Friday, May 22, 2009

5 unfav things and then 5 favs

OK so this week just to be different I thought that I would say what has been my "unfav" things this week...
1.. would have to be the wind..O my gosh it has been crazy bad..It started on Wednesday abaited some Friday but was back again today...Now normally I live with some pretty ferocious wind (LOL) but this far exceeded the norm..It howled, blew and was just horrible.

2..leaking roofs. Not fun esp in your bedroom. Niow I know Its not a lot to complain about and I do still have a house albeit with a wet roof..but I do not like it

3..Floods and the damage and disruption and horrible. There have been without power for 4 days.AARRGGHH!!! nightmare material. I winge if it goes off for like 3 hours..No showers, no fridge, NO COFFEE!!!!! no tv, no computer..NO FACEBOOK OR YOVILLE!! heck how would one bed (with a leaky roof) at sparrows I am guessing or take up drinking is another option.

4..Driving in this terrible weather..I had a trip home on Wednesday night did 40k's all the way thanks to the "very careful" driver that led the 2,000 cars down from Lismore.. sleep..from the wild nights (no not me partying) just the noise..INSANE.
Kim n Bethy had a horrid time..but we all survived

Ok so I do have some favs..

1..visiting Kirsty, Mick and kids. It was awesome (and by the way Mick did warn me that we were going to have heaps of rain) Loved every second of it..and the surprise factor was just an added bonus.

2.No work because of the flood..All schools have had 2 days off..AJ's catalogues have been delayed in Lismore somewhere..probably actually floating down to us somewhere.

3.Listening to all the stories about the flood and storms..some very funny..(not the one about Kim n Beths BBQ being in their pool) but others were pretty funny some of them.

4..Seeing people pull together when this sort of thing happens..the caring and sharing is amazing to see..

5..The 3 birthdays that fall so close together, being able to celebrate 3 amzing young people in such a short period Clarey (16th) Then Chari (17th) and then AJ'S (19th)..yep good times..and this year got to see all..(well Clarey the day before)

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Kirsty said...

Hehehe! love the birthday girls pics!
Hope the storms come to an end soon for you guys! Need someone to bring tarps??? Just say the word!