Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes another road trip" but then... A FROCK!!!

Purple pink and mauve spotty tie

Ok so a simple trip to Lismore at 9.30 this morning, to check out the one outfit I was hanging out for and also to get a body armour suit turned into an all day road trip to Pac fair, Robina and then home agin at 5.30. WHEW!!!

BUT I have now decided to wear "the frock" even though it shows my fat rolls at the back, I do love it and have attached photos. The outfit in Lismore was daggy grey and made me feel frumpy after my vivid Pink number from yesterday. So no luck either with some body armour in Lismore so it was off to Pac fair and Myer (looking for another frock) But no luck there so back to Robina for the ...wait for it....$150 body armour YIKES!!!

It helps a bit with the fat roll but really it is a very slimming dress at the front so I guess I can't have everything. I will fit in nicely with the wedding party and Dads tie (which I have also put a picture on of) will tie the whole theme together...

I must add here that while at Robina Alan and I ate a very delicious Chicken salad sandwich...we carb loaded O NO!!! YUM!!!!!

Now all i need is to accesorize..glitter shoes bag and perhaps a pashmina to cover the bits at the back...Let me know what you think..

Friday, February 27, 2009

A trip to Robina

OK so I decided to go to Robina shopping today. The plan was I would go to work for 2 hours and then head off...but it got bigger then benhur. Helen ( who has been in charge all week at the Library) suggested I take Jenny with me as she was calling in to the library soon...then I aid why don't you come after Helly organising some stuff we all headed off on a road trip to Robina. Good times. I did buy a dress but has not passed muster by the fashion gru and don't think it will.... Its PINK very pink) with a jewel piece under the bust... do need good underwear with it...I shall let you know what happens.
Very excited about the upcoming hens night holiday and wedding....yay

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My post for a desperate Danny

OK so I am home and o so tired..slept for about 3 hours last night. For some reason I was WIDE awake!!! No reason just was totally wired..Why I ask myself did I not get up and do something constructive with all that energy..but nOOOO lay in bed and worried about the little ammount of sleep I would have..go figure!!1
Yes we got Katherine and Jasons invite today..
1...No we aren't going. Alan has no leave and I sure as heck wouldn't spend our New Zealand Holiday money on that trip for me alone.

2..No I am not going to the engagement party as it is easter and I have a few things already to do...and I am going to Sydney later in April..

3.. YES I would go if we hadknown about it and saved and had storted my holidays (well Al too) I am a bit disappointed in the wedding as I am guessing this is the first i will have missed EVER..
I am sure it will be wonderful but not without me there of course..

Yes our NZ holiday is very exciting. We fly out late on Saturday night the 5th September and back into Brisvegas 3 weeks later early in the Sat AM..we are looking at driving around the South Island only.. It will be a little fresh I beleive but hey I live ina hot climate it will be something nice...different..uneewsual....LOL

Will keep you posted I just hope the exchange rate stays as good as it is or better..

Thursday, February 19, 2009


OK so thought as our exciting holiday looms ever so close...I should get out some details. Don't forget to book your red cat ferry tickets with the number SS000155 and your car rego This gives you a 10% discount.

Alan and I and Dan n Del are heading over around 12 noon on Sunday 8th March.
All linen needs to be taken. There are 3 bedrooms with queen size beds ( Alan and I bags one!) and one with 2 single beds, and 1 with 1 single bed. So whoever bags the other 2 queen size beds gets them and needs to bring a set of queen sheets.
Each person will also need to bring towels for themselves and a bathmat for their ensuite..(well 2 couples + Al and I)

The balance that needs to be paid to Al as soon as possible is $300. We are happy to pay the majority as we are covering Clare and AJ, neither of which will be there for the whole time.
When is everyone else coming over??

I think thats it. O also hoping Kimmy and Bethy may bring some games with them. If anyone else thinks of anything please let us know. So excited about the holiday, the hens night AND the wedding. All I need now is a nice "FROCK"

This week has been a pretty rough week for me. Sorry for laying a little low..if anyone had noticed! If not then its all good. I am having today (friday) off work just to help.. I can't quite come up with five favs but hey I am excited about all the above AND our New Zealand holiday..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK in my past 6 or so blogs I have had 2 anyone reading?????

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Mum song...

Lara (my ya ya) sent me this and I thought it so great I have blogged it. I hope it brings back memories for you AND for some it will be so real its scary..but O so true..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beloved

Well today has been wonderful. Thanks to Danny and Del, organising all of us, Alan got one thing that he has wanted for a long time..his own laptop. He was soo excited and has spent all day fiddling with it. It was a delight to see him just so happy.
Thanks to all of our beautiful children for poolinf in to give Alan something so wonderful. He felt very special and very spoilt, as he knows that each one of you struggle with finances, especially with our big wedding/holiday coming up. So I just wanted to say thank you from me to each one of you for the joy it has given the man I love.

