Saturday, May 9, 2009

My day

This is just my dayso far, but what an amazing morning. Jeff said he had 3 people to talk about their Mothers and so I waited and first of all Jade spoke. A beautiful young Mumin our church and she ALWAYS makes me cry when I listen to her. it was her that read the book. 'I'll love you forever, I'll like you always....' She spoke beautifully and then Jeff said and now I'd like to ask Kim to come and share 3 things why he loves his Mum. I was so shocked, so surprised. I cried for the first 5 mins. It was awesome. I felt very humbled and VERY overwhemled. It was amazing. He managed to get a dig in about everybody..except of course himself.

Yes it was awesome and so far the day has been increfible. Phone calls, gifts (love the book Dan n Del) a card with beautiful words written on it...Al and AJ and Kimmy and Bethy gave me a pandora bracelet and some charms. All silver but heck its beautiful. Mind you the gold ones are so $500 plus for it too..

Now dinner tonight is to be a bbq with Kim n

Beth Al AJ and myself. Should be fun.

I feel so blessed to have been thought of by my children and my husband (even though I am not his Mother he tells me)

Also makes me a little sad on such a day that neither Alan or myself have a Mum to spoil, to buy a lovely card for or to take out to lunch..thanks guys


Phrog said...

I know you record that stuff, now where is it?? put it up as an MP3

danndel said...

So pleased that you had such a lovely day, you deserved it :)