Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Queanbeyan

Yay Danny has just told me how to fix my blog..he is so clever!!!
My trip was long but good. I have decided that I really am a good traveller. Everyone complained about how rough the trip was into Sydney and I was like "o I didn't think it was that bad" Shopping in Canberra Centre today...Very exciting. No money to shop but I lOve to look... and wow look at this I can once again change colours and size. danny is my hero

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5 favs for Friday (early I know)

My five favs are early this week but I have missed a few weeks so...
* Swimming when its hot.
* Peaches and Nectarines
* Surprises really cool cause I am hard to surprise
* Christmas (and everything that ges with it)
* Flowers ( smelling them)
Thats it for today
I have photos from Kimmys party that I will download when I get home. We played put the nose on the clown and tip of your tongue..good times!!!!

I did it but didn't know how to cut and paste

Yes and I didn't finish it took me 40 mins (what a waste of time) and I got

61,180 on widget... O YEAH!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

So tired AND ITS KIMMYS Birthday

I know my blog entries have been pitiful..I have been just so tired. I am very anemic and I am guessing that is the reason. To drive home at night is such an effort. I nearly go to sleep. I know pity party for Mary. Sorry No real excuses.
We also have one of our staff members who is very sick in hospital. She went in 1 and a half weeks ago and its not looking good. She is so sick. Cancer I beleive and everywhere. It has thrown us all into a spin. 57 and its all too much for us.
Anyway our baby Kimmy is 23 today!! When we realised I was pregnant with Kimmy it was like our world was coming to an end. We just couldn't cope. Our AJ had been a bit of a handful and the thought of another baby was too much. I booked in for a termination. No real counselling. It was that easy. And then God moved. I heard him say through a priest in church, that God puts mountains in our paths and we can take the easy path and go around the mountain or take his hand and go over the top...well I never thought of my Kimmy as a mountain BUT!!!!!
So yes we cancelled the appointment and went on to be blessed with the most amazing baby and child and adult. It was through all this that I became a christian. Before that I just went to church but it was after this that I realised that God cared for me Mary Tyson and what was happening in my world.
So 23 years on it is another birthday and another reason for me to celebrate he goodness of God. I can not imagine what life would have been like if Kimmy had never been born. Thank you God for all our children and I guess Kimmy was the icing on the top although at the beginning I thought the cake was great without icing!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

10 favs as I missed 2 weeks (with apologies for doubling up)

1 my amazing Husband. He makes e laugh and smile and drives me crazy but I love and admire him so much
2 my children all of them..My own and my in law ones. Amazing bautiful people
3 Coffee..the smell and taste when you really need it..YAY
4.. Te ocean. The sound the smell wakin on the beach loveit
5..Fishing. I know its really gross but I love it. I love the feel of a BIG fish on the line ( not tha that has happened often but I do love it)
6.. Christmas when all my children re coming home. I am Sked, Yay good times.
7..Kimmy and Bethy comin home from OS after 8 weeks tomorrow night. Wat excited and makes me smile.
8..going to see Danny and Del in Canberra in 2 weeks. Fun times
9 flowers smelly flowers, I love roes lillies anything wirh a fragrance
10..O I had to do it Miss Molly. She makes me smile some days when I am so down...Love her to bits as well
hats it I did it..just like that 3 minutes and its done. It didn't hurt and I can go to bed..
See you next week

The spoon theory

Ok this is a link I think you should all copy and paste and loo at. It is an amazing theory to understand thosearound you who are sick...
DO IT!!!!

No apologies

OK my friday favs have gone a little by the way and I must admit I have had a challenging week or two.
I just thought I would share with my family what I discovered today.
The message at Church today was all about how we can carry things around with us for so long. We don't really realise it is there but it sort of eats you up...robs you of a lot of stuff. Well I went up for prayer afterwards and had some prayer but was not sure why or what was troubling me.
When I came home I talked t Big Al about it..well really I cried and cried. i realised that I have been living with disappointment for the last 10 years. I realised that every step of theway for me has been disappointment after disappoinment.
I actually said that I feel like 10 years ago I was handed a death sentence. I know pretty heavy but it was ood for me to finally be able to articulate what I have lived with.
Ther was a lot of tears and my amazing husband sat and held me and let me cry. Crty for what to me has been the lost 10 years where I have struggled with my health. The fact that I see now how many health problems I face because of all my transplant that has never gone so aches and pains and suddenly I am 51 and what is in store for me..
Anyway just wanted my family to know I love them and sorry for the times I am a bit fat flat(whoops typo as Al pointed out but then??????) but I am beleiving that now God has opened my blind eyes it will be on wards for US!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

North Straddie

Mary Chasing a echidna..poor quality just my phone

Photos of Where Clares reception will be. he view from the reception ANd the beach where she is marrying.
Also one of my boyfriend and I.
There is one of the actual cove where she is marrying and one of part of the walk we went on AND one on the classy ferry
Will have to do 5 favs on Tuesday

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bethy

Yes its Bethy's birthday way way away. Over in Amsterdam. I hope her day is great. So far away. I think that would suck as my love language is how the heck do you get presents from people so far away. The fact that You are on an amazing trip possibly helps to numb the pain.
Have a good one Bethy. We tried to ring at about 8.15 their answer. either at Breaky or still asleep.Have a great day. I am sure Kimmy will spoil you.
I LOVE birthdays. Presents cards...cake ..etc etc..
just wanted to wish Bethy all the best

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am sooo excited

Ok today I did a Daniel and waded through thousands of DVD's at K mart. AND I found it.. YES I am i heaven. I prayed so much there were so many dvds..all on top of each other. So many and then .....there it was. SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL!! In a 3 pack to boot...I saw a bright light and heard a chorus of angls singing..It is the holy grail of DVDS. Dan would be proud of me

5 Friday Favs

OK so the week has been less then ordinary so really it scratching the ol brain to think of favs....
1.. after coming home so tired last night I again have to rate my bed.. I love it, I love it, I love it

2...Time off fromwork. Yes time to waste...well time to NOT have to rush to work and if I stay in my PJ's till 11 o'clock who cares????

3..the freedom of I can't go for walks while my foot is broken..I MISS IT SO MUCH

4..air conditioning. I know I know really bad for the environment.. bUT i love it. Summer is fast approaching and the thought that I can sleep in comfort is Fantastic. I mean to say.. that has to be much better for the world. You are less stressed, less tired etc etc etc.. that's my story and I am sticking to it.

5..Family.. My family keeps me happy always. I love talking to them, being with them, listening to them. Where would I be without ALL my family.

OK I did it. See even when you have had a shocker of a week there are always things to make you smile..

Thanks for dropping by

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

another entry

This week has been hideous at work. No staff or just a skeleton staff.It has been so very busy..hate school least when I am working in the library.

My foot is now in a full boot and so I have felt plain useless all week.. Claire Von??? from church has lent me her boot and its like having your foot in plaster..

I am finishing work in about 2 hours and have 5 yes 5 days off!!! YAHOO. Very excited.