So AJ, Alan and myself went to coffee club for morning tea. Alan lashed out and had poached eggs, bacon and turkish toast with a great pesto creamy sauce..very bad but hey, it wasn't sso bad. (he had a shake for breakfast and lunch..) I think that was a snack!! I had a muffin (it is allowed on our maintainence plan) It was so nice, so "normal".

Then it was home to Kimmy and Bethy visiting, watching a couple of movies and Alan playing with his new toy.

We bought some steaks for tea and that will be it for another birthday for Alan. It has been a joy to see him so happy.

The cricket yeasterday..even though it was wet, and his great day today
He also loved the beautiful stubby holder Kirsty and Mick and the kids sent..complete with their picture on it. She is so talented my daughter.

OK so the search for the wedding dress has started in earnest now. I have been hoping to lose about another 5kg but hey going to have to go as one has even noticed my loss yet which is a bit sad.
If I am well tomorrow we will go to Pac fair and then pick Buddy up..heres hoping

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

for Danny a computer blog

hey Dan I jus went forward on our faily slimmers blogs a few more "next blog" steps and came up with this site..thought you would be interested a whole blog about computers anyway just some trivia

I continue to be mortified!!

Yes the more I watch about these most horrendous bushfires the more my mind can not comprehend its horror.
Yes I too think of all those Mick like people fighting the fires down there and then all the people who have been left with nothing but still have huge memories of such horror.
The enormity of it is just too great. So many dead, so many homes destroyed. Well over 1,000 homes. How many families lives have been touched directly by this. The answer is thousands..
Each time it comes on, I am somehow unable t move away. Each time I see stuff, I cry!!!
So much prayer is needed for that state, for our nation. We really are a nation in mourning

Monday, February 9, 2009

OK I am sick of it...

OK I am really sick of feeling sick..Its now nearly 2 weeks and I am over it..Just having a whinge!! I have had time off...slept..rested..etc etc and syill feel sick. I have had high potassium (at dangerous levels????) now its ok but my creatinine is high( dehydrated mayde from being sick) more blood tests thursday.... O MY gosh I am really sick of it.
I have decided that I would prefer to just get sick (really sick for a day or 2) and then get better...not this O I feel sick, o my arms and legs ache when I move them, o I am so tired..enough!!!

OK I feel a little better now. AJ is home sick and her world has collapsed around her. She has a little 'nest' in the lounge room and whinges often..she is NOT a good patient. Alan couldn't sleep last night and he went out to the lounge room and turned on the light and "AARRGGHH" AJ was asleep (not for very long. There naturally was a bit of abuse being swung bad those two together.

4 years tomorrow till my anniversary. Can't but help to think of the family of the woman who gave me new life. They must be so sad at this you all

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just some random thoughts..and my Transplant anniversary

So.....this week has been a fairly slow one for me..home again and no well. Sometimes the glory of being home alone is overshadowed by the 'not well' part. Yep I look around and see my mess and think I would love to do that..I see stuff and feel so guilty..

As I have been home alone...(name for a movie maybe) I have realised how fast my life is just Racing by..I can't say slipping away as it is galloping at an extraordinary rate.. so really who cares about dust grime etc

In a few weeks I will be 52..when did I get to be that number..I can't sy old as I really only feel about 40..OK so maybe I am old but gosh.

I feel the past 10 years have gone in a blink of an eye.

It is 4 years on Tuesday since I had my kidney transplant. I praise God for his blessings on me during this time.. Those few years before and after were such a harsh reality for me and now are just a blur..I remember trying so hard to keep fear at bay, of feeling so alone, that life went on for others but life for me was just so hard.. Yes it was areally hard time and the time post transpplant was not so good either..for a while.. but now 4 years down the track Its a part of my past that I hope stays in my past..
So I found some old pictures I thought worthy of a revisit from around that time

yep..not the worst photo

Love the purple gown..and still txting

before I swelled up..


Sam only about 5 months old and Kimmy about 18 years old

Danny and Kimmy

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alan the "media tart"

OK so the story goes over the Australia day weekend this HUGE pile of rubbish appeared

at the back of Alans shop. Alan felt that it was councils responsibility to clean it up and the counci did NOT feel this at all. And so the battle commenced with the final call being Alan 1 ...Ballina council 0...yep my amazing husband did it. He got council to do it.

It did take many phone calls, many txts and finally a call to the Advocate...(the local free paper) who then rang the council and within like 1 hour they were there..but yep he won...3 truckloads later..It was once again junk go Alan.

So I am at home unwell yet again.. yesterday I drove to work and turned around and came home again..AND SLEPT for hours..

Last night we had dinner with the younger Tysons..a very enjoyable night. Mind youAlan is NOT so hot at playing Cranium..I am good at some things and terrible at others..

Love to all you fans...and roll on the cooler weather