Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Road trip to check out high 8.30pm

OK so I have attached pictures..They are of Tamar street near the council chambers.....and dads shop

and this is at fishery creek bridge as you come into/leave Ballina..normally a boat ramp and park...its goneskies

The Ballina RSL club....

A random Boat beside the highway IN WATER!!!

Molly loving her road trip..

Outside Ballina Fair

Turning onto the highway from Saunders oval...

and the auto shop near the roundabout in river street..where you turn to go to Kmart
So thats it our drive around Ballina at High tide in a sad it was at night...Shaws Bay was awesome..the water crashing over the retaining wall where you normally walk down to the beach..but too dark for photos..Good times


Kirsty said...

That is a lot of water!!!!

Phrog said...

Where is the picture of the "Bar" from off the wall??? Comeon could have driven to the coastguard tower and then walked 10 feet to the wall.
Anyway, good pics, I`ve been telling people to come here to look at the photo`s, be good if we could get web access to it at work but we can`t:(

danndel said...

Very scary these photos, I even had my Mum come and have a look at your blog to see!!!