Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is my family..(minus some)

This is Alan and I with our 5 "babies" Mary (skennars Head) Clare (brisbane) Amy-Jane (Skennars) Alan (Skennars) Kim ( Lennox Head) Kirsty (Mundubbera) and Daniel (Queenbeyan)

All the females in the family

My 3 girls

Couldn't resist this snap of Natty. She is so happy!!! No doubt Unce Kimmy made her laugh heaps..

My 5 children (being silly led on by the youngest..and yes doing a "REID" family shot youngest to oldest!!! Note the eldest and 2nd eldest are also the tallest and shortest in the family

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and others

Alan and Danny doing a duel jump at our boxing day breakie at Kimmys and BethysWhat a pair but what fun
here is our Christmas day lunch picture

Kirsty and Michael on the beach

Molly and Buddy on a beach walk

My grandchildren and me and AJ in the new much used spa

Yes Christmas came and went so fast...It will be new year in about 5 minutes....

I have uploaded some pictures from over the last few days. Danny n Del who are son and daughter and daughter in law from Canberra and fellw blogees arrived late last night. So i do have all my chickies lovely...

To all my followers..the myriad that I have hope your Chrissy was great and 2009 roc

s for you

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yes 4 days befpre christmas when everybody has been asking me what I want and then my hairdryer ceases to anyone still looking I need a good hairdrer..powerful with a diffuser as my co-user insists we have one????? so yes I think that is all I can think of. And finally to have a FR....N spa!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My IWOOT for Danny andour day at pac fair

OK so today Alan and I got up at sparrows and drove to pac fair!! we arrived at about 8.15 (qld time) now I might add visiting pac fair is a fair pain in the ars... ( please do not get this one wrong) as we(NSW) live an hour all day it is confusing. My phone automaticaaly changes over but of course my watch doesn't!!!
Anyway we started with a delicious breaky..and then shopped. We shopped for hours and hours BUT the really good news is our shopping is nearly all done. So amazing.
Alan and I had a great day and were very excited that our spa was being plugged in by the electrician. Yes home to a beautiful spa. We came home to a bill for &50 dollars and thespa not working : (
very sad. Hope he will come and fix it tomorrow.
Anyway my IWOOT for Danny..

a new cordless phone

new brown/beige large bath towels plus bath mat

a new quality frypan ..with lid

a new small outdoor setting

a short sleeve wrap but not in satin..impossible to buy trust me!!

a clock radio that projects the time to the ceiling

a sound machine for beside my bed

I tried pictures but way too there are some things. I also need a new wallet..and many more things but I feel I have excelled myself here..Now if i had a spa I would go and sit in it, so maybe Al and I will have to go and F..T in it!!!!!!

Ok about the f... word

Gosh I can not beleive where you peoples minds go...No Alan thought we could sit in it and "pass wind" I mean I was trying to be tactful in case my beautiful granchildren where reading this..but gosh. How low do you go????

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New spa pictures

Ok so this is our spa...the idea is that because the electrician can't plug it in till Monday we will fill it and sit in it and f...!!! Als idea cool does it look??/ That courtyard was really built as a spa coutyard. Its just taken us 2 and a half years to realise it!!!!

yep I'm socks too AND all partied out

You Are Socks! That sucks..I thought I would be something way more interesting.
OUR SPA arrived today. Alan and I have both sat in it...empty of course. It still has to be all wired up...Hurry up I want it ready NOW!!!!
I will post a picture soon.

I am so over parties. All week. Party, party, party,...38 cbabies plus parents monday, 30 children plus parents yesterday and 58 plus parents today.
We went through 3 half slab cakes, 3 fruit cakes, 3 very large fruit platters, plus 2 watermelons 3 rockmelons, 2 kg grapes, 2 kilos cheese, 8packs rice biscuits, 3 water crackers, 14 litres of juice and various other bits n pieces not to mention presents packs blowers etc..phew!! I was tired. Roll on holidays..I did score this year with presents. I got tin chocolates, packs of chocolates, lots of soap, hand towel Lots of home made cooking (eewww..) always a bit worried about that, a cute christmas dancing chicken, etc etc etc...I made out like a bandit and as gifts s one of my strong love languages it was great...
come on holidays..I have 26 sleeps away from work YAY!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


OK every day I checck and they are all still the same. Now I know we are all busy but come on..... need to knw everything. Mind u Kim sat and read my Christmas letter to make sure of all the happenings..
And just making sure everyone knows that Clarey will be working as a solicitor in the new year. YAY for Clare. We are so excited for her. She has waited for this. Congrats Clare and looking forward to everyone coming home.
SO come on posts

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kimmy and Bethys Christmas the pool

Come on now lets have some FUN!!!!

