Sunday, May 30, 2010

WHOOP WHOOP another great weekend in Charters Towers

So this weekend was great. Saturday morning we had a sleep in..up and ready to go to Townsville. Alan managed (we hoped) to secure Molly safely in the yard..and we were off. Molly yapping miserably as we left.

A great day in Townsville. We went to Stocklands first. I felt very disappointing..old and pokey but some great shops. I believe that Myer is opening here next which case it will become my fav place to shop.

Then drive over the road to kmart, where we found an awesome bbq. A jackeroo jazz 2 burner bbq..$139. We had seen a very similar one here in town for $289 (on special) so we bought this one. We had to unpack it from the box..but we got itinto the 1,000 wories my husband is awesome at putting things together

Then it was into the Strand for lunch. We went to "rockpools" which was delightful. Yummy and the view magnificent. Anyone who flies into Townsville to visit us wil be treated to a meal or something there. Its my new fav place..

this is my prawn and avocado salad..yum..and Alan had a baby octopus (poor little things..)and penne salad. Delicious. i have been told the fish n chips there are so yummy.. will try them next time.

After lunch a walk along the Strand..then out to the Willows shopping centre..yes they have coffee club...Its a great centre..modern and Ilove it..has target, big w, autograph, city chic and heaps of others..and Leonards. Our new fav shop to buy and bring home and freeze. O Yes we are having chicken tonight...

We just made it home before dark. Molly was thrilled to c us and we were thrilled to see her still in our yard. After we patted ourselves on the back and thinking yes she is settling down..our neighbours told us yesterday that she sat and cried at the fence (where she had tried to dig to China) so they came and got her and she spent the whole day with them. In fact she apparently jumped up onto the servery at Annes kitchen window (about 1.2m off the ground) and curled up there for ages..then when Anne took her out toplay ball about 5ish she picked up her toy and stood at our gate..ready to go home..gosh she is naughty..Praise God for good neighbours. I did buy her shoes on ebay the other day..(toprotect her delicate feet from the prickles)

concept is good..just not sure how she will go...

So Sunday we went to CTAOG..     
The music was ok  , just not C3 and the Pastor Alan Kitto spoke really well. But we "aren't in kansas anymore" Our preferred choice for church would be C3 Townsille but as the service is at 4.30pm its too late then to be getting home (kangaroos are a problem on the road)

Home toput our amazing bbq together..
 OK my man working very hard. Note he wore his "genius at work" tshirt!!!

 OK the finished thing..a bit of a sort of didn't fit together..the front is not big enough for the base..weird..we coulduse it but?????
I rang the customer hotline..their advice? just return it..swap it No problem!!!! Noproblem. Swapping it would mean..undoing it (and when Alputs something together it stays together) then put it in the to Townsville..explain..swap..unpack the box again so it fits in the it home and put it together all over again..YIKES!!  dear o dear..what to do.

Anyway then last night it was over next door for dinner (i made one of my amazing cheesecakes but the base didn't set..) so quickly made an apple crumble.we had a great night.Molly stayed home and cried inside we met some new couples from the church..all young with kids.. 2young policemen and their families and Rachael and Bob from next door.. (heis the firey) then it was home to discover..ARRGGHH we were locked out. Alan only had the security screen key and I had locked every door except the security screens. We had left no lights on and Molly was going crazy..what to do??  We knew our landlord would have a key..but did we have his phone nmber .? Yes inside.. the cops and the firey all said hey could get in ..but??? yep it would wreck the windows. Eventually we got onto a locksmith who came and let us in. Molly was so happy. Even the locksmith was funny and kept saying "its ok Molly we are coming. After he got us in i said Can i pop in and pay you? no he said i'll send u something in the mail..I know where to catch u..O gosh he works at council..apparently moonlights as a locksmith.So funny


Anyway that was our weekend. Busy but fun.. I am finding it a bit tough.Everything is different, home, church, work (none) town (no malls) well I know it will be ok but just for the moment it is hard.  I knew it would be hard but didn't realise this hard. We also had news last week that Alans sister in law is far from well.Please be praying for healing for Lucy.Many thanks

Thanks for dropping by..Hope to have visitors one day in the flesh up here..

so we bought the Princess a little dog cute and pink seeing as this "princess" seems intent on escaping.. we decided to get her a tag with name and my mobile phone number..

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