Friday, June 5, 2009

ok its time for friday favs

This week I will be a lot shorter then last week. Not that my week has been any the less impressive or busy.. family coming home to visit. Kirsty, Michael and Natty, Chari and Sammy are coming home for the weeked. They rang to tell me on Wednesday night. So excited. We so rarely get them home. Happy days...

And no its not like this at all

2 Yes my spa rates yet again. Just got out and even though its a bit crisp in the evening air its soooo nice to get into the spa. It is set at 37 degrees and after 2 15 minute cycles I was really quite it. Very relaxing and so good to sit out and talk..

uuummm not quite us,,,but a great photo

3. the biggest morning tea at work for 2 weeks. We made about $140 and it cost me about $80..something has gone wrong there...but it was great to support such a great cause. Last week we had the staff all week supplying morning tea and this week I had it for the 4 groups (2 baby bounce and rhyme) and 2 storytime sessions. It was great to have something different. The kids made their own fairy bread and so really loved it..Yep it made me happy.

4. Aj has gone away for a few days. Now it is not that that makes me happy. its having time alone with my amazing husband after 33 years and 11 months and about 6 months only without kids..its great to have time just to ourselves..

5. Going to Kimmy and Bethys for tea. We went the other night and it was so nice to just sit and talk to them..with little sunny hopping around. We so rarely do that and it was so civilized..yep very nice..Thank God we are past

this for family dinnersThis is not quite Sunny but she is mighty cute..

So hope everyone has a great long weekend..we sure what has made you happy this week..let me know..I would love to hear from you if you drop by


danndel said...

Love your faves Mary, looking forward to seeing you really soon xxu

Phrog said...

I do have a recipe for Rabbit....Just saying.