Saturday, January 10, 2009

O look a little pile of grandies

Having ice cream at Maccas

watching the cat over the road with Aunty AJ

At Hungrys

Feeding the gulls some of the left over $15 ofchips we ordered,,

I thought I would put just some pictures of my beautiful grandbabies on my blog. I feel sad that i was so grumpy when they were here. I miss them ALL so much. They were so much fun. AJ also joined in the fun. (AJ is my youngest daughter and still at home) and everyone needs an Aunty AJ in their life at some point...

I think the highlight of their trip, for me and the time I spent with them was the 2 trips to the movies, the trip to Hungry Jacks for dinner the night their Mum and Dad were away, the big storm and not having power for 4 hours and so we played eye spy in the dark.
Then probably reading a chapter or two every night of the 'wishing chair' I wish I had a photo of us all together ...but I just loved it. I mean as part of my job I read stories to 100 kids a week but this took the cake to read to 6 little eager eyes and ears each night was just amazing. Thank you God for the good times..

Some of the other great memories would have to be waiting till Clarey arrived on Christmas eve to put up the Christmas tree..along with bubble machine and having us all out for breakfast on Kirstys birthday. YAY it was good times

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Kirsty said...

Yep, definitely good times:-)