Friday, January 30, 2009

5 favs

yes its that time of week where I have to come up with 5 things this week that made me happy!!!!
ok ok ok
some old but goodies.
1..My little dog Molly..she is always so happy to see me..happy to sleep with me all day if necessary..and loves to do whatever I am doing

2..The kids at storytime..I love my job ( I hate working but lOVE the kids) really my own personal fan club

3..a glass of wine in the afternoon..o yeah!! Do I have alchoholic tendencies...maybe but my husband keeps an aye on me and drinks with me..LOL

4.. the fact that we are all dieting together..YAY its great to know that my 4 children and husband and daughter in law are all in this together..Dans blog about it always cheers me up.

5..a good nights sleep. It has been sooo hot here..we are so spoilt with the sea breze that the last week has been ghastly

There you go..5 things HAVE made me smile this week..PS I could add an extra..when I rang our pastor to see if he knew anyone that could marry Clare and Shane and he offered...WOW WOW WOW..that shocked me then maybe made me happy heaps!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend

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Kirsty said...

Good ones mummy! Having everyone dieting together DOES make it a bit easier!