Sunday, January 11, 2009

My INFAMOUS (more then famous) Cricketing son!!!!

Yes here he is. Was very exciting that
1..Kim was playing first grade
2..that he was bowling
3..that his photo was taken
4..that it was put in the paper..
Yes it really was all about Kim today..mind u Bethy AJ and I spent a few hours in a chinese sweat shop (whoops sorry!!) at Bethys dining room table ( and meaning the production line..not the climate)doing invites. Mind u AJ had to change her job every 20 minutes or so as she got sick of it way to quick (ADHD?????..Maybe)
YAY they are coming together..with all their help.
So heres to Kimmy

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Phrog said...

I think everyone caught the 3 amigos reference, if you didn`t shame on you all.