Thursday, December 18, 2008

yep I'm socks too AND all partied out

You Are Socks! That sucks..I thought I would be something way more interesting.
OUR SPA arrived today. Alan and I have both sat in it...empty of course. It still has to be all wired up...Hurry up I want it ready NOW!!!!
I will post a picture soon.

I am so over parties. All week. Party, party, party,...38 cbabies plus parents monday, 30 children plus parents yesterday and 58 plus parents today.
We went through 3 half slab cakes, 3 fruit cakes, 3 very large fruit platters, plus 2 watermelons 3 rockmelons, 2 kg grapes, 2 kilos cheese, 8packs rice biscuits, 3 water crackers, 14 litres of juice and various other bits n pieces not to mention presents packs blowers etc..phew!! I was tired. Roll on holidays..I did score this year with presents. I got tin chocolates, packs of chocolates, lots of soap, hand towel Lots of home made cooking (eewww..) always a bit worried about that, a cute christmas dancing chicken, etc etc etc...I made out like a bandit and as gifts s one of my strong love languages it was great...
come on holidays..I have 26 sleeps away from work YAY!!!!!

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