Hey the spa end looks great

Is that Tommy Tarrant disgracing himself

AJ enjoying a cherry

Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight

Bombs away

my turn

Waterfall babes

OK so I knicked AJ's snaps to put on. Looks like a great day. I still have;t had a swim. TOO slow too busy, too sick...I will get there. How wonderful for Kimmy and Bethy to have a resort in their own I!!! have fun and enjoy it. It sure looks like you are.

I hadn't seen the waterfall finished it does look fantastic.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My only Chrissy party..

UUUmmmmm what should we have
Hely and Jenny

WOW look at the festive table

Me and my very festive husband
OK so my one and only party for the year and about 3pm I started to feel sick. Headache, temp etc. So 3 panadol and I was ready to party (sort of) We picked Hely and Jenny up and got there in time to put out a christmas quiz, bon bons and a bag of reindeer poo...( maltesers with a little poem attached) before everyone else arrived at 7...I wanted it to be special for everyone.
We had booked for 25 9and I thought 23 were coming) and we ended up with 29!!! sheesh what happened to lists???
We ordered at 7.30, then played the dirty Santa game which went for ages and everyon had fun and then waited for our meals till 10 to 9.. I had ordered chicken shnitzel just what I felt like and then I ended up with fish ( not what I felt like!) and then by the time our desert arrived at 10.45pm 3 and a half hours after ordering there was only 9 of us left. Everyone else had asked for take away deserts. Pretty bad and Al was disgusted with the whole thing (especially when he ordered a red wine and they had run out of red wine glasses and he had to drink it out ofa flute glass)
Anyway I was so happy to get home to bed and have not got out of my nightie today. I have slept for about 8 hours today... thank God for airconditioning.
Still struggling wuith my Chrissy letter..slowly.
very excited I only have to get through 4 days of work, 3 christmas parties 2 shopping trips and a partridge in a pear tree...yep 160 children plus but hopefully I have overestimated..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 friday favs..early..but who cares

yes I am beginnibng too wonder if my blogs are being read...but thats ok..
My 5 Favs are...
1 finishing story time for the year... that made me smile. Now I just have about 160 who I need to party in style next week.
2. My husband. A girl at work has just had her 2nd rear end accident for the year ( she running into the back of someone) and she was saying how angry her Dad was with her the first time and how scared she was to tell husband is an amazing Father ( and husband) and his kids ( I don't think would be ever afaraid of him!!)
3 Christmas time..I love it makes me happy and makes me smile just living it.
4 Storms (when there is no wind or hail) we have had a lot lately and they are quite lovely..
5 Coming home after a long hard day when its as hot as AND my house is lovely and cool from the sea breeze that has been blowing..O YEAH!!!
Thats it for this week tomorrow and I am on holidays..YAY

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's nearly Christmas

YAY..and although the daunting thought of shopping..card writting, wrapping, decorating etc. is at times a bit mind blowing I just deep down LOVE IT!!
This year I am very excited as I am taking just over 3 weeks off from work and I plan to do nothing except relax and have fun, enjoy all my kids while they are here and especially my beautiful grandchildren!!
I see beach walks (if my foot ever heals) park, coffee...movies the list goes on O YES!!
To my friend Donna. I may not be as enthusiastic. I do not cook ( I mean why cook when Mr Coles and Mr Woolies etc do your baking for you ) But I do love the season..yes rock on Christmas.
Bring on the heat, the crowded shops, the battle in the car parks for that spot, the struggle to buy just the right gift, all the food ( I'll worry about the weight next year) put up the decos (as tacky as some of mine are I am told by daughter number 3) buy just one more animated singing reindeer and just bring on the peace that comes only with Christmas!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

5 FAVS and YES its still Friday!!!!

YAY its still friday and I am doing it!!!!

1, Having dinner with Kimmy and Bathany Joy at Fishy fishy...yay rates number 1 this week..
2. Having my son ring and see if I wanted to do lunch on a work day as he wasup in "the wok" what he calls Lismore (a hole in the ground and its hot!!!...go figure)
3. Living in the natiional Lampoons Christmas vacation street.. Chevvy Chase eat your heart out. Even though I get GGGRRRR I love gouing ouit and seeing the lights O YEAH!!
4, Coming home from work and having a wine ( no not a whine although some days that also rates) with my amazing husband..
5. Christmas time I LOve it I love it I love It , I love much fun so much happiness so much to buy ( so little money) but yes I love it ( friend Donna please note I am NOT one of those scrooge type people)