Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Ballina storm aftermath

So the past 48 hours have been horrendous..Molly (our ever faithful dog..) stayed up with me Wednesday night..but last night the world could have ended as both Molly and I were dead on our feet and slept soungly through a least I think it was..So went for a drive and took some pics..and now for your enjoyment..sorry I was not committed enough to drive to Lismore for really cool pics..nor was I committed enough to drive up there at midnight last night when they had to evacuate the library..LOL

Trees down at Ballina high and rubbish everywhere

These are pics of our bedroom ceiling..quite a nice puddle don't you think..

Our cute little courtyard with shredded leaves everywhere.....

Kimmy and Beths place was really quite sad to see..window broken and their outdoor table, sails ripped down..poor things ..but its all good. Sunny was happily eating in the laundry when I popped in..she even showed me her best side...LOL

The BBQ AFTER it was rescued from the swimming pool

quite a mess to clean up...

Then we have sights around Ballina..the rough surf and no beach, the tennis clubs fence is goneskys, hungry jacks sign is gone, the sails at Ballina central are also all gone, .. really a real mess.

and also the random pool toywrapped around a letterbox

very very high tide today

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Kirsty said...

Wow, thats incredible! I wouldn't have driven up to lismore at midnight either...