Monday, May 18, 2009

OK part 2

So when I finally stumbled from the amazingly comfortable bed that I had slept in for the past 10 hours, it was to discover that i must have travelled to the antartic..or back to canberra..

Ok maybe it wasn't quite that cold but..a close second.

So it was up and into the noone told me that to have a nice hot shower one must turn the tap 26 times then knock on the wall, do a little jig and say "hardy hardy hardy" so my shower was very short and a little cool.

Michael my amazing son in law served coffee that was to die for...yep it was great..shower now forgotten and the joy of being in the midst of my grandchildren and daughter and son in law took over ..It was wonderful..

Then time to remember how 29 years ago my little Clarey had been born. Such a sweetie and o so cute...still is..yes it was her birthday and talked to her on the phone..where does time go..I still feel about 40..(ok so I am still old even when I say that)

Other grandparents arrived about 10am after a quick jaunt out from Brisbane..(they had obviously missed the previous afternoons horrendous traffic) and arrived with the trade mark frozen cheese cake and their wonder dog...they tell me its a mini foxy but...not sure..

Anyway we had a greta lunch..all the bad things to eat...hang celebrity slim for a few days...sauage rolls, party pies and chicken nuggets..really lunch fit for a king or a 7 year olds birthday lunch...

Fun times by all...Then they left and we watched Marley and me. When I say we watched Marley and me I sat in front of the tv..Sam (who is 4) sat on the arm of the chair well on and off the chair and on and off again...and bom bom bomed.the whole time..Chari (at 7) told me anything significant that was to happen and Natty (at 8) cried,,it was great. I may have to watch it again to get the full impact of the movie..

anyway then it was a early night for all..but good times.
The next day it was Chari's birthday...she got lots of presents.. Nat broke open her piggy bank

to buy her a present. She got some great gifts and was told the exciting news she was getting a ds lite..woo hoo..

Ginny and the girls went off to the Baptist church..It was interesting..Chari opted for sunday school when she realised it may be a bit long, but Natty was the trooper and stayed with her Ginny...It was just great to have them with me. I t was a cute little church and quite a good service..

After church it was home via the chip shop for some tasty chips for unch, dam more bad things on my now non existent diet..and a great afternoon at the park.

I just loved being with my grandbabies..they are growing up so fast..

All too soon it was Monday morning and back to reality..

Time to say goodbye...I left , very very sad...and yet again set off on the trek home..

Whuich went without incident ...apart from the 100 mms of rain that fell on the gold coast, the search for daughter number 3's birthday present which had me walk 3 lengths of the hyperdome in Brisbane (which a lady told me is 1km long..but then I felt justified in having KFC and a muffin..whoops more bad food) the traffic jam yet again that saw me average 4kms an hour...and arriving home again in the dark..No it was a great trip..

So thank you to the Munduberra falily for all your wonderful hospitality..miss you all all ready..and I shall put some real pictures up later on..

They are all at home today as they have a GO ON strike ..thats right a goon stri INTERESTING!!!

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Kirsty said...


We miss you lots, we could have used a ginny here today for the goon strike!

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