Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm here..and my grueling trip

Well the past 3 or so weeks have been a nightmare..so busy..I feel everything (life etc) is a little surreal..
Last week I had to say goodbye to all my babies and children from storytime.

Some were harder then others..here is one of my real cuties who now has a little brother coming to Baby bounce.

I made up a cute story including Molly the dog (our very confused puppy) looking for her favourite chair,, It was a hit and maybe one day I will get it published,,(well the parents thought it worthy)
So last week on Monday I said goodbye tomy babies x 2, Wednesday it was goodbye to my storytime kids..again on Thursday and then Thursday night a farewell at the Hilltop from work.
               Saying Goodbye to my sister Helly was the hardest thing ever..love you Helly

I stayed at hellys which was awesome and then went to work Friday fro the last time (for a while)
I found it very hard at work filling in the time and not doing anything..very tiring.
I left work Friday about 3.20 got home and packed the car..Molly would not get out of the car..she knew something was up..I ended up having to leave so much as I think I must have thought I had a truck instead of a little pulsar. We were chockers..we left about 5.45 and arrived in Brisbane at about 8ish. Clarey and Shane had a yummy dinner for me and I think I inhaled it..bed and then up and away b4 6.
Travelling with a dog is certainly interesting..esp one who doesnt like to wee or poo.unless she feels familiar with the surrondings..GOSH!!! Molly slept all the way (no help with driving) but as soon as the car slowed she was up checking out the scenary..
The day flew past but that last 3 hours from Rockhampton to Sarina was awful. I did love the signs "are we there yet Dad?" "still a long way to go kids" "time to swap drivers" "tell another joke Dad" etc made it a tad amusing..
We arrived in Sarina about 6.30 so a HUGE day had pizza and wine and was eternally grateful for the awesome lady at  http://www.tramwaymotel.com.au/ she was so great and if any pet people out there it was a very welcoming place.

in bed at 8.30 and up and on the road again by 5.10am. We finally drove into Charters Towers about 12.30ish..very tired and I am still recovering..
Charters Towers Library is beautiful. I am so excited for my husband..The town has all you need but I am sure it will take me forever to find where everything is..Missing everyone..but I do fly down on Saturday for Clareys party and back Monday ..so will c some of my family..Kirsty and co wont be there which makes me very sad.. Little Charie Beth turns 8 on Monday..where do those years go..
Once I get the net on at home I will be able to do much more blogging..until then I might just do some more unpacking


Kirsty said...

So good to 'see' you back at it mumsy! Glad you are safe and back with dad :)

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