Sunday, May 23, 2010

what a weekend in the "Towers"

This was my first weekend here..Alans 5th but my first. It did't start well with me waking up feeling  poorly. Great! thught I.I had been feeling"off" since arriving with quite bad pains (its definitly a tumor..its not a tumor) but Saturday I felt crook.

Anyway, Alan was up and off to a mens breakfast.. So classy.At the local big 4 caravan park. Where for $5 he dined on bacon, eggs, sausages toast..etc.
He had a great time..meeting some of the locals.He did think it was going to be a Christian thing..which it wasn't he really enjoyed the time.
Said it was a great spot, a really nice area and worth visiting.
I wasn't up to a coffee which was very disappointing, but after a quick tea..(which everyone knows I only drink when I am prenant or sick, we set off to explore the town. It was fun. I still am amazed at the size and recourses in this town. A great rehab centre.. (rehab for what I am not sure) saleyards, etc etc.. Gosh that sounds boring hey..but it has everything you need..Went to Woolies and bought 15 litres of water as I feared my pain could have been bought on by the water!!!
We then came home and had a quiet afternoon.Very enjoyable. Did some unpacking and just enjoyed our first Saturday together in weeks.

Sunday morning we were off to the Baptist. It was a tad disappointing (remember our neighbours are the Ministers) Just fairly traditional and a lot of old people. We really have felt we need to be in a church where there is young people. So came away disappointed but uplifted by a great message from the visiting central Qld Baptist overseer.
Off to the markets. O My GOSH!! fun.

Yes this is really a picture from "our park" Molly and I walk past this very day

Chickens, birds, kittens in boxes, puppies in cages and home cooking and sewing everywhere. These markets are held at the park around the corner from our house. I bought jam drops and a dark pink desert pea (another plant for me to lovingly kill)..come home with me little plant to die..

Then we did coffee..complete with waffles, banana, icecream and syrup.yum. (obviously i was feeling much better). We were thrilled toknow we could goout for coffee/lunch still in CT.One of our fav things to do.
We went to polkys and we loved it. Not quite cafe 29 or shelleys but wonderful.
Home to the fur baby, who almost has a heart attack with excitement every time we come home. (ooo I missed you so much)

then a quiet afternoon..some footy and off to the combined church service again at the Baptist. Before we arrived we took a detour and went to the lookout and just loved looking or the town and the little rock wallabies everywhere. So cute ( yes Iknow they are a pest..but so cute)

Thenoff to church. I said a quick prayer "O God let it be better then this morning" and I truly was blown away. First met Shane the local Scipture Union guy. Then walked in to the church to see about 6-8 young people sitting together..YES and met a lovely happy spirit was soaring.
Yes it was the same old songs but my hands still lifted in praise and the message was great. Then afterwoods met the local AOG pastors. Regina was just lovely ...

she and I chatted and she invited me to brnch on Tuesday.yes yes yes..I am going out.o I excited..o yes heck I am. so yes I am went through the process of blood tests sorted (still don't have a local gp..) and I am sorting out a craft for Wednesday..busy week for me..

Yes we are not in Skennars anymore but today I am feeling great. God is in control. All is OK. Yes I am lonely, yes I  miss everyone, yes I miss my job..but I am here. God is here, my husband is her and weare going to have fun.
Till next time..


Kirsty said...

Thats great mum! Glad to hear you had a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thats all good! sounds like your starting to like it.. a little:) Missing you!!

Anonymous said...

haha.. i'm Anonymous... (oh try and guess who it isssss) it's cause i dont have an account and this seemed to be the easiest way to comment... ha............LOVE BETHY!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I miss you a lot.

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Clare said...

LOL Bethy, you are hilarious!