Friday, January 30, 2009

what a yukky feeling but good too

I had a really bad experience in the last few days, which has left me disappointed and shocked. The situation went too far and although the situation is really best left now as is, it has just left me sad and a little hurt...I know confused person that I am but I did need to say something to my myriad of followers..I was just really sad :-(

On the other flip side a happy thing that happened yesterday was when a girl at work, who has worked there for the past 3 or so years suddenly realised that helen and I were sisters. The look on her face was priceless. Her mouth hung down to her knees..(maybe a slight exageration) she thought when she heard people say we were sisters it was like know friends forever!!! Hilarious.

Al and I and Helly and Gaz and Marilyn and Cyril and Jenny are off to dinner at the bellowing bull tonight..YUM!! its ok salad and vegies will be high on the list. I haven't been there forever

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Phrog said...

Do I need to come beat someone up??? Just say the word and i`m there