Saturday, June 19, 2010

Claire was Charlies Trousers and having fun

So after our big trip to the dam/falls and Ravenswood we were pretty tired but pumped to be seeing Claire. She had texted me about 4 and said she was leaving Emerald.  6 hours I figured..I told her to txt me when she got here.
So about 10.05 i got a txt and it said she was at the saleyards. I gave her what I thought to be easy directions..(note to time go meet visitor..) O my gosh..when she hadn't turned up in like 15 minutes later, my mind was accident? on her way to cairns? abducted by aliens? broken down? O where was she?  So an hour later..when every possible scenario had played itself out in my head..Alan went driving and found her. Scary isn't it. That you can still find someone in this town. Poor thing she had got lost.
 Well after we got her and Kevin (her faithful cockatiel that travels everywhere with her) safely inside It was time to catch up and then into bed.


The next day when we were out driving she kept saying "I've been here..and here and here" I think she has seen more of CT then me.Honestly she really did see heaps.

Claire would have loved to go to Hughenden (where Kirsty spent her first 2 years teaching) to see Mutabuttasaurus, but i felt 6 hours driving was a bit much when she had a 40 hour plus return trip to make.

So we did very little, but laugh, watch tv, and enjoy the company. We did do the lookout a few times..fed the rock wallabies, fed the birds ( well ducks,chooks and peacocks)at the park went to the dam..had "wet cake" up the street and she did a tour of Alans Library. She also helped me to buy a heater..big help. I have now officially frightened winter hasn't ben under 10 degrees since i bought

The wet cake incident was hillarious. I have been off wheat for a few weeks so we decided to have a friand at one of the local bakeries. I tasted it first and Claire asked what it was like? I said sweet playdough..but her answer was the best.."wet cake" she reckons that it had slipped into a sink full of water and the people had said..o its still good..we will just call it gluten free now..the funny thing was we both ate it all..

the said wet cake

where we had the wet cake and our slushy

So I have includd a few was just a fu time.. She left Thursday and was on a mission to photograph every big thing between here and Ballina..with her bucket hat..It took her 2 full day to get to I bet she has lots of pictures..
We visited the tourist information centre..Claire holding "the world"

Lunch at our place..with kevin

Claire taking a sneeky photo..of the most awesome mullet ever..and not only 1 there was 2...O Yeah!!

Claire and me..what a team

The afternoon we did the lookout and captured some pics of rock wallabies. The Mother and baby were so cute

Claire leaving..complete with Kevin

Anyway thanks for visiting..thanks Clairebelle.. Hope u come again.. I know I know the excitement was too much.
You who are reading this blog can also have this fun.just come visit Charlies Trousers. A name coined by son in law Michael and quickly picked up by Grandchildren..Natty, Chari and Sammy..But how cute is it??
Lave u with some snaps of the birdlife at the park...


Kirsty said...

Looks like FUN! I am currently in negotiations with the Mr to see if we can come up for a week in the June/July holidays :)
He has also mentioned going up to see the V8s in Townsville later this year :)

Phrog said...

Still waiting to see where Christmas is being held this year!!! Is it Brisbane, Charters Towers or Canberra??

Anonymous said...

Wet cake... hahaha!
I had fun visiting you, Mary.
Love from Claire.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would say "hi i enjoyed your blog" and my name is Claire and my website, and how I sign all my art is: (hold on to your trousers) WWW.CLAIREWASHERE.COM
ha ha!