Friday, April 23, 2010

We have a home..Charters towers adventure

This is 1 week since Alan left,,perhaps the week from hell. It has been tough. Tuesday was the day I fell apart..and today I just had chest pains ..GREAT!!!

But today at 3pm Alan tecxted me and we have a house,,

Ok so this is the web address where i got the pictures..the house is air conditioned..( I feel a very important factor in "the Towers")
Alan can "move in" tomorrow..yes him and his 30kilos of stuff. It may be a LOT like camping for a week or so..but the furniture should arrive Tuesday 4th May.

O my Gosh..this brings me to the next heart attack material  Our furniture is being uploaded on AJ and I will be doing our own share of camping..

OOOO I miss my 'usband so much..he really does bring light to my life..He has done so well. He has lived in this back packers and managed to NOT cook one meal. He has become a fan of Woolies salads..(chicken ceaser etc) and loves the red rooster roast dinner..he did go out one night to the pub and ordered a steak and vegies..he reckons there were 4 people in the place including staff. It took forever for his meal to come..I told him it was probably that they had to go to woolies and buy a steak..(WHAT  someone ordered a STEAK)

OK Clarey is coming down tonight and we are hitting the town..Then its packing all weekend..YAY


Phrog said...

Looks Fantastic, Have you heard about christmas plans yet?

nikita said...

nice pictures..........!!


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