Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is my week and also my late 5 favs

OK so this week
This week has been just a little tricky.. Last Friday I had a call from My Aunty Margaret to tell me that my cousin Julie had died..I was devastated. I grew up with Julie (on holiday times naturally) and she was only about 2 years younger then I..It was very sad. Her death notice in the paper yesterday said now with Bill forever (her dad) was so sad. Life is precious. Not one of us know how much time we live life and love life!!!
I have watched my bedroom ceiling go to an interesting shade of mould..yes and until someone suggested That maybe I could see things in it..well I could only see horror!! But now I am convinced that I can see a sheep in a barbers chair..yep a swivel chair,,, Could be because I read Pete the sheep this week...but then it could also be because thats what it looks like.

I also got the coolest doona cover. it is fabulous black and hot pink and thought it would be great for a little doggy with dirty feet ...WRONG!!! It shows all the cute little white fur.. O well it was a WAS $159 and I got it for $56 wow a bargain. I saved so much they nearly paid me to take it.

I also had a rough week on ebay..fees $10..sold big fat ZERO!!! sucks hey..

I miss my friend my YA YA Lara so much. Just chatted on the phone to her for like 30mins and only wish we could sit and have a coffee sad...She is lonely and going through the same stuff I went through when I went to come obn any of you Melbourne people get friendly with my friend Lara.

Danny got his tatto done this week. I actually really am not a fan of tats but this one is quite cute 9if u can call a tat cute) He so loved that cat (along with all of us) but mind you I am happy for him to be the one with the tat..I perhaps didn't love him that much (Misty baby) I have found just a few pictures from whern Misty was a baby and have put them on here..only wish I had better ones..he was a mighty cute cat

such a cute picture..he quickly moved from the back of lounges to Dannys chest
Big week with the biggest morning tea coming up for storytime and babybounce groups..I really love to support such a great cause.

I am also excited as it is this week I get to talk to some Mums at a playgroup about baby bounce and rhyme. I love speaking with young Mums as I know the journey is often that should be great..thinking of adding a craft section to my page storytime crafts...will have to check with crafty daughter re that..could begood..maybe build up my blog numbers.

This week I arrived home friday and AJ hot on my heels with "hair extensions" apparently from a indian virgin princess bride?????? Not so sure. They look good and although I really thought a great waste of money they look really good. I did hear her muttering this morning about them when trying to dry her hair..I did go in and blow dry my hair and walked out in about 6 mins.."not happy Jan"...LOL They do look good though...

Then I heard from Clarey on Friday night that she had a car accident. poor thing, Thank the Lord she was all right but her car sounds as though it may have driven its last km..Poor Clarey!!!

Anyway so that was my five favs are..

1..Family and them. I love them for always i like them forever..forever and ever my babies you'll be..

2..only working 3 days o yes.. on CS on and off and yes I love food... husband he makes me kllaugh and even in the rough times he is awesome.
5.. My spa..yep Als out in the rain and I am about to join it

.This was Molly the other night out on our random drive. She makes me laugh so much. Loves to have her head right out the window when driving. She just doesn't get the whole wind, rain, cyclonic thing. Life is all good so long as you can hang your head out the car window..


danndel said...

Spa in the rain?? I want to try it!!! Cute pictures of Misty :)

Phrog said...

thanks for the pictures of misty, they're cool, I agree with molly life is always better with your head out the window, ellie would like to try it but she isnt allowed.

Kirsty said...

I didn't know about cousin Julie, thats so sad mum:(
Poor Lara, she is such a fabulous person that she will make friends!!!
Love the faves...not too sure about spa-ing in the rain though!!!

This post must have taken you HOURS!!!

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