Friday, January 23, 2009

My 5 favourite favs for this week

OK OK OK..unlike you Kirsty I do not have a myriad of fans reading but heck for my little band of fellow celebrity slimmers..ok here are mine this week.

1..Yes this week I relised the thing I really miss is plain chips. I love them and yes I really miss them
2.. this week is my son in law Michael. I never think of him as my son in law. I treat him and he feels like a son to me. I am so blessed to have him in our lives ( good job Kirsty) that when I needed a beach heart wedding picture for Clareys invites..Mick was the one to get up with me and help me..taking my crutch ( as our big stick) take pictures at 5.30am one morning. He does anything for me..

3.. Being at home. I have only been back at work just over a week and I am ready to have another month or two off. I love being home and just wasting time..

4. My husband and his sense of humour. Someone had given me a really ugly

wooden picture frame for Christmas with the ugliest ever photo in it of me doing baby bounce and rhyme and when I got home from work last night he and AJ had set it up as a funny..but I beleive that was what it was made for!!!

5.. Singstar..and the good times we had with it over Christmas..but yes I do still rock at it.

So thanks for dropping by..all my fans..will leave you with an amazing sunset last night that I missed by about 3 minutes..It was sooo good and then gone!!! But this gives you a bit

of an idea


Kirsty said...

I'm a fan!!!!!

I am pretty fond of your 2nd fave this week too LOL

Loving the shrine...I totally couldn't do a post on what food I miss the most...too many to even begin to start counting!!!

Donna Louise said...

I am not a myriad of fans...but I am one fan who LOVES reading your Friday faves.
The shrine/temple thing is the most hilarious creation ever! Alan and AJ are sooooooooo hilarious in creating that thing for you but you deserve it. (hope you ever gave you such a hideous present isn't reading this blog) We recycle presents for our Kris Kringle at Greening Australia...This would be a winner!