spent this morning putting shadecloth all along the fence. He says that Miss Molly watched him and has already worked out how to break out..o dear!!!

 But also awaiting was a beautiful card from our Chari. Saying thank you for her present. I am sure prompted by her Mum but it was beautiful mail. Thanks Chari Beth. It made Ginny (and Poppy) very happy. It now has gone 'straight to the fridge" where all my tresures are..

Friday night we fired up the new bbq..the one that looks ready to "TWAANG" and it was awesome..sausage sandwiches for tea..bacon, and eggs for bereakfast Saturday morning and steak on the bbq last night . Not sure if it all tastes so good cause Alan is cooking it or if it really is just amazing..but trust me I can see bacon and eggs on Saturday morning quickly becoming a tradition. According to Kim  you only have to do something once to become a tradition!!!
Church this morning was at the Baptists. Mind you a 9am service is a little rude hey. We are struggling with church and where to go, but Doug and Anne our neighbours (the pastors at the Baptist Church) are so lovely (and patient with Molly) we really would like to support them..I did tell Anne I did not know the hymns that they mustn't have had them in the catholic church..she said "o thats cause these are the modern ones..we like to use the new modern ones.." YIKES..modern o dear.. I so miss C3 music. I took a picture of the beautiful stained glass window..

Like most things in Charters..its very old..I saw the sign on the building today

Last night we went up to the lookout b4 sunset to check out the sunset. Heck it was like pit street up there. And then a bus pulled up..out jumped the crowd..out came the wine, bickies, cheese were up there for the screening of the movie, that they present every night at 6pm. Moly loved being up there and loved the rock wallabies..she nearly had a heart attack when she saw the first funny..

so this is the East at sunset..very beautiful..

I miss my kids so much..It just seems a little empty without them..but I know we are here for a season. I pray that it be a fruitful season..No car pulling up with AJ or Kimmy. No visitors from Mundubbera, No Clarey from Brisbane ans def no Canberra visitors. Just remember guys I love you. I also miss Helly (my sister) so much.

That's it for now..keep visiting and I will keep writing. I am actually enjoying doing this..more then I ever have.I hope people are reading..

Here and now

I love this song so much..I play it every day and get so much joy from it

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charters Towers...whats good..whats bad

OK so this is the end of my 4th I thought I'd do a list of what I like and dislike about Charters this moment

Whats Good.
* love the library and the staff..awesome
* Love the street we are living in and our neighbours
* Love the house we are blessed with
*.Love the parks..they have done a fabulous job in greening the place and making it pretty.
* Love the small town "idea" or whatever you call it. That people know you..I was just in Woolies and a lady stopped me and said "I think you are my neigbour"..the one with the litle dog that cries every time you go out..YIKES
* Love that it so close to Townsville and the water and the airport, but so quiet away from all that business
* Love that it has coffee shops and brand name store.
 *Love that it so different to wherever else we have lived

Whats Bad
* So hard to get anything you specifically want..a dish drainer?? nah..a cheap watch ..Nah
* Hate that there are so many HUGE dogs everywhere..that people have so many of them. they terrify me and Molly
* Hate the prickles everywhere
* Not having a C3 church here in town
* No really modern coffee stores..(now I am getting fussy)
* That there are no shopping malls. (REALLY fussy) but I think shopping may be on the back burner come summertime.
* I also hate that everyone shops at the same place, which means everyone has the same glasses, cups, etc etc..Although Townsville is just down the road.

OK so far that is my list..not so bad..some funy sights. I am fascinated with the variety of fashion around here..very modern, funky, countryish,  ordinary, daggy and frightful.This would  possibly describe most places  in Australia..However he icing on the cake was today seeing a man in long brown ugg boots, black very baggy trackies and a very tight very dirty white singlet. Yep even Lismore may not have seen that sight yet.

I am loving being here and really my whinges are small. God is in control and learning to trust more and more. I read on FB yesterday a status update from my friend Moika (which she apparently stole from someone else)
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain..
Love it and it is so true. Thanks Moika..or whoever. Its now my motto.
So i came home from shopping to find Molly has tried to dig to China. Her feet are all red..from the dirt and her water bowl is red too..she has had a great doubt crying and digging..o what will the neighbours think.

 This is not Molly but she looked a little like this
Anyway its Friday..we fire up the BBQ that looks set to pop.. we have decided to keep it and just enjoy it..till it suddenly goes ttwwaannnggg...!!!..Hope your weekend is great..Till next time

Monday, May 31, 2010

Media tart "the Northern Miner" Charters Towers..and happy Birthday sister Barb

OK so today I featured in the local paper "the Northern Miner"..yep is me and my new neighbour who is also new to town (from Noosa) Apologies for quality..but t was in the paper.

Also the excelsior library National Simultaneous Storytime featured. Alan's photo..very good

Love the fact I am NOT in it. So pretty much the Tysons dominated the local rag..considering the size of it.

Also today its happy birthday to sister Barbara. The first of June has always heralded sister Barbara's birthday.I thought it was way cool that her birthday meant the first day of cool. Barb has been very encouraging since our move and actualy reads my blog. So happy birthday Barb..

This is at Clareys birthday just recently..
This is an old family photo..1 Christmas in Goonellabah..guessing 1971. Barb nursing Rebecca..the idoised first baby in the family

 Love BIG sisters in their children of Mary coats

Finally Barb with her P's..we were so proud of her.Me and friend Vicki in background.

 Poor Barb, until the age of about 3-4 I thought she was a boy. I think it was because she always had all the cool toys. Cars, cowboys and Indians, plastic knife, comics (that we were NEVER allowed to touch) and she wore shorts heaps..I remember when I was sick she and Sue would bring me little gifts (see no wonder my love language is gifts) I remember when she went through the stage of photographing dead trees. and me driving around with her.and her love of exploring caves. I remember her taking me on one of those trips too.

How proud she was of her simca, when she got it. I think she got it from Uncle Frank in Lismore. how she and another girl rode all the way into Tamworth..about 45 kilometers..How she was the one who would tell dad stuff that none of us were game enough to.How she used to go small bore rifle shooting. How she always had a sense of adventure and always seemed to do stuff that I only ever dreamed of doing. Her love of the phantom, Elvis, and Emma Peel. She actually got an Emma Peel doll..O my gosh it was awesome..complete with gun

How she was the one that went to PNG (papua new guinea) to Mt Hagen..and even then sent gifts to me. She was soo brave.

So many memories. Thanks are a great sister, sorry I don't see enough of you and when we do spend time together we just don't seem to Id love it if you made the sojourn north to visit with us and then we would have to spend time talking.
 So happy birthday to a sister who I have always been proud of and one who has always cared about me. May you have many more