Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well another week in "the Towers"

I can not believe another week has zoomed past. This time last week I was getting ready to head to Brisvegas to catch up with family (faux family Pipers and Tyson (Daniel n Del) were not going to be there.. and here it is a week later.

The party was awesome.I left Charters about 8.20 made it to the airport about 10am and was in Clareys car at about 1.10..sure beats driving 19 hours.

We went straight to the hall 9which was so handy..(right next door to Clarey and Shanes) It was here that Clare Shane and I blew up thousands of balloons..ok maybe not quite but lots

I mean checkout how many..and thats only one side..Also checkout that sleezy character..
Anyway with the arrivalof Kim, Beth n AJ the decorating and setting out was complete..the man arrived with the frozen dacquari machine (gosh she had gone all out) and then it was home to get ready..
Clare had done an amazing job ordering all of us costumes and the decorations were outstanding..we loooked awesome(if I may say so..)mind you feathers were everywhere allnight..It was a worry in the kitchen near the ovens etc  as we allwere in complete polyster

how good did we all look..Beth looked so different with her wigon, Kim complete with mascarad moustach, Clare in her short short SHORT dress, AJ i her plus plus size dress (that I had to quickly run in By hand  about 30cm each side) Shane in his plus size gangster pjs (with pretend shirt..ew he kept showing his nipple all night!!!) and me in my amazing outfit..allthat was missing was Dad, (my beloved) Kirsty, Michael, Natty, Chari, Sammy, Danny and Del..It was sad that all couldn't be there..I must amit Kirstys absence was esp noted in the kitchen but Kim stepped up to the mark and worried about his "products" coming out of the oven not quite right (too soft, too cold, too burnt????) but he did do a great job. Shane was amazing and cleaned and tidied all night.I did say how awesome he was and then Clare and I laughed and said.."he just wants his $500 deposit back!! He was great.

So the party was great to c cousins Dianne and Sharon Reid..(well maiden names) It was also fantastic to see my sister Helen. One of the hardest things in coming to Charters (apart from leaving my kids) has been leaving Helen. I love her so much and we have been so blessed to work together..saying goodbye a 2nd time was awful..I hope she will make the trek north..but it is a big call seeing as she hates flying so much.

OK so with all the pictures taken on the night bt my forever snappy sisters..I ended up with none of my 3 sisters who came..this is the only one..Sister Sue n Barb made the huge trek to Brisbane and it was so good to see them..Apologies to sisters for the bad photo.but yes they were there..

So a great night.Home in bed fairly early after Shane completely cleaned the building..good man. Next morning it was Clareys birthday and it was off to sizzler breakfast..yum..

then home for a to buy a present for Clarey and then back to bed..flew out at 8.35 am (thanks Clarey for getting out of bed so early to drop me at the airport and back to Townsville for a fun day shopping..o it was good.. Loved the shpping and loved coming "home" to my man..

This week has been a bit adult company (sorry Alan) apart from Alan but last night decided that as next wednesday is National Simultaneous storytime I would do a session at the Library.

so went in early printed up some posters and handouts and that was fun..looking forward to doing that..I may have noone come but hey its still fun to be back "in the seat"

So Molly and I continue at home..she is settling in more..had a bad encounter with plovers in the park the other day..but she is becoming more used to this new life..she misses the kids (from the school that was near us) and when she saw a girl on  a bike yesterday she kept stopping and staring..she so wanted her to talk to her..very sad..

Its a lot cooler then I thought it would be here..10 degrees the other night brr..lucky i bought my slippers and our dressing gowns..the house is a tad chilly..but hopefully will be cool in summer..
So hoping to have the internet on in the next week..keep watching and I'll keep posting..

Hope you enjoy my blog


Phrog said...

Good to see Clare`s party turned out so well, sorry we missed it, good to see you`re finding stuff to do in Charters Towers.

Lisa said...

Looks like a great party, so sorry we couldn't be there. Love the photo of Mum and Barb! Just played your bubble game - could get hooked!!!

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