Monday, May 3, 2010

Saying goodbye to Baby bounce and rhyme at Limore Library..hello Charters T

Charters Towers is another step closer after yesterday,

I did my final Baby bounce and Rhyme sessions yesterday. I was very sad. This was my baby. I began over 3 and a half years ago..

I was so sad as we sang the closing song.."goodbye, goodbye I'll see you soon, see you soon, see you soon. Goodbye, goodbye I'll see you soon, on another day"

There were tears in my eyes..I have about 8 of my babies who have been coming since about 3 weeks and now attend storytime. I can not describe what a privilege it has been to be apart of these young little peoples lives.

I was given some cute little gifts, lots of cuddles and beautiful words. I am now trying to look to Charters Towers and doing something very similar up there. Early literacy skills are so important in this very young age group.

So the past week and a half have been a nightmare. I have been so busy and so stressed. Pains in neck, chest, back palpatations, not sleeping, mind racing. The whole gammit. Just a really bad time. I threw out way too much, but got to the stage where I really didn't care. I just had to do it. But do it I did. Last Wednesday the truck fronted up (very late) and packed my precious furniture, 24 cartons, 3 porta robes 3 scooters, 1 box lego and 1 doll house. It was supposed to arrive today but now won't arrive till Thursday, so Alan continues to camp for another few days...I to have joined the camping club. A bit sad when AJ and I were both stoked to take left overs to work cause we could heat it in the microwave. So sad.

So now we really are on the downhill slide..5 sleeps..YIKES!!! how exciting 2 sleeps on my camp bed, 1 sleep at sister Helly's place (after my night out) 1 sleep at Clareys en route, 1 sleep at Sarina (a hotel where miss Molly can stay too) and theninto my loving husbands arms.. YES!!!

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