Saturday, December 13, 2008

My only Chrissy party..

UUUmmmmm what should we have
Hely and Jenny

WOW look at the festive table

Me and my very festive husband
OK so my one and only party for the year and about 3pm I started to feel sick. Headache, temp etc. So 3 panadol and I was ready to party (sort of) We picked Hely and Jenny up and got there in time to put out a christmas quiz, bon bons and a bag of reindeer poo...( maltesers with a little poem attached) before everyone else arrived at 7...I wanted it to be special for everyone.
We had booked for 25 9and I thought 23 were coming) and we ended up with 29!!! sheesh what happened to lists???
We ordered at 7.30, then played the dirty Santa game which went for ages and everyon had fun and then waited for our meals till 10 to 9.. I had ordered chicken shnitzel just what I felt like and then I ended up with fish ( not what I felt like!) and then by the time our desert arrived at 10.45pm 3 and a half hours after ordering there was only 9 of us left. Everyone else had asked for take away deserts. Pretty bad and Al was disgusted with the whole thing (especially when he ordered a red wine and they had run out of red wine glasses and he had to drink it out ofa flute glass)
Anyway I was so happy to get home to bed and have not got out of my nightie today. I have slept for about 8 hours today... thank God for airconditioning.
Still struggling wuith my Chrissy letter..slowly.
very excited I only have to get through 4 days of work, 3 christmas parties 2 shopping trips and a partridge in a pear tree...yep 160 children plus but hopefully I have overestimated..

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Phrog said...

Yay, christmas time, gotta love those christmas parties, me I tend to avoid them like the plague, i`m not really what you`d call a social person

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