Monday, May 24, 2010

Brunch in Charters Towers and a huge surprise

So today was like "O my gosh, so excited going out, meeting people, being civilized. what shall I wear  etc etc" Up early baked muffins (i know how domesticated) they were from a packet but hey I had to put hem together..add ingredients spoon them into the muffin tray, put them in the oven etc..def home baked.

So I arrived with my home baked goodness..and also arrived at the same time as a young Mum with a young boy and a baby..AND a tupperware container with home baked goodness (sigh) Helped her in and arrived to a huge spread of home baked goodness.. I introduced myself and said I was from ballina. The young Mm said I am from Byron bay and anothe said O my husband comes from lismore..WOW. But wait it gets better. The young mum told me her Mum and dad were the C3 pastors at Byron Bay up until 2 years ago when they went out to Tamworth (she was born at in anManilla ) and had goe to Byron high AND Summerland Christian college. So when I asked did she know the Jansens.."yes Beth, Bec and sarah!!!) o my gosh I am Bethy's Mum in exciting. She apparently was besties with Bec...Beths younger sister.Also went tocollege with AJ (our daughter) in Sydney..What a surprise.

The morning was great. About 15 women..some quite old most about my age (young and spritely) and Therese. It was great. Might add that I did leave with all 9 of my muffins still in the little tupperware container..(:-() ItsOk I then dropped them into the staff at the Library and hopefully they might get snaffled up.
It was a great morning chatting about nothing and everything.

Big day tomorrow..will take my camera to get shots of the herds of kids at the library listening to "little white dogs can't jump). My new best friend Therese (or Bethy tells me its Tess) said she will 1 participant

Ok..random shots of everything..Clareys party, Molly on our walk, a cute sign I saw and loved, the awesome present danny n Del gave me for Mothers Day. (chocolates and wine..slowly eating my way through them) Also my sister Barb showed me how her daughter Jodie and husband Davids wedding picture cropped up unexpectedly in a NZtravelmag..very random..

OKso more pictures..sister Barbara will like her one...and then there is one of Molly at the site I published in yesterdays blog and the last one is a road train going past our park..these things are quite large.esp whenovertaking at 100 kms per hour.

Thats it for today..internet at home..but it gets better tonight we will have wireless working so yay..canuse internet on iphone AND the laptop amywhere instead of me sitting on the moxt uncomfortable thing in the house.

Cheap Tuesday at Eagle boys we are going to have a chicken club..YUMO..and wine..def wine
till next time


Kirsty said...

Sooooo good mum! You will find up there that EVERYONE takes homebaked goodies! You are in the country now baby!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary & Al,
congrats on the move... you will love it up there. Keep well and keep the posts coming.

all the best. talk soon.


kathy said...

Hi Mary, seems like you are slowly settling in, I am still missing your smile each sunday. Take care,
kathy v