Friday, January 16, 2009

Its come to this

YES only 8 weeks today to Clare and Shanes big day and so Alan and I have made the big decision...well I did and Alan has comealong ...sort of willingly for the ride..

Yesterday we spent a small fortune on the product..for a week..and after eating our selves silly yesterday..chocolate, fish n chips, krispy kreem (thanks to Clarey) etc etc..we got up this morning and had a delightful liquid breakfast.

Now that suits me just fine as breakfast is never an event foir me. Alan on the other hand is another story. Ever since we have been married breakfast has been an event for him. He always looks forward to it and says that I am soo boring having vegemite on toast..But to his credit he had his shake this morning and a coffee and has said nothing else.

Now we are both a little concerned that we have both been to the toilet 3 times since "breakfast" is this how this diet works??

So we will check in with you all next Saturday for our weighin. Now I am expecting big things for me this week as I oput o 2 kilos yesterday in fluid so if all goes according to plan I hope to loose at least 3 kilos this week..YES!!

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Kirsty said...

yeah, you go to the toilet HEAPS!!!!! It does slow down lots:-)

Go for it guys!!!

Iwent to Gayndah today and managed to resist the Chinese then went to a BBQ tonight and ate nothing...Woot to me!