Saturday, June 5, 2010

A quick update and Our weekend

So to add to my previous blog about Charters Towers, good and bad points...for Danny..

On the plus side we certainly have far better coverage with our mobiles then we did at Skennars Head. Mind you it didn't have to do much to improve on the Skennars reception was pitiful. So here we are using our mobiles as our main line of communication..its worked so far..

Now electronics?um Not sure there is a plethora. There is a leading edge store..smallish and a computer store/coffee shop. Now that is my entire knowledge of these things. 2 junk (sorry discount) stores and quite a large wolies supermarket.I do miss Big W and Kmart but we do have a target hope that answers questions.

We were horrified to wake on Thursday morning to the news hat lennox Head had just had a tornado..soI rang Kim (AJ has no mobile reception..she is living still at Skennars!!) Kim answered and was having breaky with AJ. They were oblivious to the whole thing.. No idea. O well I knew they were safe. It was just horrific the damage caused and I can only imagine the terror these people went through.

 I still can not comprehend that this much destruction was caused at beautiful Lennox..5 or so km  to where our little bit of paradise is. It so easily could have been us.

I was in the  supermarket on Friday and a lady stopped me and said.."I think you are our neighbour, in Hilton have the little dog that cries all the time!!!" YIKES!! O dear. Molly is being bad. I got home and Miss Molly had tried to dig to China. It was only the 2nd time we had left her the soil mixed with water and she was a clay mess..

Yep another bath..the 2nd in 3 days..o dear. Alan has spent this morning putting shadecloth all along the fence. He says that Miss Molly watched him and has already worked out how to break out..o dear!!!

 But also awaiting was a beautiful card from our Chari. Saying thank you for her present. I am sure prompted by her Mum but it was beautiful mail. Thanks Chari Beth. It made Ginny (and Poppy) very happy. It now has gone 'straight to the fridge" where all my tresures are..

Friday night we fired up the new bbq..the one that looks ready to "TWAANG" and it was awesome..sausage sandwiches for tea..bacon, and eggs for bereakfast Saturday morning and steak on the bbq last night . Not sure if it all tastes so good cause Alan is cooking it or if it really is just amazing..but trust me I can see bacon and eggs on Saturday morning quickly becoming a tradition. According to Kim  you only have to do something once to become a tradition!!!
Church this morning was at the Baptists. Mind you a 9am service is a little rude hey. We are struggling with church and where to go, but Doug and Anne our neighbours (the pastors at the Baptist Church) are so lovely (and patient with Molly) we really would like to support them..I did tell Anne I did not know the hymns that they mustn't have had them in the catholic church..she said "o thats cause these are the modern ones..we like to use the new modern ones.." YIKES..modern o dear.. I so miss C3 music. I took a picture of the beautiful stained glass window..

Like most things in Charters..its very old..I saw the sign on the building today

Last night we went up to the lookout b4 sunset to check out the sunset. Heck it was like pit street up there. And then a bus pulled up..out jumped the crowd..out came the wine, bickies, cheese were up there for the screening of the movie, that they present every night at 6pm. Moly loved being up there and loved the rock wallabies..she nearly had a heart attack when she saw the first funny..

so this is the East at sunset..very beautiful..

I miss my kids so much..It just seems a little empty without them..but I know we are here for a season. I pray that it be a fruitful season..No car pulling up with AJ or Kimmy. No visitors from Mundubbera, No Clarey from Brisbane ans def no Canberra visitors. Just remember guys I love you. I also miss Helly (my sister) so much.

That's it for now..keep visiting and I will keep writing. I am actually enjoying doing this..more then I ever have.I hope people are reading..


Kirsty said...

I am reading!!
Charlotte posted that with not a bit of prompting! I didn't even know she had the postcard!!

Phrog said...

Thanks for that, you forgot Gyms??

Clare said...

Loving the posts...I am totally reading and that is saying a lot for me!