Sunday, May 17, 2009

An amazing few days

I am here in Munduberra and just enjoying the last few hours of being with some of my fav people.
I set of on Friday morning from Ballina, had a quick???? stop over at the new Robina..only discovered that there was a whole new 2 storey section just as I was leaving..o well next time.
Then headed off for Brisbane and lunch with Clarey.
It was great. I did have a very scary experience in the car park at Toowong Village shopping centre. I think I have post traumatic stress disorder. I went the wrong way in a one way section. I was abused, yelled at given bad hand signals. I finally managed to escape back onto the street..after doing a burn out at the traffic lights as they are on a hill coming out of the car park. I grabbed a car park on the street and sat, hands sweating, heart palpatating...scary experience.

All was forgotten as soon as I saw Clarey. Maybe it wasn't that scary..but then my sister Sue and I could share a car park experience along these was time for a quick lunch, a quick tour of the office (felt very privileged to be shown around )and met lots of fellow employees. I gave her presents with strict instructions not to be opened till saturday. I left with even more presents...all for Pipers and me and AJ..lots n lots..

Then it was off to Munduberra..unfortunatly apparently half of brisbane also decided to head north at 2pm on friday afternoon

yep that would be me the one 600 from the bottom..well it was a long slow trip..I wouldn't stop for petrol as I couldn't bear to get out of the traffic and as I headed slowly north the petrol gauge went down and down and down and down......... until aboyt 15ks from Gympie and the light came on..whoops
It was a bit scawy...I was convinced I would be stuck on the side of the was getting late and I still had 2 hours to go...I made it to the petrol station YAY...filled up on petrol, coke, coffee, muffin and m&ms...and I was off again...into the wild beyond.

At 7pm I arrived and it wa sso great. i was just a little tired when I saw the lights of Mundubbers I was ecstatic..see you can see its me by the long legs...
I slept for 10 hours straight and loved Nattys bed. it was awesome....
Now this has got so long I will add part 2 tomorrow when I get home..hopefully the trip home will be speedy and safe..but the DFO outlet is looking mighty tempting...LOL


foxylady said...

I'd know those legs anywhere!

Kirsty said...

*DOH*!!!! That was ME! ^^^^^

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! Clearly your a story time lady, I was entertained the whole time! :) kim

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