Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charters Towers a welcoming morning tea..for new residents

So how quaint. This town is so cute that on the 4th Thursday of every month they have a morning tea, at the visitors information centre. So funny. Anyway, I have had such a busy wek..AOG brunch Tuesday, Storytime yesterday, I said to Al, maybe I wouldn't go..BUT he said..."you might meet some new people who are new to town too" so I went..and I met next door neighbour who I have already met..but it was so good to have a chat..mind you next door and we had to chat at the morning tea. Mind you we were the only new people..and guess what? Photo taken by the Northern Miner  (could be a celebrity) They handed us a pack with the last 2 issues of the local paper and heaps of info on the town. As Rachael had her little girl Emily with her and was riding her bike I offered to take it in the car and to drop it in when she got home.

Now the morning tea was held almost where this photo was taken from.Alans Library Is right at the far end of the street on the right. Its a long street...I imagine pretty horrid in the heat

I had a bit of an adventure driving around town (keep being amazed at the beautiful old Queenslanders, and the nice modern homes, sprinkled with some rally daggy places.

Then home and went over to Rachaels. She offered a coffee and we had a great hour os so chatting. Molly yapped and barked the whole time I was over there. Gosh I was so cross. She was inside, but knew I had gone just next door,,when I got home I was so cross with her. It put a dampner on the day.

Then after our walk this afternoon, I tried to make the chemist..(missed it by - that much) But Molly jumped out of the car (in the main street) and when I yelled at her to come back, she rolled over and played cutesy on her back (in the main street) AARRGGHH.Was I cross???? OO yes..

And so tonight my great morning is a distant memory ( a great one though) and I'm still cross with the fur baby. Of course they have the memory of a newt and she has no idea.

Anyway tomorrow is another day AND its Friday..Great.Alan and I are going to Townsville on Saturday so I'm excited. I told Alan it was time to get him out of town (he has been here for 6 weeks...YIKES)

Sure I'll be happier next blog


danndel said...

Great blog, I'm loving reading about your adventures in CT!!!

Kirsty said...

ARGH! She is sooo naughty!!!

Clare said...

Hey mummy, just caught up on your Charters Towers posts...I love them! Was great to chat this morning at work! Please feel free to call me any time at over work much more exciting chatting to you, lol! Has been hard to keep up with your posts with Shane away with our computer but hopefully I will be back on track now!

Buddy is so sad now...he has taken Molly's idea of taking the toy is so embarrassing...Shane totally blames!

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